Saturday Smirks

So while we’re vacationing in Hawaii, here’s Sam ‘vacationing’ at The Daily Wag. You may remember the first time I took him there. But ever since then, he jumps up on me with his paws wrapped around my waist as if to say, “Oh gawd, please don’t leave me here in prison with these heathens.”  It makes me sad but the reality is there is no one in town now to take care of him since my daughter moved out-of-state. But then there’s the fact that this dog is a total mama’s boy.

finalWe were able to snag a couple of frames from the website video cam where you can check on your fur-kid both from the inside and outside play areas. Every time I’ve gone to check up on him, he’s either standing waaay away from the prison population most of the other dogs or right next to the attendant’s side. Is my  dog ‘snoopervising’ or is he a wallflower? Then again as a poodle could he be so narcissistically self-absorbed that he’s checking out the camera to show his best side? What is up with that dog? Most dogs would be excited to run around with their new buddy fur-iends. Not my boy. *sigh*


Lola, Greenwell Coffee tour guide
Lola, Greenwell Coffee tour guide taking a break

DSC01080Meanwhile, the Ranch uprights took a coffee plantation tour of the Greenwell Coffee Farm. Established in 1850, the Greenwell legacy has quite the fascinating history. Kona coffee is well-known all over the world and we tried to sample them all. I think I may have to ship my supply home. First day out and any spare space in the suitcase is now filled.

finalWhile I am missing Sam something fierce and it breaks my heart to see him sulking hanging around the play area at The Daily Wag, I’ve been ‘adopted‘ by my granddaughter’s new puppy, Nala who was rescued from the local HSUS. Actually it appears I’ve been anointed as the ‘family chew toy.’ O.U.C.H. But does she have the cutest face or what? And those ears!

We saw all the sweet tributes to Fozziemum’s Forrest. Blogville once again demonstrated its love and kindness for one of its own. Nice job, guys❣️ So what’s new on your end? A hui hou (till we meet again or in this case, till I post again).

Live, love, bark! <3