Nature Friday ~ December 17, 2021

Despite a wild week with hurricane-force winds, we managed to make it to Friday where we join our pals, Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in our Backyard for this week’s edition of Nature Friday.

Record setting winds blew through Colorado on Wednesday with winds as high as 107 mph in Lamar in southeast Colorado while Colorado Springs saw winds from 88-92 mph. Closer to my neighborhood, wind gusts ranged from 51 to 85 mph. One home in nearby Golden had its roof ripped off. Sadly one La Junta city worker lost his life when a tree fell on him as he was clearing a right of way of fallen debris. At one point, as many as 50,000 customers were without power, while intermittent power outages occurred throughout the day at the Ranch. When we resumed our regular walks the following day, several trees were extensively damaged. Luckily the Ranch was spared the most severe damage, with just a general cleanup of twigs and branches and trash blown from parts unknown.

Moody skies foretold of potential danger.


As many as 27 drops of rain fell during the wind storm, just enough to warrant a window cleaning once temperatures  permit. With Christmas in just over a week, that chore will need to wait until after the holiday. Goodness knows there’s more than enough to deal with as it is but the view from the studio in particular, sure looks ugly on a clear sunny day. Still the drought continues to remain front and center with the state average at only 75% of the usual winter snowpack with the eastern half of the state far lower. We can only wait and cross our fingers that measurable moisture will appear soon. The spitting of a few drops or flakes simply won’t cut it next spring and summer.


On the plus side, one of my neighbors installed strings of lights highlighting a tree in his front yard begging to be watched. It reminds me, that just maybe everything will be ok, in what is shaping up to be a very strange holiday season of weird weather conditions.


As we head toward the winter solstice and into Christmas week, I’m making plans to join members of my family for a get-together with Dad and those who weren’t able to make the Thanksgiving trip to Texas because for us, holidays are synonymous with family more than anything else. Do you have plans for getting together with family or friends over the holiday? Whatever you do, I hope you are able to spend some time enjoying the many facets of nature and the season.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark!  🐾

59 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ December 17, 2021

  1. Lulu: “That’s some pretty nutty weather, we’re glad you came through it okay! Our Dada’s family out here is having a Christmas Eve get-together but we aren’t going, and Mama and Dada got invited to a friend’s house for Christmas Day but aren’t going to that either. Seems like it’s going to be a pretty low-key holiday here.”

    1. In a flash. It’s stunning how it can be clear as a bell one minute and ominously dark and foreboding 10 minutes later. 😳

  2. Your storms were reported here in South Australia and we realised what a battering you took. We have had storms, but nothing like that. Over the similar period here in South Australia our temperatures ranged from 41c here, increasing in severity as you go further north – the Port, for example, was 43c. That ended with a winter storm in which we also had one person killed by a falling Gum Tree and there are calls to have the trees removed since this is the first time someone was killed but not the first time someone was injured by falling branches. Example of strange weather – Yesterday (Saturday) it was 38c and quite hot. Last night there was a storm with crashing rain that woke me up in the “wee small hours”.

    We have opened up all borders and in less than two weeks we have gone from a covid free state to having over 1300 people in quarantine – new cases on a daily basis and our hospitals struggling despite what the government tells us. Our government would much rather spend money on a new sport centre we don’t need than on hospital upgrades that we do need. However, this is a “sports state”and a stadium would bring in more votes than hospitals which most people wouldn’t see, could do. Ah well….. Oh PS I hope this is not considered “growling”.

    1. The intensity of weather patterns seems to be on the increase, all across the world. But I never expected hurricane force winds this far inland!

      COVID cases are increasing here too. It’s as if people said they’re done and are going out acting like nothing is wrong. *Sigh I’m beginning to think I should wear my mask walking the dogs outside anymore.

      No, that’s not considered growling. I share your frustration. Common sense would go a long way but it seems like governmental agencies just want to find profit centers, not long term solutions to problems.

    1. Thanks, I just love that lit up tree. Walking around the neighborhood, it seems as if folks aren’t decorating as much. I think people are just exhausted so this one so close to my house is a real joyful sight.

  3. We are so sad and sorry that many “western” friends are facing such damaging weather conditions, we hope you will continue to be relatively safe and secure … your photos today are strangely beautiful. (we also love your holiday header … so lightly, brightly touched) …

    1. Thank you for the kind words. We feel badly that Nature is so troubled these days and pray for all who were affected in the Midwest and South recently.

  4. Fierce winds are never fun. As this the same system that ravaged Kentucky? Our plans we fluid. We were supposed to be driving to Cleveland today for a family gathering, but vomiting kids up there changed our plans yesterday! (The trip is the reason I don’t have a beach walk today).

    1. Oh gosh, sorry for the sick little ones. Never any fun. Our winds came after the winds that hit Kentucky and other states. There is no other weather condition I despise more than wind, I’d rather it just be bitter cold than windy. Hope your family feels better soon. Take good care.

    1. Nature is revolting world-wide about the way we’ve abused her. I suspect these cranky conditions will become the new norm. Stay safe!

  5. Deadly weather patterns are happening across the US and Canada. The western part of TN and up into KY, the tornadoes killed almost a hundred people, wiping out one whole town. I’m sure that’s been on the national news, too. We were very fortunate to not be affected by that particular wave of horrid weather. But our temps are in the upper 60’s , so anything can happen.
    Love that tree! Prayers for travelling safety and a safe and fun gathering of your family.

    1. I look at that tree several times a night and can see it from my bed-it sparkles so beautifully. With the prevalence of extreme weather, we pray everyone in nature’s path stay safe.

  6. Have a Meowy Catmess with yore furamillee Miss Monika!
    Wee have NO furamillee so wee will bee alone; just BellaSita Mum an mee….as long as wee have each other that iss all that matturess!!
    Wee have bloggin frendss south of you inn Collyrado an they are dirt-dry an it iss scarey!!
    Wee had Gale force windss here an Hydrow went off fore 3 houess Fursday nite…it was terryfyin….
    Mee keeped lookin at Sweet Norman’ss foto an wishin hee was here with mee!
    ***nose kissess*** An ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. These weather events are becoming more and more commonplace and that’s pretty scary. I hope Nature takes a breath and calms down. Have a good weekend and stay safe.

      1. Wee stayin innside as it iss chilley an snowin out….like it shuud bee rite Miss Monika?
        BellaSita sayss THE werld iss purrty messed up an shee thinkss Mothur Nature iss furry piXXed an will keep on beein angry…..EEEKKK!!!!

        1. Snowing?? Oooh, so jealous. The extended forecast calls for sunny days. We’re on the wrong side of the Gulf Stream. *Sigh

    1. Typically lights are left up until Stock Show in the area but your HOA may have some special provision.

  7. I heard about that gust in Lamar…insane. Good to hear you will be with the family during the holiday; it should be a fun time but you may want to talk to your brother about driving responsibilities. We finally got a good soak – not enough to really dent the drought – and snow up on the mountain so it feels like Winter.

    1. Denver continues to remain on the wrong side of the Gulf Stream so moisture will likely be scant. As for driving responsibilities, luckily we come from different directions so no carpooling. Whew!

      1. I see we’re in for a storm next week and maybe a white Xmas at higher levels s that will probably cross over to you by the end of the Year. Fingers crossed for decent snowpack!

        1. Hope springs eternal. 🤞🏼 The Gulf Stream remains staying north of us so who knows what will happen. The forecast calls for sunny skies all week long.

  8. We had those high winds here, too…not quite as nasty as your gusts, ours were about 65MPH. But still lots of damage and power outs. Other than mess in our yard, we were mostly unscathed at our home, thankfully.

    That tree ensconced in all those pretty lights, somehow reminds me of some under the sea structure, swathed in barnacles…and then lit up. Yup, my imagination is crazy sometimes! LOL!

    1. Not crazy at all. When I look at it from my bedroom window, it reminds me of a very thin ballerina with arms extended upwards. I think it’s fun to find some hidden figure in lights. 😊

  9. We had high winds for a couple of days, but nothing like what you experienced. Sad about the person that lost their life. So sad.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to you. ♥

    1. Time with the family is always good (well except when we run into deer). 😆 The extended forecast remains sunny and above normal temperature wise. Hope things change in January though it’s the driest month of the year.

  10. Sure hope you get snow. We’ve been drier than normal for the past month but overall had a rainy year so we’re okay. Have a great holiday with your family. I will get to see some of mine but not all.

    1. I do too but the latest extended forecast isn’t looking positive. Seems wrong to bemoan sunny skies though.

      1. I have found that sunny skies in the winter is brutal on my sensitive eyes. Maybe it’s the angle of the sun or there are no leaves to shield but I’m not unhappy about a nice bright cloudy day.

        1. I look like Stevie Wonder whenever I go outside on these bright cloudless days since I too have super sensitive eyes. The beady eyed look is not very attractive.

  11. You should be getting snow soon, if not now. Our mountains were bare also, but the last storm dropped several feet a day for a couple of days, some down to 2000′. When we did our yard when we moved in 30 years ago we only planted trees with small, thin leaves. We leave most of the leaves on the ground, by late spring they have decomposed, making good mulch.

    1. Snow is a rare commodity for Denver. A little fell in the mountains but the lack of it is alarming for spring and summer water levels.

    1. Thanks; will do. You stay safe as well. These crazy weather patterns are (literally) blowing across North America.

  12. Those skies do look ominous. We had crap and lots of wind, too.
    We are the leaders in Canada in Covid cases so our lovely premier has elected to reduce family gatherings by half – to 10. That would mean two of our three families would be allowed to assemble. They brought back the gatherings from three addresses… blah blah blah. We, however, rebels that we are, will be doing our thing. Livin’ on the edge, we are.

    I sure do hope you get some snowfall right quick (but not to cancel your travel plans!)

    1. COVID spikes are occurring all over here too. Hospitals are at or over capacity. It’s a real cluster.

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