Deck the Halls Saturday ~ Dec. 3


Have you started to ‘deck your halls’ yet?

Live, love, bark! <3

25 thoughts on “Deck the Halls Saturday ~ Dec. 3

  1. Not yet. All my time – well at least 85% of it anyway – has been spent on working with Ducky to reduce her renewed snarkiness toward Shadow. She has been driving us all nuts with her bratitude this past month or so.

  2. Hi Sam –
    Tink here, sneaking up to the keyboard while my Mom is in the kitchen warming up her coffee (again!). I saw a comment you left for Bacon, but this is the first chance I’ve been able to check you out.

    Mom’s main tree is up in the living room, some garland across the door to the office, and the mantle garland IN her office. But not the office tree yet – the most important one – with little pictures and ornaments honoring all my fur-cousins waiting for us on Rainbow Bridge (and some of Mom’s friends and family who are waiting for us in heaven). It is kept from falling over by a Santa who is almost as tall as my Mom!

    We’re waiting for some help getting it out of the storage room, so first we’re going to put the balcony tree, wreath and the stack of b-i-g packages on my porch (I’m not supposed to tell anyone that they are really just a stack of empty packing boxes covered with wrapping paper and tied with ribbon – so I hope anyone reading can keep a secret).

    If Mom can ever figure out how to get her phone to talk to our computer, maybe I’ll be able to share some pictures – cross paws that it happens this year. (I’m kinda’ new to blogging, and only on my Mom’s site so far. )

    My last article was a first-pawson about how hard it is when someone you love has a sleep timing disorder [“Sleeping with the Enemy: Mom’s N-24”] – come check it out when you get a chance at the computer. It’s still available from the “most recent” stuff, always found part way down on the skinny column on the right.

  3. No decorations yet for us. But one of the neighbours put some reindeer on their front lawn yesterday.

  4. I had a good laugh when I saw your post . . . We visited with a neighbor at a Thanksgiving gathering and she said their 70 goats were keeping her very busy!

    This is a quilting weekend for me – finishing up on Christmas projects. Then, we’ll write all of our cards to family and dear friends. Baking next weekend then full-out decorating!

  5. Annabell and I put up the church Christmas Tree before I went to Adelaide and this week I will put up and decorate our tree. Need a new wreath for the front door- the one we have is getting a bit tired looking.

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