Monday Musings ~ May 16, 2022

Is it really Monday again? Ugh. I’m not ready to Monday today. But I can at least chuckle with another sign from our pals from nearby Indian Hills. Whether you’re into science or silliness, we hope you have a terrific day.

Funny signs from Indian Hills

Live, love, bark!  🐾

Monday Musings ~ May 9, 2022

Do you ever have a feeling you’re doing something wrong but can’t figure out what it is? Today’s smile might shed some light on that.

Now I get it.

Here’s hoping there are plenty of ‘sit-ups’ with those smiles this week (along with some extra steps).

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ May 2, 2022

Ever have one of those weekends where the dog is unusually clingy? It seems to coincide when you have something of import to accomplish.

Exhibit A – both dogs were not pleased with my attempts to do some spring cleanup and upgrading the backyard by reinstalling the flagstones after spending more than a week leveling the area and weeding. Both barked loudly when left indoors while I tried to work as quickly as possible and then stared at me with disdain when I brought them outside with me. Norman in particular has discovered that using his rather large body laying in the most inopportune spot is quite effective as he tries to derail my work than doesn’t revolve around him. I won’t even comment on the Ninja’s attempt at scratching dirt into furrows after I’d spent days leveling and smoothing the area flat.


While I know at some point I’ll miss any annoying attempts to derail my attention on activities that aren’t 100% focused on them, once they’re gone. You have to give dogs credit for being in the moment and I’m actually pretty envious they can do that instead of like us peering into the future and seeing how it might benefit their comfort but I’d really appreciate it if dear Norman and sweet Elsa would realized the backyard area isn’t going to  finish itself for just a few more hours. Luckily for them (as well as my back) today will be a makeup day since the forecast is calling for  a bit of moisture (fingers crossed). Here’s to having a ‘pawsome’ week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ April 25, 2022


Just a heads up…we will be visiting with patients and nurses for the next couple of days so our responses may be somewhat delayed but we’ll do our very best. We hope you have a happy Monday and ‘pawsome’ week.

Live, love, bark!  🐾

Monday Musings ~ April 11, 2022


Norman took offense to this cartoon but did admit he might be a bit of a herder. Have a Happy Easter Week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ March 28, 2022

For some bizarre reason, Elsa decided to prepare today’s post. Jealousy is apparently a strong motivator and she grumbled that Norman hogs all the limelight with his therapy work. Considering baths and grooming were a big part of last week’s activities, she did however tell me “Don’t even think about it.”

SmilesHave a smile filled Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾


Monday Musings ~ March 21, 2022


And just like today’s smile, Norman is heading to hospital to reduce stress in nurses and patients. We hope you get some time in the ‘Lab’ this week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ March 14, 2022

Pi DayToday on Monday Musings, we’re offering a bit of a pun-ish haiku pi-ku for you. Celebrated on March 14, Pi Day is the recognition of that mathematical constant known as the Greek letter ‘π,’ you know…that transcendental number where 3.14 are the first digits (but which go on indefinitely). March 14 marks Pi Day because of the numerical date and because it happens to be the same birthdate as theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, who discovered the theory of relativity.

A ‘Slice of Pi’ ~ History/Background

Founded back in 1988 by San Franciscan based physicist, curator and artist, Larry Shaw, March 14 was chosen because the numerical date (3.14) coincides with the first three digits of Pi. Today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. The official U.S. designation of Pi Day began in 2009 while UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) officially proclaimed March 14 as International Day of Mathematics in 2019.

Back in high school, we all learned that Pi is the calculation of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. But did you know that Pi has been around since ancient times? Egyptians and Babylonians knew about Pi with the first known calculation made by Archimedes in 250 B.C. The earliest known use of the Greek letter ‘π’ to represent the ratio was made by Welsh mathematician, William Jones in 1706, and is thought to be some form of shorthand for the word “periphery.”

As noted, today also marks the birthdate of Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist. So for those who may prefer a different kind of tasty treat for a birthday bash (and we think Einstein just might be one of them), how about we serve up a yummy celebratory treat with this formula? Happy Birthday, Mr. Einstein.


Delicious coincidence? I think not.

Two additional, but all important questions for today then are: (1) cherry or apple and (2) with or without ice cream?

We hope your Monday is extra tasty with loads of smiles.

Pi Day

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ March 7, 2022

The Ranch Hands are beginning to question whether Spring is real or not after the latest weekend snowstorm. I guess conspiracies are possible anywhere.


We hope to dispel the conspiracy that Spring isn’t real in a couple of weeks when it officially arrives and hope there are signs of its pending arrival in your neighborhood. Make it a great week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings ~ February 28, 2022

Welcome to the last day of the shortest month of the year. Being on the cusp of multiple seasons that happen this time of year (winter/spring, mud/spring/winter), comfort food in particular tends to take center stage around the Ranch. But beware of leaving your plate unattended for too long, otherwise you may become an unwilling victim like today’s smile.


A bowl of popcorn made over the weekend stayed surprisingly untouched although I did notice a few more drool spots on the ottoman. Such earnest innocence in those faces.

Elsa & Norman

Snickering dog

Have a super Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾