Monday Musings ~ November 25, 2019

It’s almost here, the eat-yourself-stupid ‘howliday’ that dogs all over America howling their approval. Sam gave his sister the “talk” about how it goes down.


But before Thanksgiving arrives, Sam and I will be working at the hospital the next couple of days bringing cheer to patients and staff at the hospital. We will also be training a new therapy team who is joining our ranks. Woof woof! Let’s just hope Sam doesn’t give the new guy a similar Thanksgiving “talk.” Our hospital visits may limit our ability to post or comment much this week but we will do our level best.

Mother Nature plans to factor into the holiday with a winter storm watch being issued with up to 10″ of snow expected to start arriving later today. We’re keeping our fingers crossed it doesn’t impact travel plans.

We hope you have a safe and happy ‘howliday’ and Elsa in particular, is wishing you drop a few peas or gravy drippings for the 4-legged visitors. Remember though, turkey skin is bad for dogs but sweet potatoes/yams are good if you’re sharing any bounty.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

82 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 25, 2019

  1. I heard all abouts the huge snow amounts that will fall over your abode! The storm that is coming your way is here right now, and it is massive! Okays, maybe not, cause it moved fast, butts it dropped tons of rain, and it is cold! (which is okay with us, cause it’s ‘California cold’ which is different than your kind of cold! BOL!!!
    I hopes the Hospital visits go well, and you are able to make lots of patients smile. And that when you gets to the Thanksgiving table, lots of foodables fall from the heavens…..
    Ruby ♥

    1. Sadly no hospital visits. I’m buried and can’t get out of the alley-my little car will get high centered. There’s a foot of snow on the ground and the temps are in the single digits. Can’t wait for Round 2 on Friday. Hope the rain helps with the fires. Stay warm, dry with plenty of foodables tomorrow.

  2. That’s right it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday in the states. We had ours a month ago. Good work Knuckle Head Sam, you are on a wonderful team. Us? We’re on the Cat team////we watch others and tell them what they’re doing wrong. mol


    1. Sam likes your team. Sadly we were snowed in with a foot of the white stuff and aren’t able to bring smiles to peeps. 😕 My car would have gotten high-centered if I’d even have tried.

    1. Thanks. I know you guys celebrated last month. Alas winter arrived with a foot of snow ❄️

    1. It’s definitely too much for us girls to pee without freezing off our tushes. Happy Thanksgiving from mom, me and my Knuckleheaded brother.
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  3. Oh crap to that snow … Snow – stay west, stay west!

    The work you two do at the hospital is truly a gift … and something that many are truly thankful for. A toast to the work and the smiles you bring. Cheers! …. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. At least 10″ have already fallen (hard to tell from some of the drifts) of the white stuff and it’s still snowing hard. I can’t even get out of my garage! Happy Thanksgiving in Cinncy-land.

        1. It’s been a shut-down cluster. Received a foot of the white stuff, my car ain’t going anywhere (unless I want to get high-centered. The joy…and a second storm arrives Friday. 😳

  4. We thank you for all the wonderful good that you do and happiness you bring to others with those visits. We can’t wait for Turkey Day!!! We don’t get to go to Grandma’s – Grandma is HERE, so everyone comes to our home:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. I expect to be too bloated to talk to you later so Max and I are sending our our Happy Thanksgiving wishes early, like today, right now. I assume you will have a traditional Tofu Roast with all the trimmings but maybe you could sneak a little roast bird for Knucks. And since you’ll be focusing on therapy matters, could you do me a solid and have Sam and Elsa provide some bite therapy to the Broncos? TIA. 🙂

    1. Even the Knuckleheads refuse to bother with the Donkeys. Of fortune favors the Ranch hands, there might be fish on Thursday.

      Enjoy your feast and know we are wishing you, Max and the AJF a splendid howliday. I for one, am very grateful you’re one of our favorite blogger buddies.

  6. Xena: Mommy promised us some turkey on turkey day! Woo hoo!
    Lucy: Ten inches of snow?! Does Elsa need to borrow my brand new, never worn, for the next time I go to Illinois fleece-lined, winter coat?

    1. Glad your mom will be giving you guys some turkey (just not skin or fatty parts).

      Trust me…we should all be as furry as Elsa. Her coat is as thick as a bear’s. Both she and Sam have warm winter coats and boots but your offer is very kind. Ears rubs to you both.

      1. My hair coat gives me good insulation in summer and winter, but when I go “up north” and the temps get really, really cold, I am thankful for any help I can get. Lucy

        1. Sam is a bit like you. Elsa on the other hand is more than happy to run laps around the yard in snow. She keeps coming in looking like she’s flocked!

  7. We know you and Sam will be brightening the days before the holiday for many people who need it. ♥
    We sure hope that nasty weather gets out of the way before everyone is hitting the roads. We stick pretty close to home so don’t have to worry too much, but I think our week is pretty clear.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Snow will start tonight and will impact out of town travel. I hope to get to my parents and then return on Friday before the next storm that’s scheduled 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    1. It’s official…were buried and won’t be able to leave the house, at least today. My little car would be high centered in the 10+ inches even if I could get it out of the garage. Oye vey!

  8. Thank you for your work spreading doggie holiday cheer to those who need it most and have a great Thanksgiving,

    We avoid turkey for pizza and football.

    1. Now that’s the way to do Thanksgiving. Someone else cook and cleans up afterwards! Hope you have a wonderful T-day.

    1. We have our paws crossed (presuming we can get out of our driveway which has a big incline. As a long time vegetarian, Thanksgiving is the only day I miss meat. I loved turkey! 🦃

  9. Oh my about the 10 inches of snow in the forecast! Stay warm and safe on the roads! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, enjoy it! And I will gladly drop a few peas or gravy drippings for our furry friends! 🙂

  10. How wonderful the new team get you as teachers!
    Ugh. Really? 10 inches? The snow fall we had last week has pretty much melted… most of it, anyway.
    You be careful on the roads, Missy!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. Thanks, Dale. While we are grateful every day for our friends, this time of year underscores our gratitude for peeps like you. Hugs and tail wags.

    1. We will do our very best, both dogs have assured me they are up for cleaning the floors after our feast. 😁

    1. Thanks Phenny and Neilson. We’re up to the task and very grateful for our friendship with guys like you. Gobble, gobble. 🦃

  11. Good luck on training the new team! You guys are rock stars of the highest order.

    And ten inches of snow? No . . thank . . you. LOL.

    Be safe and have a good holiday week peeps.

    1. It was exciting to learn someone new is joining. I interviewed him on the phone last night and think he’ll make a great addition to the program.

      Yeah, I’m not looking forward to 10″ either. Especially if I have to drive in it. Fingers crossed.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We’re especially grateful for blog friends like you. 🦃

  12. I didn’t know about turkey skin but my cats don’t eat people food. If it doesn’t say Fancy Feast they are not interested. Have a great week bringing joy to those who can’t travel.

    1. Most people aren’t aware of turkey skin, the white meat (unsalted, seasoned) is fine and a great source of protein. Fancy Feast works well for cats (and for probably more than a few dogs)

  13. that’s so funny, great shot of them. I didn’t know about turkey skin, thanks for telling us. I don’t like it but then Milo eats paper so…. I hope the storm doesn’t get in the way too… it’s apparently going to be dangerous. Poor Milo got a bath and shaved yesterday but we have jackets and boots and I left his leg hair longer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Monika, we’re all grateful for you.

    1. Sam gets his bath & clean up later this morning but thankfully his winter coat and boots should keep him warm and safe as we travel to the hospital. They always over-salt the walks so he needs the extra protection. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Drew and sweet Milo. We are blessed to have friends like you. 🥰

  14. Awww, what a great shot of you two. Thank you for all the hard work you do comforting others.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

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