45 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday ~ May 20, 2020

    1. No matter what lies ahead, gratitude is always at the center of our days. Thank you for swinging by the Ranch. We 💙 visitors.

  1. First Garfield and Mondays, and now Snoopy and Wednesdays? Neither of those two had to do an honest day’s work in their lives to get their food bowls filled…

    1. But they are undeniably cute. Guess they’re more like squirrels than I thought.

  2. Poor Snoppy. I understand his dilemma. Every day seems much the same here. Can’t even get out at the moment because it has been raining the last few days. The question was asked “Is the drought over?” The answer was a definite “YES”. Motivation is a problem and even Benji just wants to stay curled up in bed.

    1. We are smiling every Monday which seem to occur 7 times a week these days. Talk about living Groundhog Day over and over!

  3. I know – time is weird these days – people say it’s either so fast it’s at warp speed OR they not only have no idea what day it is but it seems like a whole week full of Mondays dragging by. Sigh.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Isn’t it bizarre how they have all morphed into one muddied up blob, formerly known as days of the week?

        1. Ha! I’m thinking in terms of how soon before people mistake me for a raggedy bear with a bad haircut? LOL

    1. In the immortal words of the Dowager Crawley (played by Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey), “what’s a weekend?” 😆

    1. The dogs are a lot like me. They don’t know what day of the week it is either. And they seem to continue to do fine under those circumstances. I need to be more like my dogs! Ear rubs for Jaxson and Harley. You take good care as well.

  4. I know which day of the week it is because tomorrow is the day we can;t use the car thanks to the vehicle restrictionsm so the shopping list and to do in town list is growing by the minute. Not aided by trying to enter a website which has recently been changed making entry impossible!

    1. Life as we used to know it is vastly different. No more operating on auto-pilot for which I’m bummed.

    1. They sure have begun to all run together but for some reason, Tuesday seems to be wiped off my calendar entirely. For the life of me, I cannot remember when it’s here. 🤣

    1. Good for you! I’m a bit of a slug, lots to do but little motivation to do them.

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