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Hey there sports fans…Sam here. Hope you had a marvy summer weekend. Hard to believe school is starting back up in a number of school districts across the country, ours included. The wailing of teacher fur-iends has been palpable. Where has this year gone?

So I got to wondering if anyone else has a Smart Alec in their pack? As long as any pill I have to take is wrapped in cheddar, I’m just like the dogs smiling in the front row because I totally LOVE cheese. One gulp and I think, “who cares, its cheese!” Is your dog like that one in the back who knows? 5f334f308ec3900f5292d177105012f0

Live, love, bark! <3

49 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. YES. Sampson is the picky one. If he finds the pill, he will eat around it. The only thing he will take it without question in, is liverwurst. However lately I’ve been putting it in his food. Since he eats raw, I make little meatballs around the pill and then I sprinkle his green lipped mussel on it and he usually gobbles it right up. I don’t think he’d go for cheese.

  2. Leroy’s the one that knows where the pill is all the time! Gah!

    My kids still have 2 more weeks of Summer vacation left. Mixed emotions about it, I’ve loved being home with them this summer but I’m also looking forward to some alone time!

  3. Bilbo is “that dog” in our pack. Mama has to get all his meds in liquid form!!
    The rest of us are BIG pill pocket, cheese or peanut butter fans!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. I eat first and ask questions later. Mom usually “hides” my pills in cream cheese or peanut butter, but if she just handed them to me plain, I’d probably gobble them down without a second thought.

    Love and licks,

  5. As you know I am new here, but have loved having a browse around also, I love how pets can truly help humans. Back to this post, we have two Jack Rusells, our first, Bentley is an Australian chap, born and bred in Sydney. He was imported into Florida for his calm temperament where he became a top stud dog! After his stud days were over he came to us, now nearly 10 years old he is now with us in France, super calm and so laid back, I could have sold him 20 times in Florida, everyone wanted him and no one could believe he was a Jack Russell. Pills however and he is super smart, he knows! He knows there is one hidden! Our other Jack Russell is a flighty little French girl, she is just a year old and she will happily swallow anything in the blink of an eye!!!

  6. I really LOL’d at that picture! I usually have to shove a pill down poor Moose’s throat. He just chews and chews on any kind of people food till it falls out the side of his mouth! Catching that slobbery mess? No thanks!

  7. I have had to take a lot of pills lately. Used to be, Mom could hide them in peanut butter or cheese. Then I started picking them out of the cheese. Sometimes I even hid them in my beard so she wouldn’t know. The blue one usually gave me away, though. Now Mom buys bologna and tops it with cheese. She calls them my h’orderves, and hand feeds them to me off a pretty plate. Dad says presentation is everything.

  8. My dog Molly will eat around a pill if it’s wrapped in cheese, but cream cheese usually works. The weird thing is, she will not eat any kind of de-wormer/meds that are chewable, even if they are beef flavored or whatever, she always knows it’s not really a treat. But oh my goodness, there is no shoving it down her throat; I will sit there forever waiting for her to swallow it and she just holds it there and won’t swallow. Silly beast. 🙂

    1. Bwahaha…that’s too funny! My female sheepdog was like that too, anything she could wrap her drooly chops around, it’d be pretty much history. With Sam I need to ‘encourage’ him with cheese…lots of cheese. 😉

  9. I asked both dogs if there were a smart alec in the house. They refused to answer and told me to go to my cage and look in the mirror.

  10. My dogs take their pills without any problems if they’re “hidden” in a tasty treat. One they even take as if it were a treat, I guess they must taste great. However one time one of them needed to ingest some drops, that was a fight. Apparently they tasted terrible, luckily we managed to switch to pills for that! -Ellie

  11. Hi Sam! Happy Monday. Sometimes I catch mom sneaking in a pill or two, but for the most part I just gulp down any food item before my kitten brothers get any.

    Hope you have a great day! Wags and woofs, ~ Kona

      1. Let’s just say that I became an expert at pilling cats that week. Of course I had war wounds but they were a badge of courage. (and the payoff was that no cat has intestinal parasites!)

  12. Shadow and Ducky are happy with pill pockets – I get the bigger ones and tear them into smaller pieces to save $$ – which is a good thing since people food messes up their systems.

  13. Snorts with piggy laughter. Love your sense of humor sweet friends. You see, us anipals can smell that medicine taste miles away. Mom likes to hide mine in an omelet. She’s sneaky like that. Love you. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Did you get mom’s email last night?

  14. Oh my Cole was the one in the back unless it was SO much cheese that he couldn’t smell the pill. We used butter because the pill slid down, but we found two antihistamines recently, that he hid in his cheek then spit out behind our backs. He was known to eat off the goodie and spit out the pill. Like eating an olive and spitting out the pit. LeeAnna

  15. The mama tries to hide the pills in farmers cheese, but I’m anyway super greedy so I take it even without any “package” … they only have to pretend it is tasty and I eat it :o)

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