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Wish I Was There Wednesday

Today on Wish I was There Wednesday, I thought it might be fun to visit Venice, Italy, one of my favorite destination spots. The serenity of this beautiful city with its exquisite landmarks and warm friendly residents unexpectedly touched my heart and soul. I had not expected such a deep connection but totally embraced it wholeheartedly. So hop on my magic carpet ride and see if you love Venice as much as I do. Giuseppe Verdi was absolutely right.1384058_10202246012660397_2002805192_n


Exquisite Venice, you stole my heart


Postcard pretty scenes everywhere


Santa Maria della Salute Baroque Church, whose vast weight was built on a platform supported by a million timber piles.








Begun in 1631, the ‘Salute’ church was built as a kind of offering to the Virgin Mary for deliverance from the Black Plague epidemic ravaging Venice in 1630. Most of the objects of art housed inside the church refer to the Black Death.

Pimp my ride! One of Venice’s beautiful gondolas.

Everything arrives or is moved via water.

Some modes of travel are a tad more sophisticated than others.

The glorious Grand Canal

Beautiful Basilica in the famous Piazza di San Marco

The Florian Cafe, Europe’s oldest at Piazza di San Marco

High Tide

Along the Grand Canal

O sole mio!

Good natured and friendly Venetians

The caption of the gondolier shown above was added as a tongue-in-cheek comment. Venetian gondoliers would never sing that song as that is associated with Neapolitans. Venice tourist officials have banned the singing of it since the 1980’s. Sadly, it’s what most Americans think of when in Venice.

Have you ever been to Venice? Did you fall in love with this beautiful city and its friendly people? Well, it’s guess it’s probably time for you to get back to work. Thanks for ‘traveling’ with me on a ‘Wish I was there” kind of day.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎