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Saturday Smile


This perfectly showcases the ever-so sweet, but dimwitted Sam. Have a great weekend, stay warm and safe, sports fans!

Live, love, bark! <3

Traveling with a dog

It’s no secret that Sam loves the idea of traveling but actually hates the travel part. Our cross-country odyssey was no exception so I decided to try a holistic remedy to ease his anxieties. Enter ‘Licks‘ Zen formula:


This product is a calming aid for stressed-out, anxious or aggressive pets. 100% natural with active ingredients of chamomile, tryptophan (precursor to neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin also found in turkey-think Thanksgiving food coma), L-Theanine (another amino acids which increases levels of dopamine), organic Eleuthera root (shown to lower blood sugar levels and boost immune function), and organic Ashwagandha root (an Ayurveda herb known to inhibit anxiety). It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to act and lasts 4-6 hours. Dosages can be safely doubled or tripled if need be and the other bonus is it’s made in the USA. Color me happy!

Sam is kind of picky about food, often amiably grazing throughout the day and rarely eats his kibbles when first served. This was his reaction as soon as I applied a dose. He absolutely loved it! On the road he even ate it directly from a napkin!


Was it effective? Yes, to a degree. The first day, completely. The second and third days slightly less so but still better than the excessive panting/shaking bundle of fur he would normally have been. I highly recommend it for pups who don’t fare well car traveling and other anxious moments (i.e. fireworks, thunderstorms).

Live, love, bark! <3

Travelogue – Day 1

IMG_2469Although we started later than we had wanted, we arrived in the lovely ‘burg’ of Rawlins, Wyoming by dark. Rawlins is the center of sheep and cattle country in Wyoming as well as being noted for “Rawlins Red,”  a red pigment containing hematite, an oxide of iron mined nearby that is purported to prevent rust and said to have been used in the paint on the Brooklyn Bridge. Rawlins is also the location for the Wyoming State Prison. Getting to Rawlins on I-80 was quite the adventure-winds gusting 35+ mph and we saw drifts of snow easily over 6 ft. tall off the highway. The vistas were wide and impressive. Understandably, there are loads of wind farms.



Sam approved of our room at the Fairmont Inn. He gave it a 4-paw rating and couldn’t contain his tail-wagging glee (note blurred tail) although us uprights have counted at least 7 coal trains chugging by since we arrived in the early evening. Keep your fingers crossed that we make better time tomorrow since we have about 800 miles to go before reaching our destination in California.

Live, love, bark! <3

Aren’t you ready yet?

As we were getting the car loaded, this is what happened first. Oy…that dog! We’ll check back in with you all after Mario Andretti gets in the back seat.


So…in the words of Bill Murray from the movie Meatballs… “Wagons…HO!”

Live, love, bark! <3

Go West Young Man…

Hi there and happy Saturday, Sam here.  Back in the late 1850’s, Horace Greeley said “Go west young man, and grow up with the country” so…I’m off driving to California…well, I won’t be the one driving-you know what I mean-the uprights will take care of that chore.  I’ll be Flat Stanley riding in the back seat but it’s gonna be so pawsome hangin’ out with my peeps and taking breaks along the way (look out bunnies and little critters…I’m a-coming!). Greeley himself took one of the first stagecoaches to Denver, seeing the town transform from a mining camp during the Pikes Peak gold rush and dispatching stories about the West back east to his newspaper as he too traveled out to California. And like Greeley, we’ll be posting about our adventures (provided we have a good Wi-Fi signal).

IMG_2358Be sure to tell us about great places we should visit. Mom, Dad and I are excited about this trip and eager to share our adventures with you.

To our fur-iends buried in the big blizzard, know we’re thinking of you and hoping you are safe and warm. One quick question, anyone know how to install chains on tires? 😉

Live, love, bark! <3

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Great coffee and a dog…it’s all that’s need today. What will make your day extra special?

Live, Love, Bark! <3

Over the River and Through the Woods…

to Grandmother’s house we go…🎶
I needed to see,
if Grandma can play…
with my ow-wn no-ose 🎶

IMG_1400Sam here…mom and dad took me down to Grandma’s house (also known as bunny nirvana) a couple of days ago to see how well my Grandma was doing since being released from home hospice care this week. Boy, am I impressed…she’s doing remarkably well! She still gets tired easily, but her color is back and her voice is strong. We are all super thrilled and continue to count our lucky stars at her progress. Way to go Grandma, I <3 you!!

My mom thought she’d be a real prankster clever and confuse me on our morning walk in bunny heaven. She decided to run before I got a chance to take that opportunity. I was too busy sniffing out all the bunny hideouts at Grandma’s house. Boy, there must be a jillion of them running around out there because I couldn’t decided which scent track to take so I kept going back and forth between several of them. All of a sudden, mom started to jog up the hill. Wait…what are you doing, mom?! I’m the one who’s supposed to do all the running and loping, not you!! She took off dragging me behind her up the hill and I (a) either couldn’t get over being flabbergasted that she was running or (b) could never could catch up with her (boy, those bunnies better watch out, if mom starts chasing them, they’d be in big trouble). She said it felt good in the crisp morning air and was even surprised at how far she managed to go before gasping for her life slowing down. As a practice session with interval training, she was happy…once she caught her breathe when she came back into the house. Time will tell if she keeps it up. I’m guessing I’ll be better at it then she will. BOL

So what are you doing for the weekend? Any fun plans or just staying warm? Here’s hoping you have a pawsome one, whatever you do! 🐾

Live, Love, Bark! <3

Fun Fursday

Wishing you a day filled with loads of smiles and fun. Sam is off to visit his grandma for a few days to make sure she is in fact getting better in paw-son.


Live, Love, Bark! <3

Where Does the Time Go?


It’s been just over a week since entering the retirement/work at home ranks and I’m just wondering out loud…where does the time go? Is it really “Hump Day?” Does time have any context when you work from home? Do days just magically morph from one to the next with no impact on which is which?

Do you think it’s made a difference in Sam’s life? Yeah, me neither. Here’s wishing you all good things today and everyday. Happy Hump Day!


Live, Love, Bark! <3

If Only the World Wouldn’t Get in the Way

Recall recently I reiterated the rules for winter leash walking to Sam here. Seems like I need to have that discussion repeatedly with that numbskull dog because during today’s morning constitution, he thought that going from 0 to 60 on the ice to greet another dog out walking was a good idea. That, or I used my indoor voice which clearly he didn’t understand or hear. Having fallen down and gone boom on Friday, I said out loud, “uh…yeah, NOOOOOO!” Listen you screwball mutt, I’m the boss in this here relationship, not just ballast at the end of a leash.

The other aspect of my previous convo with Sam was that ‘we are walking, not sniffing.’ And yet, he’s pulling like a maniac with tail up like a flag, nose to the ground checking pee-mail messages from his neighborhood BFF’s. It got me to thinking, what if I could get him enrolled in a bona fide nose work program? Sure…and what if pigs flew?  But with his long schnoz, you’d think he would be a shoe-in. Alas, the working part of his brain is no doubt the size of a pea because we have this conversation twice a day while we’re walking. I tried to take a picture of him this morning as he’s dragging pulling my sorry self around in the cold,  but I was just lucky to hang on for dear life and stay upright, let alone try to play photographer. Dang, that dog is strong, even with a harness!

Sam would be the perfect candidate for doing nose work. Though I really don’t know all the in’s and out’s of it, I do know you’re supposed to start out with something the dog absolutely loves. Dolefully that just wouldn’t work on Sam because what he loves absolutely the most is just sniffing-doesn’t matter for what. I’d probably get thrown out of class if I asked, “How do you box up pee-mail?” It’s too bad too, because I mean, just look at the size of that thing!! Is that proboscis perfect for detecting scents or what?

Photo on 4-19-15 at 11.56 AM #4

Instead think something more like The Fox and the Hound movie. Yup, that dog is definitely a hound dog!

Live, love, bark! <3