Nature Friday ~ January 7, 2022

Welcome to the first Friday of 2022. We’ve hooked up with our mates, Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard for this latest edition of Nature Friday. Norman here to share a couple of photos with you from what I’ve been seeing in Nature this week while visiting my Grandpa in Southern Colorado.

Winter early mornings and early evenings are colorful and with open landscapes at Grandpa’s. Just look at this morning’s early morning sunrise. The colors were so intense on a chilly morning.


There’s something about the wide open spaces here that really provides some amazing sunsets as well. The evening we arrived, the sky was a study in blues and oranges. Mum had to pull over to savor the quiet beauty.


It was bitter cold yesterday but today should be a perfect day for walking about the countryside. Yesterday’s walk was all about staying warm after a skiff of snow fell with single digits. Mum says I’ve adapted nicely to being a good house dog since I really prefer spending time lounging about and always within ear-scratching distance from my Grandpa. I wasn’t even interested in sniffing out bunny or other critter trails too much on the walk-I just wanted to get back and see Grandpa.

With 2022 being almost a week old, it’s been fun experiencing new adventures at Grandpa’s house. What’s your first week of the year been like? Have you been able to check out what Nature’s been serving up? We sure hope you’ve made time to see what’s going on outside. Got any plans for the first weekend? Whatever you do, we hope you’re safe, cozy and are enjoying these winter days.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾


57 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ January 7, 2022

  1. I also like to smell the wild life around here. Tyebe’s in to chasing them but not me. I say let them be to do their own thing. Tyebe doesn’t understand that others have priorities other than eating and hunting.


    1. It can be fun to check out critters sometimes, but too often they don’t seem to appreciate our ‘interest.’
      Your fur-iends,
      Norman & Elsa 🐾

  2. Totally breathtaking photos………….endless skies – just amazing. Haven’t seen those since a trip out west to Arizona many years ago. Hard to find them around here unless we drive to the mountains. thanks for sharing – and I hope the trip was really fabulous.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. It was a good trip. I am always amazed at those wide open spaces and vistas. Breathtaking!

  3. Beautiful photos, Monika. We finally got someone out to trim the live oak tree in the backyard that belongs to the neighbor. (no they won’t trim it) This freed up a Mountain Laurel to do it’s thing. It all looks so good. I know it doesn’t sound like much but is a big worry off the list. (We only have until January 30th to trim live oaks. After that you have to wait until November again.)

    1. Glad you were able to ‘get ‘er done’ now. Some neighbors are sure a pain, aren’t they? Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you. That sunset was breathtaking. I had to stop and get out of the car to truly appreciate it fully.

  4. Nothing better than sunrises and sunsets. God’s finger paintings.

    Our first week has been quiet and peaceful. Each day is a gift and we try to use that gift wisely.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. β™₯

    1. Thanks. Keeping one’s eyes primed for things on the ground is a wise decision for dogs. πŸ˜„

    1. Many thanks; yes, that sunset was pretty spectacular, even so that I stopped the car and got out to appreciate it.

    1. The second one wasn’t too bad, but the first one definitely had a chill to it. But in a few hours, the temps are so warm, it’s short sleeve and sandal weather now with the near 70F degrees.

  5. First snowfall of the year here in Central PA, so shoveling was our morning exercise! Only 5 inches, which is pretty and not too much of a nuisance. Even Gracie can manage potty duties in 5 inches. Gorgeous photos and colors!

    1. Thanks, Debra. You’re right, 5″ is pretty much a breeze. It’s mid-afternoon now and just shy of 70F degrees. I’m getting whiplash from going back and forth to sub-zero to sunbathing weather!

    1. Staying inside when the snow is knee deep seems like the best thing to do. Have a safe and cozy weekend.

  6. What gorgeous skies!
    Surprising you hate the cold so much, Norman, what with that fur coat you`re toting…
    First week has been half relaxed, half return to work (ugh). Doing what we need to do!

    1. Mum doesn’t understand either but I’m just not a fan of snow. I like dry conditions, maybe because I came from Kansas?

    1. It’s all relative. 30F seems fairly warm for January, but totally understand how with humidity it can be perceived as bone-chilling.

    1. Yeah, bunnies are a little quick for me; I like the savoring of scents more. Sometimes, mum thinks I must be part Bloodhound. LOL

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