春节 (Chūn Jié) The Lunar New Year

Year of the PigEven though mom we neglected to post yesterday, I wanted to pass along our best wishes to everyone for a Happy Chinese New Year. Sam here. We had been celebrating the Year of the Dog and for the record, that of course will continue, right mom? I mean, you love and celebrate us Knuckleheads every day anyway so the Ranch should still operate under the Year of the Dog. But for now it’s time for everyone else to turn the lunar calendar over and begin celebrating the Year of the Pig which is often referred to as the Spring Festival in modern China on the traditional Chinese calendar. Normally beginning on the new moon that appears between January 21 and  February 20, the first day of the Chinese New Year began February 5. This annual 15-day festival is celebrated around the world by Chinese communities. Both Elsa and I are opposed to any fireworks ushering in the celebrations that will continue over the next couple of weeks and we’re still waiting for our red envelopes filled with treats.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the year of the Pig. In Chinese astrology, each year belongs to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle. Years of the Pig are: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031. The Pig occupies the twelfth position in the Chinese zodiac with 2019 being the year of the pig and its element is wood. It only seemed fitting to share a photo mom took of wooden carved pigs taken on another trip to Mexico a few years ago.

Year of the Pig

According to a Chinese astrology website that mom found: the “Pig is a mild and a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth. Personality traits of the people born under the sign of the Pig are happy, easygoing, honest, trusting, educated, sincere and brave.”

For those born under the sign of the Pig,  your lucky flower is hydrangea, pitcher plant, or marguerite, your lucky gemstone is the ruby. Your lucky numbers are 2, 5, and 8. When it comes to lucky colors, chose yellow, grey, brown, golden. Your lucky direction is southeast, northeast and your best match would be someone born in the year of Sheep, Rabbit, or Tiger.

Conversely there are some unlucky things you should know. Unlucky numbers are 1, 3, 9, unlucky colors are red, blue, green, and your worst match would be those born in the year of the Snake, Monkey or surprisingly, Pig.

“Warm-hearted, honest and tolerant to others, people born under the Pig sign are always full of friends and are faithful to them and set a high value on friendship. Whenever a friend is in need, they will help without hesitation. Also, they dislike quarreling and are magnanimous to let bygones be bygones. Those under the Pig sign usually get along very well with others. Though thought to be somewhat materialistic, those born under the sign of the Pig are not stingy and would like to share what they have with others.”

What sign were you born under?

Chinese horoscopeWishing you a year full of good fortune and happiness. Chūn Jié!

Live, love, bark!  🐾


60 thoughts on “春节 (Chūn Jié) The Lunar New Year

    1. I swear these things must be for entertainment purposes only. Congrats on the 36! 💞

  1. I was born during The Year of The Squirrel. I don’t see that on your graphic there, so someone needs to alert the Chinese that there’s a problem with their zodiac…

  2. The 12 year lunar cycle is a sneaky way to determine someone’s age since it’s easy guess within a 12-year margin of error. Ask their symbol and then check later to see the corresponding years. The Alpha Japanese Female (AJF) has craftily handled that issue for years by telling anyone who asks that she is born in the Year of the Cat. Everyone nods wisely and let’s the matter pass usually not realizing that there is no year of the cat – the rascally feline does not appear on the lunar calendar. Why? Who knows but it seems counter-intuitive. After all, there’s a dog, right> And a chicken, pig, etc., etc. But, no cat.

    1. The whole astrology thing seems somewhat contrived anyway. I think the AJF is quite clever with her solution. For us, it’s always the Year of the Dog, no matter what that calendar says.

  3. Sam, tiger here. A pretty sad tiger at that – just found out that Portia has congestive heart failure. Her days are numbered. Apologies for ruining the pig party but I had to tell you – I know you will understand my anguish…..

    1. So very sorry to hear the news about Portia. Sending loving thoughts to you with virtual ear rubs for your girl. ☮️

  4. Happy New Year to you! It’s sad to have the Year of the Dog come to an end. But pigs are pretty cute too!

    I hope that you made it through this storm okay!

        1. I’d almost think she was a snake too but I know she’s an ox. In soooo many ways. 🤣

  5. Cool info there, Sam! I (Zeke) am a Tiger… Rowr!
    Mom is a Dragon and the boys are Tiger (yay! like me!) and Rabbit. What a weird group we are, eh?

    1. Sounds like the fun never stops around your place. We’ve got a snake, an ox and a knucklehead…er I mean rooster. You can probably figure out who’s who, I’m sure. 🤣

      1. Nope. I didn’t bother about the cats – who know what they are? Who cares? No, wait, that’s not nice of me… lemme see…Oh geez! We have a Horse and a Rat!!
        What a zoo!

                    1. I’ve tried but found the book’s organization (chronological order of the characters) too confusing.

                    2. Ahh… maybe this is one of those cases (which I have started to do by choice) where it’s best to read the book(s) after seeing the movie/programme

                    3. 👍🏻 I do the same thing but haven’t picked up the GoT books again.

                    4. Cool! Some think I’m nuts but frankly, it permits me to enjoy the movie/show with no expectations and since the book(s) always have way more, it doesn’t matter if you know how it ends because you get caught up in all the stuff…

                      Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favourite movies. The book, was delightful and had some big differences. Both equally good.

                    5. There are always going to be differences from books to movies. There’s no way to translate everything the same as the book. Look at the Harry Potter series!

  6. Poor Mom…she is the Year of the Sheep but in reality she should be the PIG BOL BOL BOL!! (Pssst: hoping you don’t get a ton of Chinese hackers/spam because of the blog heading)….I get TONS of hacking threats from China every single day!

    1. Hmm, never thought about that. Luckily WP (and Apple) do a decent job of ash-canning that kind of stuff. For the record, we 💗 sheep.

  7. The year of the dog is the best year to be born under, right! 🙂 LOL! But we will enjoy celebrating every year, just like every day, Carpe Diem, right!

    1. Think I’ve known a tiger or two in my life…I think my sister might be part tiger but mom thinks she’s just 100% Ninja.

  8. Thanks for the history lesson. It should be a very good year.

    Have a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Scritches to the pup. ♥

    1. Sam is hoping for bacon in his red envelope. Monkeys and roosters…oh my. Clean-up must take up a whole new perspective. LOL

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