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Maneuver Monday

image How is this position even possible, let alone remotely comfortable for snoozing?  Is Sam part slinky or is this a new form of yoga? Talk about being twisted. 😉

How do you nap when you’re exhausted?

Live, love, bark<3

Silhouette Saturday

image Today is “Silhouette Saturday” and while Sam and I are headed off to the hospital, we wanted to leave you with well wishes for a fabulous weekend full of lady bugs, rainbows and lovely flowers. 🙂

Live, love, bark! <3

Somebody Flipped the Switch

Full disclosure, this post is gonna be a rant-because I’m steamed, literally and figuratively. If you’re looking for unicorns, butterflies or glitter, you won’t find it here today.

Somebody flipped the switch. That switch going from lovely springtime temperatures to fiery hell at Mach speed. It was just 3 weeks ago that my furnace was still running for crying out loud! Fast forwarded to now and it’s Dante’s Inferno. WTH happened? Why couldn’t Mother Nature gradually e.a.s.e. into blissful Summer instead of going from a cool Spring (you may recall those of us in the 303 had a snow storm on Mother’s Day) to full on blazing heat shimmers? I realize folks in the South have blistering heat AND oppressive humidity (something that thankfully we get little of-ours is always joked as ‘…but it’s a dry heat’ as if when it’s hot as hell it matters). Yes, I also realize the Southwest is broiling with temperatures well above 100. Frankly, I don’t know how you guys do it. I’d evaporate away but not before I bitched like crazy about it. And try to walk a dog on black asphalt in temps like that and well, let me just say, I won’t walk barefooted out there so I definitely don’t expect Sam to either.

IMG_1914So I was waiting for the bus in the shade of a lamp pole a minuscule spot barely wide enough for a pigeon to take shelter from the blazing sun. I thought I’d have to fight a couple of them off for that prime real estate but luckily they acquiesced with no feathers shed. Naturally, the bus was late and in downtown Denver, a late bus is best described as ‘the pits.’ It usually means there was some accident along the route and traffic backs up. Between the concrete jungle and asphalt radiating intense heat right through your shoes and your head feeling like boiling oil was being poured on top of it as if you were in an episode from Game of Thrones, you almost can’t breathe it’s so stifling. It’s like walking into a 500 degree pizza oven without the yummy  mozzarella. This oppressive heat also makes for very cranky drivers sitting in their overheated cars in near gridlock. It took 3 light cycles for the bus to move less than 40 ft. to the bus stop. And whenever there is a baseball game downtown, well ‘fugetaboutit.’ In fact, sometimes I’ve been on a bus so long that I had forgotten where I was going in my sun-addled state.

I’m not the only one complaining about the heat. It seems to be THE topic of discussion on the elevator. On Tuesday the HVAC went out in our building and let me tell you, if you really want to cheese off lawyers, make them evacuate a building for a fire drill AND have the AC go out in the same day. 🙂 When the temps soared above 80 in their offices, many of them came out complaining and wondering why can’t the building can’t just ‘flip a switch’ to cool things off? Ex-actly!! Law degrees can be very powerful tools when fighting injustice but when it comes to the elements, they have no influence whatsoever and those degree holders are just like the rest of us schmoes…helpless and hot.

Hope wherever you are, you can flip the switch, stay cool and civilized. You’ll find Sam and me sitting beneath the AC vent cooling our jets till the monsoons arrive. 🙂

Live, love, bark! <3

[Post script to this post that was prescheduled for publication. After being in the 90s again, I left work Wednesday at 5 with 40+ mph driving rain/hail, downed trees, tornado and flash flood warnings. In the 3 blocks it took to dash to the bus stop, I become as soaked from head to toe as I have ever been in any storm (yeah, no umbrella with me today 🙁 though I’m not sure it would have helped since the wind was turning them inside out). Was going to post a selfie showing me sopping wet but it was just too pitiful to share. Think drowned rat but this is a good alternative.  372909038_0ec8203144_z  My clothes, shoes, backpack, and I will be drying out and getting ready for the next opportunity to flip the switch. <3

Tuesday Trivia ~ June 23, 2015


Sam here…after last week’s edition of trivia from mom about Paul McCartney and his pretty OES, Martha, I thought I could do this week’s installment of Tuesday Trivia. So here goes.

  • This one is especially near and dear to me and mom’s hearts. One of the Michael Vick dogs, Leo, went on to become a therapy dog who comforted children suffering from cancer. Although Leo passed away a few years ago, he was a big-hearted sweet dog who gave his all with love and compassion.  Big woof out for Leo.
  • Did you know that seeing eye dogs pee and poop on command so their owners can clean up after them? The command is usually “Get Busy” and male dogs are trained to not lift their legs! WTH is up with that? [Mom: That alone would disqualify Sam because we all know about his propensity for inane sniffing and circling.] “Mom, go away and stop crashing my pawty, you said I could do the post this week by myself!!” Sheesh.
  • In ancient China, the emperor’s last line of defense was a Pekingese dog hidden up his over-sized sleeves. As a big dog, any punchline about little dogs and that bit of info probably would be in bad taste so I’ll keep it to myself. I don’t want you guys to think I’m an elitist.
  • Did you know we dogs have 3 eyelids? An upper lid, a lower lid and the 3rd lid known as a nictitating membrane which helps to keep our eyes moist and protected.
  • Continuing on with the mucus membrane vein, dog’s noses secrete a tiny layer of mucus that help us absorb scents. Licking our nose allows us to sample the scent through our mouths.
  • Dalmatian puppies are born all white; their spots begin showing up as they grow older (take that Cruella DeVil, you mean old bat!).
  • And finally, this piece of trivia about a dog from Colorado named Naki’o who lost all his legs to frostbite when he was a mere puppy. With the help of a local company in the Denver area, OrthoPets fitted him with prosthetics, and Naki’o is walking, even running and jumping like any bouncy pupster.  He’s my kind of bionic dog except for that whole chasing balls thing. I. do. not. chase. balls. For anyone. Period.

Here’s to a safe and happy Tuesday. Mom thinks her office building will probably be the scene of a surprise evacuation drill to be called by the fire department some time later today. As the floor warden for her floor, she’s super excited about shepherding the lawyers down 30+ flights of stairs. See…things could always be worse-there’s nothing quite like trying to herd lawyers.  I think she said something like she’d rather set her hair on fire, but I could have misheard because I was howling so loud at the thought her trying to get all her bosses to go downstairs without whining complaining about the whole drill evacuation. When she gets home tonight, I think I’ll give her extra puppy kisses and love because she’s gonna need it. 😉

Live, love, bark! <3

Happy Father’s Day

image Happy Father’s Day to dads of both two and four-legged kiddos. Sam and I went to southern Colorado to celebrate Father’s Day with my parents and Sam is living the high life with his grand ‘pawrents.’ They love him as much as he loves them. A special Father’s Day greeting for my Dad who has been my lifelong inspiration and rock.  I am very blessed with this amazing man as my moral compass and life guide. Thanks, Dad!  Love ya so much.

imageWhen I come down to see my folks I realize Sam reverts back to his earlier life of living in the country where he transforms back into a scent-searching Bloodhound. My parents have a home on the far western edge of Pueblo West, a bedroom community due west of Pueblo about a 100+ miles south of Denver.  This vistas of the Greenhorn Mountains to the west and Pikes Peak to the north are beautiful and wide open. Far to the south and directly behind the Greenhorns, the Sangre de Cristos rise. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle for some outstanding vacation options, these are fabulous places. The views are incredibly spectacular and I totally understand why they live here and why it’s always good to ‘come home.’

There are loads of little critters around that intrigue Sam. Even though he makes himself at home here settling in like he owns the place, he could give a whit about the amazing variety of birds, most notably the little ‘Bobwhite’ quail with the cutest little head tuft feathers pointing upward like exclamation points. They are noisy little cheepers and scurry around in winding little paths every bit as much as they fly but he gives them no notice whatsoever. They are so entertaining to watch when they scurry hither and fro with babies in tow following behind them in a single line. The adorbs factor is definitely high when you see a line of babies following their moms. Then there are the songstress Meadowlarks, my favorite Great Plains bird. Their yellow chests and soothing song melt just away the week’s aggravations and sooth the soul. I love waking up to their sweet early morning refrain.

View of the Sangre  de Christo Mountains

View of the Greenhorn Mountains

What Sam does take a huge interest in are all the rabbits and this year there seem to be jillions of them. Big fat rabbits with their tiny adorable bunny offspring; their scent is apparently pure nirvana to Sam’s big nose. He acts like a total Bloodhound and would go crazy (if allowed off leash) tracking back and forth across the paths of these little fluff ball creatures. Because there are also snakes around, he is not allowed free range and shows displeasure at me with the ‘look’ when I jerk the leash to get him closer toward me and the road. You know that look, the disapproving one that says “sheesh, can’t you let a guy have a little fun stop being such a helicopter mom!” He has a really tough life doesn’t he? 😉

Here’s hoping your Father’s Day is celebrated with loads of love and smiles with your Dad and family. How did you celebrate the day with dear old Dad?

Live, love, bark! <3


Flashback Friday

It’s been an extremely hectic week and my best laid plans for posting…well they didn’t materialize. 🙁 When I did have a spare minute to formulate a post, my brain couldn’t seem to connect in any cohesive way. No among of editing seemed to work either. Sometimes when I get stuck, I’ll browse through old photos. but this time, zip, nada. Then, this showed up. My little Muppet was “talking” to me when were were at Sloan’s Lake near our house a couple years ago. His smile made me smile and I hope it does the same for you. Happy Friday. 🙂

Happy Father's Day to all Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads

Live, love, bark!

Tuesday Trivia ~ 6/16/15

In honor of Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday later this week (Thursday, June 18 for those needing a reason to celebrate and eat cake-you’re welcome). I thought I’d pass along a bit of dog trivia.

Jane Asher, Martha and Sir Paul

Jane Asher, Martha and Paul

McCartney wrote the song “Martha My Dear” in October 1968 and releasing it in November on the double album The Beatles (known as The White Album) and inspired by his Old English Sheepdog. The song however was ostensibly about his longtime love interest, Jane Asher who broke off their engagement in a few months earlier. Asher inspired a number of songs including “We can Work it Out”, “Here, There and Everywhere”, “For No One”, and “I’m Looking Through You”.

Sir Paul also recorded a high pitched whistle along with some randomly spliced Beatles studio chatter in “A Day in the Life” audible only to dogs for Martha’s amusement. It appeared on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Hats off to a fellow dog-lover and soon to be a 73 year old rocker (yikes!). Happy Birthday, Sir Paul. Here’s our own OES lineup (when Sam joined the Ranch, he had a brother and sister OES).

The Gang - 2009

The Gang – 2009

Know of any other songs inspired by famous artists?

Live, love, bark! <3

Saturday and the living is easy

image The weekend is finally here (and not a day too soon either). With no pressing commitments or rain in the forecast (woo-hoo), we plan to sit back and enjoy it. What are your plans for today?

Wishing you a super pawsome weekend.

Live, love, bark! <3

Doglish 101 – June 11, 2015

It has occurred to me that Sam and I speak totally different languages. I understand English for the most part and he understands some other language that I’m not familiar with completely. And so this post is the inaugural edition of “Doglish 101,” a semi-regular column here around the Ranch that’s designed to help us figure out what the devil is going on in those communications with some of the more ‘intransigent’ hounds who shall remain nameless at this point but whose initials are Yosemite Sam.

008Oh sure, most of the time he gets “sit,” “stay,” simple stuff like that. But as we all know from a recent rant post, sometimes the wires seem to get bizarrely crossed. I’ve wondered whether my dog could be hard of hearing? I know I am with certain sounds and it’s not that selective hearing thing-no, it’s probably more like listening to extra loud rock & roll music as a teenager (heck I still like like my tunes loud so in my case, it’s not all that surprising that I’m half deaf). Sam on the other hand, well I think is either (a) just plain stubborn as all get-out (b) developmentally slow or (c) in need to of learning the language spoken by this humanoid.

Take for instance, the command “up.” When I say it, at least in my mind, I mean Sam should jump up on the sofa, or bed, or whatever and land with all 4 feet on said surface. What I don’t mean however is for him to start bouncing up and down like a cotton pickin’ pogo stick and hopping up on desks with all four feet like he recently did at the hospital. That command would be “feet” where during our training sessions, I lifted his front feet up onto a surface, provided loads of praise and lots of treats to get those brain synapses to fire in his little pea brain and associate the command with the physical act. It seemed so simple, its worked many times before, and yet, what he obviously hears is “jump up on this desk and embarrass the ever-lovin dickens out of Mom.”

Then there’s that whole thing about the command “come.” Sure Sam comes on command 99% of the time. That 1%, well that gets a little tricky. It’s like he is either thinking “Pfft, yeah not in this lifetime lady, I’ve got pee-mail to read and smells to check out and I’d rather not” or “La-la-la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you with these paws in my ears.” When it suits him, he’ll come a-running, nearly crashing into me and then he turns into a silly wiggling mutt that seems to defy all possible forms of normal anatomy since it appears he has some sort of special hinge in the center of his back that vacillates back and forth like a Slinky toy. He’ll run up and then lean hard against my leg. Clearly he’s not prepared to be any kind of service dog to help out with balance issues and I have to brace myself to keep from falling over. I know I should be grateful he came, but…it’s not quite like how I pictured it in my mind and obviously a failure to understand Doglish. 😉

So tell me…is it just me not fully understanding the complexity of communication or have I entered the Twilight Zone of ‘Doglish 101?” Does it even matter?

Live, love, bark! <3

Trivia Tuesday ~ June 9, 2015

You probably know this already but did you know dogs drink by forming the underside of their tongue into a little backward cup? And here I always thought Sam slopped water all over from the topside of his tongue but when I watched him closely, it’s front, back, under, and every which way in between. That dog is a mess and the proof is in the ginormous mat under his water bowl which is nearly always soggy.  Happy Tuesday. 🙂



Live, love, bark! <3