Saturday ~ Hawaiian Travel Log

The big day is here now so today will be all about celebrating my grandson’s high school graduation to a big wide world as a young adult. Congratulations Conner – we’re all so proud of you! Love and the very best today and always.

Even though we will be celebrating the graduation in true Hawaiian style, we still managed to enjoy yet another fun-filled day on this vacay. Today was a day custom-made for snorkeling and although I’m terrified of ‘open water’ I did manage to walk out quite a ways into the bay. That is until I saw 87 jillion Yellow Tang fishes and sea urchins in between lava rocks. It was then that I high-tailed it back to the comfort of the hot sand and sun. 😉 Besides, there were photos to take of all the gorgeous scenery.

finalBefore we arrived at the bay, I took a stroll around my son’s front jungle yard to check out this pretty little blossom which is called a lilikoi. Also known as passionfruit, this little gem  is tart yet sweet and an island favorite. It’s a very popular flavor in shaved ice treats on warm days. Sadly I ate mine before realizing I should have taken a picture of it, but it looked very similar to this image. Whoops.


finalNow tell me you wouldn’t want to snorkel in this bay? I dare you. But if you’re a ‘fraidy cat like moi, I won’t hold it against you. Scenes like this remind me of the old “Calgon…take me away” commercials. The pounding surf is so soothing and rejuvenates the soul. You can hear it here if you’re on FB, but if you’re not, here’s a pic (sorry, I had difficulties downloading to YouTube and clearly am no 13-year-old computer whiz).

Have a terrific weekend. Our island ‘howliday’ is fast coming to an end but I think Sam will be jazzed for our return.

Live, love, bark! <3