You know the adage ~ “Spring Forward…Fall Back.” Sam here…it’s that time of year again (at least in the US) when we have to alter change the clocks but this time it’s one hour forward. Yippee…all us poor starvin’ Marvin pups and kitties get fed at a decent hour instead of wasting away until the so-called designated feeding time. Maybe now I can put a couple pounds back on my waistline. On the other hand, I’m losing a valuable hour of beauty sleep. 🙁

What does Daylight Savings Time mean to us 4-legged fur-iends? It means just like our human counterparts, our circadian rhythms are all whacked out again. Sigh. Can someone please remind me why we continue to torture ourselves do this silly time change business twice a year? Uh, huh…just as I thought.

This is our face on DSTRemember lose an hour of sleep to set your clocks one hour ahead this Saturday evening.






Live, love, bark! <3


26 thoughts on “DST PSA

  1. I absolutely HATE DST…I HATE it. Give me my hour of sleep. Guess what? I recently learned this week that we are ALL saying it wrong. It’s not “Daylight Savings Time” it’s really “Daylight Saving Time”….I read that on a blog this week and thought they were nuts……then I googled it and they were right!!!! I had to change my blog post lol!!! DakotasDen

    1. Hmm, never thought about that distinction-either way, it’s the pits and definitely not a fan for sure. It seems dumb to send little kids to school in the dark, not to mention that it probably doesn’t save any electricity. 😉

  2. We would like one or the other, but not the change. No study has ever shown that it saves anything to change twice a year. Now if someone would just lead the charge…

  3. I wish I knew why the time change nonsense is still in effect. The rationalization behind it – to make it more difficult for enemy ships/submarines to see their targets at night – was obliterated with the dawn of infrared (and other night vision aids) devices. And quite frankly, I don’t believe for a minute that it ever saved one bit of electricity.

  4. I hate changing times, but actually prefer DST. I like that it doesn’t get dark until later in the evening, giving more time to get things done outside, if needed. I wish they would leave it on DST.

          1. I never think about that because I’m in a rural area and everyone either takes the bus, which stops at their house, or their parents take them.

  5. Amen my friend. I’m right there with you. I hate this stupid time change thing. It means we are all going to lose an hour of snuggle time with mom – that’s what that means. And it sucks. That’s right I said it – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  6. we do it for the sunshine! Yea! We haven’t seen the sun for a long time around here.. always gray and dark so I am okay with the sleep thing… heck I don’t sleep that well right now anyway so best to at least be able to walk with the daddy in the evenings without stumbling around the broken sidewalks in the dark!
    Hope you’re out of the cone Sam my man

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