Earth Day ~ 2016

Today is Earth Day. Be kind to Mother Earth and all her creatures, especially in your garden. Happy Earth Day!

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Live, love, bark! <3

20 thoughts on “Earth Day ~ 2016

    1. Outstanding! We may need to replace one seedling tree that didn’t make it through a dry windy winter. I mourn the loss of trees, you and old. People don’t realize how valuable they truly are to keep things balanced.

  1. The deer come THAT close to your house/porch??!! WOW! We do have them in our garden, too, but never that close.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Yep, that view is from across the street, but they were both nibbling around in the lupines. And we’re only 3 miles from the center of downtown Denver! Guess they must have been hungry…or lost. 😉

      1. We’re about 3 miles from the centre, tooo, but then Fredericksburg is a small town. We have seen deer in gardens downtown, though.

        1. I think they inadvertently came up from the Platte River that cuts through town talking a wrong turn. Only saw them on a couple different days. Traffic is so bad these days going into downtown, I hope they don’t venture up the hill again soon, especially with fawns.

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