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Wordy Wednesday

Hey there Thanksgiving Day fans. Sam here. Mom is under the weather but she wanted me to be sure and tell everyone we wish them a super-duper Thanksgiving. We hope your ‘howliday’ is grand. A special note to any birds out there…Woof! Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.


Live, love, bark! <3

Monday Musings

img_4047Last Friday we spent nearly 87 hours at the hospital. Sam here. We had our regular gig with patients and staff but then mom decided to use shill me out to sell our 2017 Pet Therapy calendars. Hmpfh!


Well…it turns out I’m not just a pretty face, I’m actually a pretty good salesman too. And when people didn’t have the full price ($10), they ponied up with a donation of a few bucks for our program when they saw my adorable face. Woof, woof!

The main entrance of the hospital is where our table was set up and it was jammed packed with visitors and staff comings and goings. We received our first snow storm Thursday evening so Friday was more than cold and a definite shock to the system going from the lows 80’s to the 20’s. For a pampered pup freshly groomed dog like me, it was kind of a jolt to my missing fur. But I managed with the payoff being we have only 9 more calendars to sell. That’s it, just 9 more out of the hundreds ordered! Well that and all the a.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n. helped me survived being the lobby sentinel. You guys all know how much I LOVE attention, but let me tell ya, this was beyond my wildest dreams. Young kids, moms, dads, grandpawrents…they all couldn’t seem to get enough of me. One of the staff guys from maintenance came by 3 times to say hi. He gave me great ear scratches. Color me one lucky pup-cycle but it was well worth my freezing. I visited with some folks who are regulars when we have floor duty and they thought I was beyond brave to venture outside and then come to the hospital. Ok, mom, stop rolling your eyes! Crystal from rehabilitative services does too enjoy seeing me even if you spent more time showing her photos of the baby sister who shall remain nameless then talking about me and how great I am at selling calendars!

Anyway, we saw more people on Friday than I ever have at the hospital before when you add up all the patients and healthcare workers both at the lobby and on the floors we visited. It’s no wonder I spent a good part of the rest of the weekend doing lots of this.


How’d you spend your weekend? Hope you’re staying warm my fur-iends!🐾

Live, love, bark! <3

Fab Friday


Dare I call this good news given my earlier post in the week? Bwahaha.

Here’s hoping our good friend, Wine shows up later today. Onward toward the weekend!

Live, Love, Bark! <3


A dog with baggage

Two months ago this week (yikes…where has the time gone?), a sad puppy mill dog who later became known as Elsa, came home with me. Two weeks later she was in the ER being treated for cluster seizures. This sweet black-haired Ninja girl has come a very long way over the past two months, beyond the epilepsy diagnosis. This week we revisited the vet to have Elsa’s blood work re-evaluated. The results are in and she’s within the acceptable range. Even better news, it’s been nearly 4 weeks since her last seizure. With the increased dosage of Phenobarbital and addition of CBD oil, she’s doing well enough now that we can seriously focus on how to help her become a dog.

img_4045-2Granted, when we brought her home, she clearly had some baggage. With no normal socialization or experience upon which to rely, the simplest pleasures like grass under her paws, daily clean fresh water, adequate food, daily exercise, solid vet care, a snuggle on cozy furniture, toys, antlers and other chew toys, and a big brother to photo-bomb her…well what could be better?

Well, actually her whole demeanor is what could be better. Yesterday she actually did ‘zoomies’ for the first time, both in the house and outside in the back yard. Even Sam looked at her like she was some alien nutcase. And yes, I laughed out loud at her antics. But it warmed my heart that she’s feeling secure, confident and free enough to experience a canine joie de vivre at what provides pleasure and makes life enjoyable for her. She’s begun tossing her toys and then quickly pouncing on them in the mornings before her walks. She’s even starting to engage Sam in short playful banter which definitely warms my heart. Now if I can get Sam fully on board without too much umbrage taken, all will be good. 😉

She’s beginning to feel comfortable within her own fur, even if still constantly on squirrel alert and with a memory like an elephant revisits each and every location as if the squirrel were still there. I swear I’ve never seen a dog with such a remarkable memory bank for recalling with radar-like precision the location of all previously visited sites. If there was a squirrel there 5 weeks ago, chances are very good it should be there now, right? Truth be told, that’s rare but so far I haven’t been able to convince her otherwise. She is however beginning to respond very well with the “no, leave it” command. And my shoulder couldn’t be happier. She seems to understand other simply commands (i.e. ‘wait’ when we cross streets, ‘down’ and is getting a good handle on the concept of ‘no!’) and generally seems calm when out and about the ‘hood.

img_4043This week Elsa received her first bath and…ahem…a somewhat botched groom job. At least she’s clean, she smells fabulous and her hair is slightly shorter, but alas, she would have nothing, and I do mean nothing to do with the clippers around her face. We’re gonna keep working on that one with the hope she will relax for 90 seconds so I can make a couple quick swipes and remove all the little curlicues so she can see and eat without hair being front and center either in her eyes or food goobers hanging from chin hairs. But one step at a time. She held up well in the tub but alas is still impossible to photograph so you can see her soulful brown eyes. The fact that cell phone cameras kind of suck at metering doesn’t help but hopefully, with more practice (and maybe good editing software) we’ll get better at both grooming and photographing.

One area that has increased over the several weeks, is the carnage that has ticked upward from this innocent looking girl. Remember the chewed up eye glasses? Add to that a pair of wool socks with no toes anymore, and a long training leash chewed at two separate places so she could be immediately be next to me while I was raking leaves over the weekend. Heaven forbid she had to watch from the front patio!

With more time and devoted loving, the hope remains that Ms. Elsa will turn into the phenomenal dog she was clearly destined to become. We remain hopeful and are taking it one day at a time.

Do you have any experience transforming a puppy mill or rescued dog?

Live, love, bark! <3

One of Those Wednesdays


Ever have one of those days? I keep asking myself why is it Apple has to ‘update’ its operating software all the time, yet it can’t seem to ‘fix’ the darn auto-correct function so I don’t look a moron half of the time? Hope your midweek is going well and is fast forwarding on toward Friday when our friend Wine drops by.

Live, love, bark! <3

Monday Moanings


Hope you had a good weekend and that there will be sufficient caffeine today and throughout the rest of the week.

Live, love, bark! <3

Remembering Veterans

cf5badbe-f16e-44f5-b66d-7bd9025bbcebToday is an official public holiday celebrated in the US and observed annually on November 11. It honors military veterans, that is, anyone who served in the United States Armed Forces. It coincides with other holidays, including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day in other countries marking the anniversary of the end of World War I when the major hostilities formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. Prior to 1954, the US holiday was known as Armistice Day and still is known by that moniker elsewhere.

This commemoration should not be confused with Memorial Day. Veterans Day celebrates all U.S. military veterans’ service, whereas Memorial Day honors those who died in military service of their country.

To all who answered the call and served in the US and around the world as well their families who likewise sacrificed, we salute and honor you. Happy Veteran’s Day.

Live, love, bark! <3

It’s a Confusing World

Decision 2016 and its aftermath has been quite confusing. So confusing in fact, I think Mother Nature is as off kilter as I am.

While walking the dogs last night, I saw this on the outside of my garden fence. I mean aren’t poppies supposed to be spring bloomers? What the heck is this thing doing blooming now…in freaking November, no less??!! This reminds me of the scene from Ghostbusters where Bill Murray’s character (Dr. Venkman) quipped “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!” To say it’s been one very weird week is an understatement. Or is this nature’s homage to Veteran’s Day on Friday? Is it that simply?


img_4021How are you holding up after the election? Hope you’re getting and receiving loads of pup hugs while you’re sorting it out; I know I am.

Live, love, bark! <3

Wordy Wednesday

While we did manage to get through one of the most unpleasant election cycles in modern history we must now begin to comprehend what exactly just happened and go from here. I don’t know about you, but my skin is raw from constantly having to scrub the stench off of it. For now, I’m taking my cue from Sam and trying to to figure out what all this means. Fair warning, posts may be intermittent and/or grim for a while. 🙁


Live, love, bark! <3

Monday Musings


Hope you had plenty of H2O over the weekend and a fine cuppa this morning.

Live, love, bark! <3