Are you the one?

Selection. Lately I’ve been losing sleep. And whenever that happens, often a song pops into my head. You know the feeling. No matter how you try to forget it, that song plays in the background. Most of the time, insomnia is just annoying but often it has been the impetus for some of my best thoughts, decisions and revelations.

What am I losing sleep over these days…relates to trying to find a suitable addition for Sam. When Sam joined the household over 7 years ago, there were already two Old English Sheepdogs in residence (because obviously I couldn’t mop drool, kibbles, pieces of grass and twigs up enough). Both were delightful joys and both very different personalities. Eliot was the curmudgeon worry-wort and Puck…she was named for the Shakespearean character from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and completely lived up to the moniker. Sam was thoroughly captivated by her in his ‘paw-sinova’ mind. When both of the OES’s moved across the Rainbow Bridge, he took both their absences hard, but especially Puck’s.

Thankfully the song currently playing is one I actually like as opposed to one I despise: One Republic’s, Counting Stars (though very weird video), “Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be.” I have been earnestly looking to add to our home but keep getting hung up on the selection process and the question, “Are you the one?” Can you even call it a pack when there’s just two to start?

_MG_4770-(ZF-2552-28389-2-002)-2We recently had the opportunity to bring an adorably sweet and gorgeous little sister home with us. Her family situation had dramatically changed and she was perfect. Four years old, fabulous charcoal colored Standard, with soulful brown eyes and a boundless energy for chasing balls. Maybe that was it (Sam’s lack of ball playing interest is well known and he couldn’t even catch a cold if he tried, let alone a ball), but after the initial sniff and greet, he was mostly nonplussed (maybe because she left him in a cloud of dust when he tried to chase after her-seriously that girl had some wheels and it just might not have been the most confidence building trait in his mind–a male ego thing maybe?). At any rate, after carefully examining our personal circumstances, we I ultimately passed and it left me wondering, how do you know when it’s the right one?

When I first found out Sam was available, I wasn’t completely sure about the timing and certainly didn’t have a strong feeling about whether or not he was the perfect one as I do now. I cannot even fathom him not being my bud. Oh sure, I was excited at the prospect of bringing a Standard into the fold (my last Standard had crossed the Rainbow Bridge a number of years before). I always wanted to have another but wasn’t quite 100% sure if it was a spot on idea and there were already 2 big dogs in the house and he was very different from past poodles. Still I brought this somewhat aloof and decidedly goofball dog home. Trust me when I say he’s still a goofball but back then he was goofy in different ways. He had no experience with city life and it showed. Now he’s just wonderfully goofy but very city acclimated and I wouldn’t change a hair on his head because of it.

For about the last year or so, I’ve been scouring poodle rescue sites locally and nationally, applied for countless available dogs with various organizations and talked with numerous folks about adding another brother or sister. I already know that a puppy probably wouldn’t be right for us, a somewhat seasoned dog would be a much better fit so breeder shopping isn’t something I’ve considered. I’m looking for another companion to add and want to do the right thing by rescuing a dog whose life circumstances have changed and who needs a loving home in which to thrive. We’ve got love to spare and have been viewed as an ideal applicant, but…I haven’t been able to figure what makes one better or more desirable than another? Is it that soulful eye contact, the nudging under an arm to ‘pet me, pet me!’ or that relaxed sigh when they’re contently laying next to you hogging the sofa or bed? Or is it just old fashioned chemistry? Is it all of that or something more intrinsic? What defines being smitten?

How do you determine that special quality that makes you know “this is the one for us?” or do you just let it play out? And yes, I am aware that all of the pups that I’ve checked out thus far may not have been perfect for any number of reasons, yet I think there might be something else, something deeper and I’m definitely on a quest to figure that out. This is probably why Counting Stars is playing in my brain non-stop and keeping me awake at night. Something, somewhere is definitely trying to tell me something but I’m not sure what that is just yet. Got any answers?

How did you know the pup you chose was the right one for you?  Leave us a paw print with your thoughts and how you selected the perfect one and when you knew it was perfect because I definitely need a good night’s sleep. 🎶🎶🎶

Live, love, bark! <3