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Tally Thursday

Looks like the vote is in and Blogville has spoken! Hi there, Sam here. Unlike a few incumbent candidates who lost primaries this week, I, on the other hand, managed to get my worthy message out directly to the people and they agreed with me.

Mom said the count wasn’t even close, you all thought I deserved treats. She’s been sighing a lot since counting up the votes but I’m as happy as a clam at hide tide. You guys rock! Thanks so much for believing in my plea campaign for equality when it comes to the treat dispensing on our training sessions. When I excitedly told Elsa, she shrugged her shoulders and said. “pfft…I’m still mom’s favorite.” But you and I know better, don’t we? 

Thank you for all the fur-bulous comments. I am basking in your empathy good judgment. Let’s get the celebration started and quickly move on toward Friday. You with me? I promise not to upend anyone.

Live, love, bark! 🐾



Editor’s Meeting ~ June 12, 2018

Sam: Oh moooom.  I’m calling an editor’s meeting to discuss equity and fairness.

Mom: Umm, what part of “I’m the boss of the Ranch hands” do you not understand? I’m the one who calls these meetings.

Sam: Umm, we both know who runs this show but if you want to think it’s you, fine by me. Whatever gets you through the night, but I wouldn’t mention that to Elsa though.

Elsa: What…did someone call me?

Sam: I’m calling an editor’s meeting to discuss the issue of equitable treatment around here, or inequitable as the case may be.

Elsa:  Wait, what…there’s some sort of inequality going on? As the one calling the shots around her, I want to get to the bottom of this. Yes, let’s have a meeting!

Sam: See, what’d I tell you?

Mom: There is no inequity around here. Sam was just trying to be clever.

Elsa: Clever, schmlever. Ok, bro…I’ll bite. What are you talking about?

Sam:  I think mom may actually be giving you more treats than me on our walks so I’m registering a complaint.

Mom: You know I give positive reinforcement to Elsa so she doesn’t go nuts when we encounter another dog on our walks. And yes, I give her a treat to help her focus on me rather than going all Cujo on some neighborhood dog.

Sam: See I knew it! How come I don’t get one, huh?

Elsa: Look Knucklehead, I’m making up for lost time learning how to be a dog after all those years in the puppy mill prison. Those treats remind me that I’m loved and well taken care of and help me bond with my mom. They’re building my confidence.

Sam: “Our mom,” but I digress. [Displaying pitiful look on face] I just want to know why you get a treat and I don’t.

Elsa:  Well, I’m the one doing all the learning here. You’re just along for the ride. I didn’t realize wingmen needed treats.

Mom: Now, now…the treats are rewards and positive reinforcement. When you’re good, you get a reward.

Sam: Yeah, but…

Elsa: Oh put a sock on it, dude. I’m the star here. And I’m learning as quick as I can. It ain’t easy when you’ve never had exposure to dogs and people and strollers and…SQUIRRELS!!!

Mom: I don’t think we’re resolving anything thing. Maybe we should check in with Blogville and see what they have to say about this issue.

Sam:  Oh you mean let all my fans decided this. Hell, yeah!

Elsa… Let’s hold on to our top knots here, kids. As the resident Ranch baby and aggrieved puppy mill survivor, I think I should be getting treats all the time. For just being me.

Mom: Treats are given with good performance, Elsa. When you act appropriately and calmly, you are rewarded. We’re trying to teach you that life can be good and is not always a DEFCON 5 alert. It’s possible that you can walk nicely without going off the reservation whenever you see another dog out for a walk.

Elsa: I can…with the right treat.

Sam: See, I’m doomed here.

As a parent, you wouldn’t show favoritism with your 2-legged children, but what are the rules regarding the 4-legged ones? Are the rules the same? Is it possible that dogs know the difference, especially the more ‘simple-minded’ ones?

Has Sam suddenly learned to count and is now calculating that Elsa is receiving more treats that he is? Should he be afforded the same number/same high value treats? He looks at me like I’m some sort of cretin with such a pitiful expression as to induce guilt. I swear that dog must have been a travel agent in a previous life since he is so successful at sending me on those guilt trips.

So where do you fall on this issue? Am I being a monster if I don’t treat him? Remember we’re dealing with a very simple mind and yet, I feel like maybe there’s some merit with his case. Do dogs understand the notion of equality?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Heroes of Hope ~ Event Highlights

Smiling for attention

This past weekend mom and I ‘pawticipated’ at Lutheran Medical Center’s Heroes of Hope race featuring a 10K, 5K and a 1-mile walk. Sam here. Like a few others in the pet therapy program we competed in the 1-mile walk. But first we had to check in at registration where this terrific volunteer had to have a photo with me. She told me I could help her check in the other pawticipants but it was such a lovely cool morning so I decided to ‘walk the walk’ with my peeps figuring there would be all kinds of fur-bulous adventures just for me. It was a good calculation on my part as you can see from mom’s gazillion photos below.

Lutheran’s Heroes of Hope Run/Walk is the largest National Cancer Survivors Day event in Jefferson County (which is just west of Denver). We had a good time and got to see some of our favorite therapy peeps. Naturally there were a ton of kids, dogs and folks walking along the scenic course through Lutheran’s tree-lined campus. This race, designed for fun for the whole family, celebrates and benefits the hospital’s cancer survivorship program including “genetic counseling program, patient navigation, survivor and nurse education and patient care on the oncology unit.” Following the race, we met some hopeful candidates wanting to join our therapy program. Woo-hoo, that means more cool dogs! Well color me happy on this gorgeous cloudless day.

Runners… take your mark, get set…GO!!

Post-race hydration

I finished first among the pet therapists though mom was a little cheesed at me since I stopped to say hi to a bunch of kids lined up along the curb several yards before crossing the finish line. She said I could check out my adoring fans AFTER we actually finish the race. Oops. Still it was only another 3 or 4 minutes additional time. Sheesh…talk about competitive-lighten up, ma!

After the post-race celebratory refreshment, I begin to mingle. This is our fur-iend Zoe, (whose mom is also a blogger (check out her blog here). She’s going to be joining our ranks in about 6 months (she’s a little under age now as dogs must be at least 2 years old). Is she just as cute as a button?!

Zoe, the adorably earnest Corgi

Here are some other photos from the event.

Spreading the word about pet therapy

Focused Kai, an agility champion and Dogtor

Little One, a beloved Greyhound racer from the program

A costumed team from the 5K

Little Riley below is waiting to join our ranks next year. Her mom had a Golden in the program up until last year when Roxie passed away unexpectedly. We’re looking forward to the day when she is old enough to follow in her sister’s fore-paws.

Look at THAT face!

Meet Calypso, a Keeshond who is currently a pet therapist at a non-hospital facility but who is interested in joining our group.

Meet adorable Calypso

Naturally I had to scope out all the cute girls. Here’s Jillian, who placed first in her race.

Last but not least, is our own little Bindy, who is the current Miss June in the calendar. You may remember I was Mr. May. What a cute little pocket dog! Everybody loves Bindy who has been a long-time therapy dog.

Little Bindy, 5 pounds of adorable with a long tongue

We had a great time, for a great cause. Mom took me home where I got to have a nice nap while she then went over to the Rocky Mountain Pet Expo. She’s working on a post showcasing that event for later this week. If you follow us on Instagram (you do follow us, don’t you?), you may have seen some of the photos posted there. Mom said it was a nice expo and she learned lots of interesting stuff.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Monday Musings

We’re trying a new cleaning tool around the Ranch…this one’s aim is a bit off target most of the time but works mostly as well as the commercial Swiffer version. When that tail gets going, boy the dust ends up…going, going, gone!

Sam and I ‘pawticipated’ at the hospital’s annual Heroes of Hope benefit race/walk for cancer survivor’s over the weekend. We hope to have a post chronicling our adventures soon. Let’s just say Sam is still a competitor, even if he has to stop along the route to administer therapy to all the well wishers and course volunteers. Knuckleheaded dog.

Hope you had as ‘wagnificent’  a weekend we did. Here’s to a ‘pawsome’ week!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

What’s Going On Thursday?

Oh May…you’re turning out to be a real stinker. What started out with loads of promise has turned into a real cluster. With migraines, seizures, and hail storms this week (my garden and I say thank you very little Mother Nature), I had to wonder out loud when I recently heard the classic Marvin Gaye song from the 1970’s. Little things have started to add up to give current times a flavor much like what was going on back when Marvin was ‘sultrifying’ the airwaves. Though different issues, there still is this pervasive question at the back of my mind: What’s Going On here? 

This little guy seems to be asking the same question as I have this week…what is going on? Elsa and I are on the mend (with special thanks all for the kind well wishes and POTP). With temperatures rising into the 90’s for the next few days, we plant to hunker down and ride the waves through life’s up’s and down’s. It’s all a person or pup can do, right? How are things on your end?

Live, love, bark! 🐾


Memorial Monday

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S., a national holiday where we remember all those who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Originally known as Decoration Day after the Civil War when Union and Confederate soldiers honored their dead by decorating their graves with flowers, it has morphed into its current form honoring all Americans who have served.

Today is also the ‘unofficial’ beginning of summer but it will be a quiet day of reflection at the Ranch, especially given the challenging times here and around the world. Today we will honor those in our family currently serving their country as well as all those who have served in the past and are also grateful to all the 4-legged who have served with distinction.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Floral Friday May 25, 2018

While we’re waiting for the weekend, let’s take a stroll around the garden for this week’s edition of Flower Friday, shall we?

Our version of “Blue Bonnets” (aka Lupines) are in bloom now and a real favorite. These guys have ‘naturalized’ over the past several years coming up everywhere after planting just two single plants. I think they’re happy…what do you think?

It’s a jungle out there.

Hoping you have a wagnificent weekend and are able to enjoy some of spring’s beautiful displays of color and texture.

Live, love, bark! 🐾