Happy October

image  Oh my heavens…where has the time gone? I cannot believe it’s October already. Here’s wishing everyone all the very best this gorgeous month offers.

Live, love, bark! <3


30 thoughts on “Happy October

  1. I could totally embrace Fall if Winter didn’t follow. But yes, the colors (not quite as brilliant out here in NorCal as other areas of the US) and the crisp morning air during our daily walks during October will be a nice change from the 90’s and 100’s we had during September.

  2. As the days get shorter and the temps get colder, I feel worse and worse. My husband has threatened to take me to Florida for years to make the winters easier. And now it looks like he’ll get my wish.

    The truth is, I also love the changing seasons–intellectually, just not emotionally.

    1. As long as I don’t have to shovel a large corner lot, I’m ok with the seasonal change. Come January I’m sure I’ll feel different. Moving to Florida seems like just trading problems. Humidity, bugs and hurricanes vs. the cold-hmm, I think they make sweaters for that. 😉

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