Monday Meme ~ June 24, 2019

Reading is fun, even the Knuckleheads will stop and check out a neighbor’s Lending Library that has been cleverly designed into a Tardis Box. The big question is what will these guys learn? Happy Monday with best wishes for a brilliant week.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

62 thoughts on “Monday Meme ~ June 24, 2019

  1. What a great idea of having a library on the street. We love reading a good book on our travels. We wonder what your favorite books would be? Maybe about treat making. LOL. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.

  2. Mee-yow wow wee have Littell Librariess here all so Sam an Elsa!! Furry kewl rite?? An you know LadyMew reedss efurry day…not just on Pee C butt ackshual bookss an sumtimess shee reedss to mee….shee sure knows sum B-I-G werdss mee can tell you!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    1. It’s hard to pick something up since I usually have the dogs with me. Then again a branch library is just a few blocks away. I’m happy to contribute to them though so someone else can benefit from my book buying addiction.

  3. Ellie gets distracted so easily, she wouldn’t make it past page 1. “OH! Sparkle ball! What’s that outside? What’s Momma doing?” Etc, etc. I imagine she and the Ninja share some traits beyond their shared fur color πŸ™‚

  4. What are you reading? We’d love to know, you two!!!! Someone up here tried to start one of those… but there just aren’t enough people.

    1. Sam really loves them too; he ‘reads’ the short stories left by other dogs. πŸ˜‰

  5. What a lovely photo of the Knuckleheads and the Tardis library box. We just love it! Mom says she would love to travel with Dr Who and I am sure I would love that too! Can you imagine all those adventures? Must be just like the adventures we go on when Mom reads me stories. πŸ˜€

    1. They really are brilliant and a nice way to build community in the ‘hood.

  6. I live in a rural area, so we don’t have lending libraries, but I love the idea. I think the knuckleheads look like they are ready to learn or be entertained.

  7. Can you really read, Sam and Elsa? None of us have ever heard of a neighborhood book lending library, unless you count all the pee mail in certain yards. Hey, those are OUR lending libraries! xox Xena and Lucy

    1. Ha…we have those too. People build these boxes on a post and passersby leave books for peeps to read. It’s a pretty cool way to cycle books.

    1. It’s just a brilliant idea and use of an old newspaper dispensing box.

    1. There’s always something interesting to check out at these mini-libraries.

  8. Love that you have those! I should start that over in this neck… then again, all my books are in English and this is a very French town…

  9. We have a few of these in our neighborhood. Fun to look and see what you’ve not read.

    Awww on the pups.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. β™₯

  10. i like that library…there is something similar in the park in our little town, aimed at getting children to read.
    I wonder what the thugs’ taste in reading might be….probably not something zen…

    1. There are many we pass on our ways. I have to say this one is the most clever design wise.

  11. I love those lending libraries, it’s such a great idea AND it makes great use of a receptacle that has become obsolete.

    And you have two earnest readers there!

    1. Elsa thinks books are for propping up her chin. I think she absorbs a book’s message through osmosis. LOL

  12. awe, I pegged you two for readers right away and wouldn’t be surprised you’re ghost writers too.

    1. The posts are often great bulletin boards for answering emails…apparently. 😍

  13. oh we love that idea of having a library in da hood…. what book would you read first? da nelly a cooking book…and me something with blood and crime… oh yeah!

    1. There’s always an interesting batch of categories at this library. I’m with you, Phenny on mysteries since my hips tell me I can live off the “fat of the land” for 87 years.

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