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Wordy Wednesday ~ May 23, 2018

Today we are visiting our friends at West Pines after some terrific visits yesterday at the main hospital and at hospice. We’ll share some remarkable adventures (hopefully) later this week but wanted to let you know the ‘Dogtor’ is in the house treating patients and staff. At the sound of the tone, please leave a number and we’ll get back to you to schedule an appointment.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Floral Friday ~ May 18, 2018

It’s Friday, one of our favorite days. The weather should be a tad cooler (and if we’re real lucky, there will be a spot of rain in the forecast) after temps have been hovering in the 80’s this week. The garden is really coming to life. Next week we’ll be at the hospital visiting patients and hopefully making folks smile. Till then we plan to stop and smell the flowers as the garden continues to burst into color and bloom. Have a wonderful weekend-have you got any special plans?

Take time to stop and smell the flowers.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Clean Up Tuesday

You can tell once spring has definitely arrived. The fair-weather peeps come out after hibernating in front of fireplaces all winter long and start to take their pups for walks now. They are out in full force in my ‘hood these days but many of them seemed to have left a couple of very important things back at home. Their consideration and their dog bags. 

As our friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog so aptly refers to them, the DADOs (dumb a$$ dog owners) are out in full force now that spring has finally sprung. What the heck people…were you raised by wolves? No, of course you weren’t. Wolves are raised in highly social and respectful packs. Growl!

Are the DADO’s without poop bags out in force in your ‘hood?

Life, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings

Mom says it’s back to work for most peeps today. Sam here. She also told me we could still have fun and be healthy too. I’m not a huge fan of fruit and veggies; Elsa loves them but me, not so much. Mom knows I’m a rather ‘handsome’ fella, I mean, come on…I’m Mr. May after all, so she thought maybe if they looked more like me? I dunno know, would you eat more fruit and vegetables if they looked like you?

Um…yeah mom, don’t color me convinced, just yet. I think I’m just more of a meat and more meat kind of guy. Give those things to Elsa. She’ll eat anything-as you well know.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

From the Desk of the Dog ~ May 10, 2018

An article in the newspaper over the weekend caught mom’s eye relative to service dogs and the airlines. Sam here. Mom has ranted blogged about this before (you can read about it HERE) and it continues to be a topic she holds near and dear to her heart. Far too many veterans have been hassled and made to leave too many businesses. If you ever want to push my mom’s buttons, just hassle a veteran and his service dog! Trust me when I say…it is not a pretty sight and comes complete with HBO words.

Student guide dog Max, a golden retriever puppy, walks the aisle of a plane during a training program at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey ~ Stephen Chernin, Getty Images file

In an article over the weekend indicating Congress is considering tightening the rules regarding service animals allowed on airplanes, Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.) recently introduced a bill that “would align the definition of a service animal to fit the stricter regulations in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).” Noting things have gotten completely out of hand after someone tried to bring a kangaroo onboard as a support animal, Burr said in a news release, the proposed rule would establish criminal penalties for falsely asserting a family pet is a “service animal.” Mom told me she’s witnessed first hand peeps trying to bring small purse sized dogs onboard as a therapy pet. This isn’t Noah’s Ark people! Earlier this year, Delta Airlines announced steps it will undertake in tightening procedures after passengers tried to fly with an assortment of “comfort animals” such as turkeys, snakes, and spiders. Excuse me? A snake is NOT a comfort animal in my books!

The proposed legislation has the backing of Airlines for America, the advocacy group for the airline industry and the Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans. Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a creature that has been trained to perform specific tasks to assist people with disabilities such as seeing eye dogs. These so-called ‘comfort dogs’ do not fit into the legal description under this legislation.

Notwithstanding whether or not the House will take up this piece of legislation, do you think this is a step in the right direction?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here’s hoping your travels toward Friday are super sweet.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Mother Earth Monday

Yesterday was Earth Day and in my mind, one day a year shouldn’t be when we think when trying to save the environment. Rather we should be treating everyday as Earth Day to make a difference on our planet. Whether or not you believe in ‘climate change’ it seems hard to dispute ‘things are a-changing’ out there. Extreme droughts, increasingly more frequent severe storms, you can probably agree that weather patterns don’t seem normal these days. In order to protect our environment, I believe going organic is one way to help Mother Nature. Whenever possible, I try to eat organic and I certainly garden organically. With my two knuckleheads, I never can be sure what they’ll eat, so I want to make sure if they munch on anything in the garden, there aren’t chemicals that control weeds on it. In the past I have used common table vinegar to keep weeds at bay. While repeated applications are necessary a necessary shortcoming, I don’t have to worry about any canine munching on a weed with a side dish of chemicals on top.

Everyone likes a lush flower garden without weeds but I’m not going to put my dogs at risk. With a bee population in peril, it is even more important to treat Mother Nature kindly.

So when I was at my local health food store recently, I was thrilled to come across this recipe for weed control. I have used agricultural strength vinegar in the past and at around 20% acidity (compared with 3-5% for common table vinegar), know it’s extremely efficient when it comes to killing weeds though the lesser strength will also do the job. You may need to reapply a couple of times, especially if the weeds are well established.     I also discovered recently that if you have ants, you can sprinkle some cinnamon and they’ll take off for cheaper housing. Those industrial size bottles from Costco will come in handy beyond the occasional batch of cookies, especially after I found a bunch of squatters in the garage.

“Lady bug love” isn’t exclusively for the environment, in the long run it’s also for your fur-kids, even when you’ve been away on vacation without them. Happy Monday. May your week be particularly environmentally friendly.

Live, love, bark 🐾