Heroes of Hope ~ 2019 Highlights

Hey sports fan, Sam here. You may remember from our earlier post where I ‘pawticipated’ in Lutheran’s annual Heroes of Hope – National Cancer Survivors Day® Celebration event. National Cancer Survivors Day® is a celebration for those who have survived, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families and an outreach to the community. Since mom screwed up publishing her Wednesday post on Tuesday (awk! good grief) and I’m not going to risk her messing this one up. I’ll be taking over today’s post by sharing highlights from the event. Leave important things to real professionals, I always say.

As a Knucklehead star athlete, we are expected to make an appearance on the Red Carpet stage (even if it’s black). I adjusted my cape, er…bandana and gave mom a “hurry up, let’s do this” look. Sheesh, sometimes she’s so inept behind the camera. I mean, there were oodles of others waiting their turns (translation: there are tons of peeps I need to visit). But then while I’m posing for mom, a lady walks up and asks for my autograph picture. Mom was kind of surprised but safe to say, that lady’s interest got my tail going.

Heroes of Hope

As a member of Lutheran’s Pet Therapy program, we also celebrate survivors and their families by participating in the 1K walk. Being a ‘distinguished’ (i.e. senior) pup, I held my nose high and the tongue out long keeping up with everyone, although my preference is to stop and chat with all the folks cheering us on along the course sidelines. Hey, I gotta keep my personal skills sharp, right? I mean…it’s free ear rubs for crying out loud! What Knucklehead passes those up? Nope not happening, thank you very much.

Heroes of Hope

The event began with the 10K race, followed by the 5K, and then the kid’s run. We bring up the rear with our 1K walk and there were lots of non pet therapy uprights in our group. But everyone loves watching the kid run. They are beyond adorable as they race (and sometimes toddle) down their course while the crowd cheers them on. Nothing makes my tail wag more than a bunch of kiddos running straight toward me!

Heroes of Hope

No celebration at this annual event is complete without some close ups of a few of the pet therapy dogs. This is my pal, “Little One,”  a former racer who now is a champion pet therapist. She has a gazillion visits under that billed cap. She and her mom recently rescued a Galgo greyhound from Spain who may be joining us once she’s all settled and becomes more socialized. Woo-hoo-another pawsome pet therapist!

Heroes of Hope

Then there’s my little pal, Zoe, one adorable little Corgi who steals the show whenever she shows up. Don’t tell anyone but she gets my tail seriously wagulating-just look at that sweet face!

Heroes of Hope

After our ‘race,’ we serious athletes needed to re-hydrate and I was no exception. Never fear, that’s good ole H2O in that cup. One of several.

Heroes of Hope

Once fully hydrated, I was able to get in some serious visiting with other individual racers and teams. The hospital had 14 teams running in the 5K and a number of folks on those teams are peeps I frequently visit when I’m at the hospital. Such cool people, with compassion with deep caring. I woofed for the team from the Lab, called “Out for Blood.” Zoe’s human sister works there and was on the team. I always love seeing her whenever I make hospital rounds. It’s always great fun greeting dogs, uprights, little peeps and enjoying some delicious snacks after the race and then checking out the various booths with healthful products, resources and info for anyone suffering from this horrible disease. It’s a good place to network and that’s when I ran into the newest member to the pet therapy team, Axel whose photo we shared on Monday. You can see where I photobombed him here. Axel is a Black Mouth Cur and should be a great addition to our program.

Those who win their respective race receive special recognition but I like to think anyone who’s willing to lend their support to kick cancer’s butt is No. 1 in our books.

This event definitely has had even more meaning for my mom whose dear friend Cheryl, battled cancer over this past year. We’re barking our kudos on her determination and courage. We love her and she’ll always be mom’s hero!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

72 thoughts on “Heroes of Hope ~ 2019 Highlights

    1. We try to support hospital events like this one but this has even more importance when you’ve been touched by this horrible disease.

  1. Great post for a great cause!! Cancer survivors and cancer victims alike are my heroes. It’s a horrible disease to deal with. My prayers for Cheryl and thumbs up to her for her determination and courage.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I know Cheryl is grateful for all the kind wishes. 😍

  2. Sam,

    You really should be a sideline reporter. We would finally get some pertinent information if you were roaming the sidelines during a game!

    Great cause, great story. Well done!

    1. Mom says I’m not an ace reporter but more like a joker. But at least I know when to publish on time. She can’t quite say the say here lately. Bwahahaha 😈

          1. Your mama knows you rock the casbah. And she knows her hockey quite well. And gardening, that too. Oh . . . you two are the perfect serve and volley pair. 🙂

            1. Thanks. I like to let her think she’s winning once in a while, but you and I both know better. Go Blues! Moomm…go away and stop stealing my thunder. 😆

                1. Amen. They are playing hard (and sometimes dirty) to match their Boston counterparts.

                  And another win by the Canadian b-ball team would tickle my fancy as well.

                  1. Dirty is unacceptable, unless it happens to be coming from the team I’m rooting for.

                    I can’t believe how Toronto has controlled the series thus far. Without a Golden State run in the third and early fourth quarter of Game 2, this very well might be a 3-0 lead!

                    1. I kind of feel the same way, though mostly I’m not in favor of dirty. People get hurt and if you’re playing well, there’s no need for that kind of nonsense. Still, it was kind of turn-about-play that seemed fair enough.

                      The Raptors have managed well (though allowing Curry to score nearly 50 points the other night may well bite them on their high tops. Seriously I’ll live if GS wins, but prefer a new face this year. A little diversity is good, right?

                    2. True. I feel badly for the B’s captain having gotten hurt. But that wasn’t dirty, just bad luck. I hope the Blues can send him home for the summer to recuperate!

                      Curry was all Golden State had. The Raptors were content to let him go because nobody else was a threat at that point. The NBA is notorious for dynasties dominating the landscape. From the Lakers and Celts to the Bulls and Spurs and Warriors.

                    3. Zdeno has delivered some brutal shots over his career. I’d love to see him start playing golf about now.

                      Yeah, David Stern’s focus on creating superstars in the league worked. 🤮Basketball is no longer a team sport. Cousins, Green and Klay Thompson need to step it up. If the Raptors figure out how to contain Curry from shooting the lights out, GS will be in big trouble. I expect them to rebound in the next game and put a serious hammer on the dinos.

                    4. Hahaha!

                      Everyone keeps expecting the Warriors to have that game, including me. But as Yogi Berra once said, it’s getting late early.

                    5. {snicker} Don’t count those guys out just yet. I’ll probably be holding my breath throughout the next game!

                    6. It’s Sunday,which means Imma be watching. It should be good. Although I would really love a 6-0 Blues win. As if . . .

                    7. I’d happily give up seeing a game 7 for the Blues to win game 6. Course it makes for a brutally l-o-n-g summer but I’d do it if it meant no win for the boys from Boston! 😈Yeah I really am like that.

  3. What an amazing post Sam! You and your furriends are just so awesome to make everyone happy and I know it will make them better as well. The photos are just so stunning and Mom and I can see you all had so much fun. Please give Mom’s friend Cheryl also lots of wet kisses from me so she can heal quickly, okay? Thanks for sharing this amazing event. Hugs to you and Elsa. I know she would have loved to be there. 😀 😘💕

  4. Oh Sam, you sure are a rockstar! And your pals too! Zoe looks like a firecracker!! I bets she has all the ManDogs tails a-waggin’!!! BOL!!
    HIGH PAW to all those who are fighting, and those who have won, the battle against the EVIL C!!!!
    Thanks for sharing a most FABulous day Sam!!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Zoe is my girl…just wish she thought so as much as I do. Haha Thanks for the high paws! 🐾 Right back atcha.

  5. What a special event! What an honor it must’ve been to be a part of it. Little One is killing it with that sun hat. Maybe your mom can get one like that for you!

    Love and licks,

    1. I’m more of a bandana kind of guy, sadly hats kind of bug me. Little One knows just how to rock hats!

  6. This post was fabulous! Loved the shot of the kids running, (and of course Sam), and that darling Corgi girl! I can see why you are smitten with her! What a wonderful cause this is and this post was fun as well as being informative. Sending prayers for your friend Cheryl, you are right, it makes it that much more special, but this event is something that all cities should do! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Dakota. We both love Cheryl and pray for her all the time. Whenever we can help cancer survivors, count us in!

  7. That is one marvelous event for such a good cause. You and your Mom do so many awesome things for others. Thank you for your service.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. Mom just drives me, I do all the work. But thank you all the same. From both of us 😊

        1. Doubtful. He loves all attention so much and never gets tired of it.

    1. Thanks! He’s very good natured about it and the crowds. Not everyone does well in those crowded situations. Like me, for instance. LOL

  8. Great reporting … and cheers to a great event and your friends for participating. Thanks for taking over from Mom. Even though she screwed up, I encourage you to let her have a beer to raise her spirits and confidence.

    1. Maybe she’s had too many beers lately and that’s why she screwed up? LOL

        1. Warm weather, summer gardening, a couple of knuckleheads, beer…yeah that’s a strong possibility. 😂

    1. Thanks Michael. She is such an inspiration and doing well these days, considering 3 surgeries and chemo in the past year.

    1. A bit less than previous years but a decent showing nonetheless. 😇

  9. It is really nice to see different dogs bringing much joy to those fighting cancer. I wish cancer survivors continuous good health. Much Garfield hugs💕🤗

    1. Thanks, Garfield. The dogs provide such good cheer for everyone and are always a favorite at hospital events.

    1. No, Elsa stays home when I’m doing my hospital thing. The stress of being around crowds and other dogs like that could trigger a seizure. We try to keep her safe with less commotion.

  10. we are so happy that you joined the event… we send big hugs to all heroes who won the fight against the big c and we send power and courage to all who have to fight this bad and evil beast

    1. Thanks, Phenny and da Nelly; we are always happy to help with causes like this one which is near and dear to my mama’s heart.
      Your fur-iend,

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