In solidarity

Here I was trying to get Sam all spiffed up for today and tomorrow’s visits and look who came to his defense. Elsa laid on the floor in front of the tub the whole time I was bathing the long-suffering Sam. Do you think she’d be happy to take one for her brother? Yeah, me neither.

Help me!!

Live love, bark! 🐾

50 thoughts on “In solidarity

  1. Idaho PugRanch

    Our Angel Greta would jump right in the tub when I was bathing the other two to keep them company. She loved water
    Hazel & Mabel

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  2. The OP Pack

    BOL – that is so cute. We do that when Mom is brushing one of us – we just cut in front of the one being brushed:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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  3. Amy

    Hi Sam. I can attest, even if your sister was willing to take a bath instead of you, it would end up that you BOTH get a bath. I know. From experience. I have a good sister. ~Lucy

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  4. LP

    Bath time can be pretty crazy around here. Wilhelmina used to be long suffering just like you, Sam. But after Avalon came along, who actually tries to jump out of the tub during bath time, Wilhelmina has decided that she can resist her bath altogether by refusing to jump into the tub in the first place!
    Elsa, you can come over here any time to block our bath times, we will shower you with treats as a thank you ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

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    1. Tails Around the Ranch Post author

      The hardest part is trying to find him when he goes into the “witness protection program” once he sees me assemble towels, shampoo, and grooming tools bucket. Sam is surprisingly compliant but really notches up the drama quotient. The dog should win an Academy Award for his theatrics! 😁

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