Bubbles and Balls – Update

Sam here.  Do you remember when mom and I recently participated in a rescue benefit for the  Misha May Foundation in Denver? Our friend, Ariane of DelaFoto Pet Photography donated half of her regular sitting fee to the foundation and gave everyone a photo magnet as well. We were thrilled to learn that $600 will help provide rescue and rehabilitation and find forever homes for dogs and cats at risk, regardless of age or breed, issue or amount of time needed in keeping with Misha May’s mission. Woof, woof!


It was a terrifically fun and successful event. Ariane gave me lots of ear scratches and paid lots of attention to me. All the dogs that participated on Saturday seem to be ‘senior’ dogs. A number of the dog moms mentioned they wanted to make sure they had a professional photograph of their fur-iend “in case something happened” which is a good idea. Oh, sure you guys whip out that iPhone all the time and take photos of us doing what dogs everywhere do, but a professional photo…wow, now that’s gonna be really something special because remember, like Ariane says, we’re family too. You’ll be able to look back and smile remembering how you tortured us got us a professional photograph with funny bubbles and dare I say, silly balls? You guys know I’m not into balls, right? They tried to get me to pose with one when Ariane took this photo. “What the…oh no you don’t,” I said. “I’m not touching that thing. You never know where it was last and besides, what am I supposed to do with a big blue ball anyway.”

_MG_6316-(ZF-0799-11403-2-004)Those bubbles weirded me out a little when they landed on me and popped. I’m not sure what is so intriguing about bubbles, can someone please explain that to me?  Mom said they make people smile but I just didn’t get it.

Have you ever had professional photos taken of your pet? What did you think? Do you have someone as talented and nice as Ariane? I’m a real handsome boy, aren’t I?


Live, love, bark! <3


23 thoughts on “Bubbles and Balls – Update

  1. Yes, you are very handsome so we are sure you could not take a bad picture! Me and Stanley are in the photos taken for our church directory but it is not an action photo.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Sam I love your bubble-photo, that’s super pawsome… I have no clue why people like that bubbles, to tell the truth I always run away when I see one :o) maybe people think that efurry bubble is a dream or a wish? butt then they never should burst, right?

  3. $600?? That’s great!! Any rescue would love to have that kind of money to spend on their mission!! Great job, Sam, helping out like you did!! And Monika, too!!

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