Monday Moanings

Looks like we missed National Dog Day. The fur-kids want a do-over. I reminded them that it’s National Dog Day every day of the year around the Ranch. I’m not sure Sam’s buying it but Elsa believes anything so long as there are treats and a nice nap. Here’s hoping you don’t miss anything ‘impawtant’ this week!

Live, love, bark! 🐾


46 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

    1. It’s not like your pups missed out on anything. It’s always dog day for them, isn’t it? ☺️ Have a super ‘howliday’ weekend.

    1. I’m sure the girls had their regular day of being treated like the special pups they are. In other , just another normal day.

  1. you are right, it’s National Dog Day at your house EVERY DAY…Dakota has to fight for his day because with Cody around it’s National CAT Day…every single day………lol

  2. It’s definitely National Dog Day every day around here too! All these special days just make me shake my head, because I don’t know what more I could do to make these days better than the rest. 🙂

    1. Precisely. I think Hallmark might be behind some of them. Or dog treat manufacturers. LOL

    1. It totally is (heck it’s the year of the dog EVERY year at our house). Sam is a bit skeptical since I missed yesterday. Guess I need to up the bribes to convince him.

    1. Precisely. As if Sam and Elsa need one more reason to be pampered by their resident minion. 😇

  3. I only realised it myself this morning when I got out of bed and saw everyone had posted their dog pics.. ummm… sorry Zeke. It’s not like you are living a miserable life every day… 😉

    1. No kidding. I’m beginning to think this is another Hallmark conspiracy to get us easily guilt-ridden ‘pawrents’ to buy more treats. It seems to be working. 😉

        1. It’s a little more complicated when you have a pet blog. Before I retired I use to post on weekends but don’t now generally speaking. I have to catch up on the weekends these days!

              1. True dat. Which is why I have no schedule whatsoever. I do when I do. Though usually, I participate on Friday Fictioneers on Wednesday or Thursday and Pegman on Saturday or Sunday – but I have no official time for posts…

                1. I try to post M-F but if life gets in the way, I’ll just do 4 days. Now that the e-store is open, I suspect that may become more the norm than the exception. Add in reading blogs, researching background info, catering to dogs whims exercising the mutts twice a day, laundry, preparing meals there is less and less time. Man, I must be getting old-it’s harder and harder to fit stuff in any more!

                  1. What do you sell in your e-store?
                    And I hear you about life getting in the way. Sigh. My working in a private golf club has totally buggered up any attempts at a normal life I may have once had. Thankfully my kids are adults and have figured out how to fend for themselves. I thought as they got older I would have more time for myself? Where did I miss some important memo…

                    1. The store launched last week. Right now there is CBD oil (prompted by Elsa’s epilepsy and the vet’s recommendation to supplement her anti-seizure prescription medication) as well as a series of handmade greeting cards. Some other pet accessories (i.e. bandanas and with luck, collars) will also be available. Setting up the shop has been a goal for this year but took longer and was a lot harder than I envisioned. I guess I need to charge the magic wand because the batteries seem to be dead.

                      What is it that you do in this golf shop? Not that I golf mind you, but I’m curious about people who are into it.

                    2. Ahh. I see.

                      No, It’s a private golf club. I work in the restaurant and banquet hall. I personally can’t stand golf myself 😉 Members-only peeps eat there… with their occasional guests, of course.

  4. We missed it too. I started a feeble attempt at a social media post list night when I realized it was NDD aborted and went to bed instead. Right around the time I realized it was national sleep time.

    1. I had the same realization and when I looked at the dogs, they were both snoozing (until I tried to snap a pic). So much for the ‘celebration.’ Still, I don’t think they are too deprived, all and all.

    1. Try explaining that to a poodle (or any dog for that matter). But yeah, you’re absolutely right…treats and privileges are pretty abundant around the Ranch, too.

    1. Glad somebody got with the program. I’m apparently a slacker by Sam’s standards.

  5. we were running errands yesterday and while at panera for lunch a guy walked up to Milo and said Happy Dog Day, who knew? Milo is going through a second adolescence and trying to run the show anyway

  6. Well, my two hooligans don’t know about “National Dog Day” and I plan on keeping it that way. Besides, it’s “National Dog Day” around here every day, too. They pretty much have us wrapped around their paws. 🤔🐾🐾🤔

    1. I can’t seem to keep up with these kinds of holidays for dogs. Good thing the treat pantry is full to make up for it and assuage my personal guilt. 😇

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