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So I’ve been away on a much-needed holiday vacation with my family which meant that Sam needed to go back to the boarding kennel (remember the last time I was out of town-see this for all the embarrassing details). I was worried that another German Shepherd might be there and look crosswise at Sam and Sam would again be a bully but I was pleasantly and happily informed there were no ‘time outs’ for Sam (yay!). There were however, assorted ‘mountings’ (oy) but I guess you can’t win them all, right? Oh, the things that dog does to embarrass me.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

And while I had the most amazing time on the beach and sipping aged tequila, Sam has yet to leave my side since I came home. Whenever I try to do any blog work or catch up on the laptop, he straddles my lap and looks longingly up into my eyes with a please don’t leave me.”  I cannot sit down for a second without ‘Exhibit A’ jumping straight onto the middle of my lap which can be kind of inconvenient if you have to get up frequently to do anything and if I do get up, he follows me as if joined to my hip. When he’s on the furniture, he will at least lay next to me most of the time, but these days the little buddy has become ‘Velcro Dog’ and is quite stuck to me, literally and figuratively.

In order to get Velcro puppy back into the swing of his normal routine and off my lap we I eagerly signed us up for the first weekend possible to visit patients upon my return figuring it would be an easier transition for him. But yesterday I could tell he was a little off his game. Instead of his usual happy go-lucky “Hi, I’m here to cheer you up,” MO he was somewhat listless and decidedly distracted. Once in a while, all dogs will have an off day at the hospital but this was different. He wouldn’t couldn’t keep his eyes off me and never once looked for any extended period of time into patients or visitors eyes. Even with one of his favorite nurses at hospice he leaned against her but kept his eyes focused totally on me.  He laid down twice at the foot of a couple of patients beds like he was bored to tears. Poor baby, I felt so bad since I couldn’t do anything to help him out but pet him frequently to gently reassure him through touch and try to carry on conversations with patients. For this inveterate introvert, that ain’t easy.

We had several requests for visits in addition to the floor we were assigned which was full with patients. That meant it would be a long day and poor Sam struggled throughout. We came home and Sam took a very long nap and slogged through our evening walk, continually checking in with eye contact rather than the usual sniff fest with nary a second glance my way.

Today he was a tad better; there seemed to be a bunch of kids at the hospital and that always seems to brighten this simply minded pup’s disposition. Still he kept focused on me. One woman who had requested a visit both yesterday and today remarked how “in-tune” he was to me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I think he’s suffering from abandonment issues from my absence.

Do I feel guilty about leaving him at the kennel in order to ‘pawty’ in Mexico with family? Sure, a little. But when you see a beautiful early morning beach like this, tell me that it wasn’t worth it. Go ahead, I dare you. 🙂

Mazatlan, Easter
Mazatlan, Easter Sunday

Does your pup get out of sorts when you’re gone for extended periods of time? How do you handle it?

Live, Love, Bark! <3

21 thoughts on “Velcro Dog

  1. I wish Sam had a peope brother or friend to stay with. That’s the best! Of course, I would rather go with, but I always have fun with whoever wins the fight to keep me. When Mom gets home, though, I sometimes forget how good a time I had while she was gone and go ape poop crazy when I see her! I guess since I was adopted as a little puppy and have had a good life, I don’t have the abandonment issues some dogs have.

    1. Yes, that would be ideal. My daughter used to keep him with her 2 Irish Wolfhounds and he had a great time running with the big dogs, but alas she moved out of state recently, so we have to do what we gotta do! 😉

  2. Poor little Sam, I so wish we could explain things to them sometimes. My dogs don’t care for it when I leave, but I usually leave Hubby behind and that makes it a little better. Of course once I come back they are plastered to me. 🙂

  3. I don’t even remember what a vacation is any more. Haven’t been away from home for more than a day in years. But, truly, I don’t mind. I’d rather do staycations with just hubby and the dogs. After years of having to travel for one job or another, I’ve turned into a homebody.

    1. This trip was a mini-reunion, otherwise I’d have stayed home, planted the garden, painted the guest room or other chores around the house. 😉 I discovered that, I really “needed” the kind of relaxation the beach offered.
      #WellWorthIt <3

  4. Awww Sam. He must have really missed you. Dogs know when their owners are going to leave them and he was really trying to make sure that you were going nowhere.

  5. It’s about time we see the fuzzy butt back on the blog. No, not you Monika, I mean Sam of course. 🙂
    Poor guy, I’m sure he’ll bounce back but in the meantime he will try to guilt you into as many treats, pets and doggy scratches as possible. Glad to hear you had a great getaway and enjoyed some warmth and surf!

    1. You always manage to crack me up with your comments! Hahaha. He’s better today, so hopefully he’ll ‘recover’ soon. Yeah, the waves were truly fabulous and the sunshine, tequila and beer…perfect! Hope you, Max & the AJF are all well. 🙂

  6. Now that I have multiple dogs,I don’t get the velcro so much. They seem to take comfort in each other when I’m not around. But when I am around they are always within touching distance. Maybe they are trying to make me feel important.

  7. poor sweet Sam. Yep, he sure missed you. Dakota is frequently “out of sorts” when I leave (often I have to go places without my husband, such as blogging conferences), and even though he adores my husband, he misses me. I am sure in a few days Sam will be back to himself!

  8. Oh bless him 🙂 he loves his Mum..the boys here and the kitties have been boarded and all seem fine with it…the cats get a bit more miffed actually and I think it is because Dinnermintz misses her doggies..she really does:) when we pick them up they go nuts with excitement but calm down on the long long drive home…nearly 3 hours..once home…sniffs everywhere then they they never slept before 🙂 I think all the stimulus at boarding really is good and of course once home they can just go back to being house pups 🙂 I felt guilty last tri as it was our first Xmas without them…I am sure they could care less 🙂 great pic of a lovely spot…ahh I dream on 🙂 hugs Bev xx

  9. Mine are exhausted when I pick them up from boarding or daycare. I think it’s from over-stimulation and they simply don’t sleep anywhere near as much as they do in their normal (less exciting, but comfy) lives. I always feel a little guilty but remind myself dogs are far more adaptable to new situations than we humans are. Well, I could adapt to that beach pretty quick! Glad you had such a great time, I’m sure Sam will be back to his pogo-stick self in a day or two. I bet he had a lot of fun and it sounds like he has some new pals. 😉

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