A Monday Howliday

IMG_1938Despite the fact it is illegal to shoot off fireworks in the City and County of Denver, there still are way too many people who ignore that ordinance up to an including the July 4th ‘howliday.’ We suspect Denver isn’t the only municipality where residents illegally set off fireworks either.

Sam here. In keeping with past years, we aim to notify the appropriate authorities of illegal fireworks and spread the word to educate cretins…I mean uprights that it’s not a good idea to set them off. There are plenty of professional fireworks displays people can watch if they must, but they definitely don’t need to set them off in residential neighborhoods where the noise may be a little too close for the comfort and well being of pets, as well as a potential fire hazard. Don’t know about you, but we’re not particularly keen on any of our neighbors setting off fireworks after relentless days of hot temperatures that dried out trees, shrubs, and grass or having a spark hit a shingle on the roof.

July 3rd is the busiest day for veterinary offices (when anti-stress medications are picked up) and more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. It breaks my mom’s heart and makes her say naughty words when they go off. Our last sheepdog, Finn nearly lost his mind when they started up in our neighborhood and none of her various remedies/strategies would ease his distress. He even got himself stuck between the box spring and the bed frame. It was all she could do to extricate him without either of them getting hurt or bitten. Mom said right then and there she’d make it her mission to keep other dogs from suffering like poor Finn. It’s ok to celebrate the 4th, just remember someone at home may not find a noisy celebration quite as much fun as you do. Dogs process those loud noises differently than uprights do.


Here’s hoping you have a safe and happy 4th of July. Happy birthday, America 🇺🇸

Live, love, bark! <3

27 thoughts on “A Monday Howliday

  1. Poor Finn! And poor Sam, too! Callie was afraid of fireworks – and thunderstorms and other loud noises – too. She would pace around the house, crawl up into my lap, or wedge herself between my legs. Most times I ended up getting on the couch with her and soothing her fears with a loving massage and hugs and kisses. This year both Shadow and Ducky slept through most of the noise. They stopped for the most part around midnight; but some jerk nearby set a few off at 2:30 Tuesday morning. Both girls and hubby slept through it, but I was watching a movie in bed.

    1. Last night there was yet another professional display that started at 10 PM. Big boomers in the vicinity of either the baseball stadium or the nearby amusement park. That, along with neighbors loudly partying late into the night made for more stressors for poor Sam. I cannot even comprehend how Iraq or Afghanistan veterans manage to cope with weeks of booming firecrackers. Unbelievable!

      1. Poor Sam!! I’m with you…I can’t comprehend it either.

        I remember back when I was still in elementary school, neighbors and I used to play with those paper strips that were used in kids’ toy guns (remember those?). Our parents used to make us play with them in the wooded area next to Jimmy’s house. Our poor poodles hated the noise. Coco would hide behind the commode in the back bathroom and Pixie would hide under one of the beds. Boo, and then my Kissy, didn’t seem bothered by noise all that much. The noise has never really bothered me that much – except when it keeps me awake – but I can understand how combat vets would hate it.

  2. This year our cops were cracking down. They were up in my neighborhood with flood lights. GOOD I say! It’s not just dogs either, I’ve seen adds for missing horses and a friend with horses and llamas says they fear for their lives while they try and comfort them. I also heard other animals such as squirrels, chippies, etc will often time leave nests because they are afraid. 🙁 AND what about our combat veterans? Did you ever see a grown man duck and cover because of a sudden loud noise? Yeah, it happens.

    My cousin’s dog was missing for 3 days because the neighbor set of a firecracker and the dog got scared. I just don’t understand why people can’t be considerate of others.

    Oh, you hit my button. This is a hot one for me. LOL

  3. We are with you 100% Mr. Sam! Kali was a wreck last year. Thankfully this year in our new mountains home nary a boom boom was heard and for that we are thankful.

  4. Wise words! I was at a shelter a few days ago and I could feel my blood pressure rising every time one of the neighbors let off a firecracker. I was so mad! I asked the staff if that was common and apparently it is. Just what those already overly stressed animals need (note the sarcasm)! I hope your neighbors are respectful. Happy 4th!

  5. I live in a high fire danger area and am a little nervous, every July 4th, about inconsiderate idiots up in the canyons setting up fireworks. My dogs, on the other hand, have learnt to sleep through the ruckus.

  6. I had this discussion with my neighbor. We hate them. Any tom dick or harry in MD can buy damaging fireworks and set them off next door. I hate it. And there are at least four cities close to us who all do public displays. AND the idiots shoot them off for two weeks. Cole goes crazy. All we need is him to break a hip running in a circle barking up at the sky. OY! They were illegal in FL. LeeAnna

    1. Same ting here-they started 3 weeks ago and will probably go for 2 more. Anyone with crisp greenbacks can buy a bunch and set them off. I just wish people would use their heads. Nothing like a box of firecrackers, a case of beer and some dimwit. Grrrr.

  7. Crikey … I sure hope you stay safe and do hope all the uprights do the right thing for once. Fireworks at any time of year are crazy but in summer it’s just way too dangerous. Have a great 4th July, aye?

  8. Yes we heard on our news that the authorities were asking people in California not to set off fireworks and consider the wild fires that are raging in other parts of the state. But yes Sam, there are uprights who will demand the right to do as they please regardless of how it effects others. We have the same kind of uprights in Australia so you are not alone there.

    1. What is it about the universality of dumbness? We find it quite remarkable that authorities have to ‘ask’ people to not set off fireworks in the midst of terrifying wild fires. Just amazing!

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