Nature Friday ~ November 30, 2018

On this last day of November, let’s remember Nature Friday hosted by Rosy and her brothers with some photos from the recent Mexico trip. Today is a cool day in the Mile High so hopefully these images of nature will warm you up like they do me.

For some odd reason pirates are a big thing in PV. Seeing them in the Caribbean makes sense, but here on the Pacific, I just never did find a plausible explanation other than to entertain tourists willing to part with their pesos. The pirate ship in the marina at dusk tried compete with the evening’s sunset with a string of lights and no doubt, lots of libations. Umm, pass. I think I’d rather be mesmerized by Mother Nature’s  sunset, thank you very much.

Pirate Ship

During the daylight hours, it looked like this, making its way across the bay. Shiver me timbers!

Day Pirate Ship

This gorgeous fella decided to crash breakfast just as we were leaving. I literally nearly stepped on him and once I froze, he kept a keen eye out for any quick movement toward him, then hopped into a planter for whatever iguanas normally take-out for breakfast. He was a stunning specimen, nearly 2 feet long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Iguana

Spending a couple of days in Old Town, I walked along cobbled streets marveling at the incredible arts scene. On those warm days, palm-lined streets provided much welcomed shade until you could catch the sea breeze to cool off.Old Town

Often during the day, I’d sit on the beach under the palapas people watching. Loads of assorted birds were always present.

Table 10 with Bird

When walking along the beach, I rarely went without some company. These white egrets generally hung out where the river flowed into the bay and were constantly scouring that vicinity for crustaceans.

PV Heron

A full-moon nightscape from the cell phone highlighted the ‘next door neighbors’ crib. They clearly live a tough existence in their ivory towers but man, what views. Moon Over Parador

So no matter where you go, nature beautifully shows itself off in subtle and no-so subtle ways if you just look. Here’s hoping you get out this weekend as you dash about making ready for the holidays and actually witness some of it. It’ll make the dashing part easier to handle. Happy weekend.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

65 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 30, 2018

  1. I thought for sure you were warming up to a “Night of the Iguana” post; after all, until Burton and Taylor filmed there (and had their scandalous affair!) in 1964, PV was pretty much unknown to travelers. Then I realized that was 54 years ago so I guess the connection of iguana and PV is something only known The Ancients like me.

    1. Ha! Trust me, they ‘sell’ that movie connection whenever possible to young and old.

      1. Most likely. I try to forget Weird Al parody songs so they don’t live as an ear worm for days on end.

  2. OMD, what a FABulous trip! I can almost taste the margaritas!!!! BOL!! The iguana is too CUTE! Ma says you gots to wash your paws if you pets him though….I wouldn;t pet him, butts I might lick him! ☺
    Anyhu, Ma is all kinds of jealous, and she thanks you for the beautiful pics!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Let me tell you, Ruby, oh margarita connoisseur, the mango one was the absolute best! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

    1. He seemed pretty big to me, too. And almost terrifying. Especially when he snuck up on us.

    1. Happy to have obliged. Wish our own landscape was something other than beigey brown. 😔

    1. Happy last month of the year to you as well. A trip to the Caribbean in January sounds like the perfect way to spend a part of the winter.

    1. Leave it to tourists for mockery. Then again, I’m sure they probably think it’s a fair trade.

    1. Tell me about it. I came within a hair of stepping on him. I’d still be in orbit if that’d happened! Stay warm this weekend my friend.

  3. Wonderful pictures… That pirate ship reminded me that I’ve been to Barbados three times thanks to cruises, but saw it just once, thanks to two Jolly Roger booze cruises… Ahem.

    Love that iguana. Now I’m wishing I had my but firmly planted in the sand with the sun warming me…

    1. A warm day at the beach is always something to desire, especially when it’s only a few degrees from freezing! 🍹

  4. the iguana looks beaded, and I’d like to quilt one, or paint one just inspired by your shot! The details are so incredible, aint nature grand?
    As to the palm trees… you have made me want to return to my palm series and start again. Lovely!

    1. More like hapless playing another hapless team. I swear they are the worst team ever but have managed to squeak out a couple wins. The Broncos that is. Iguanas are fascinating. So dino-like and fast as lightening ⚡️

                1. They’ve come close more than one game. I was actually surprised with the one against the Donkeys.

    1. Thanks, I think you’re absolutely right on finding nature everywhere. You just have to look.

    1. 😊 Pirates can be a tricky lot. You just never know what you’ll get, though I suspect on that ship everyone gets a tasty margarita.

  5. OH how wonderful to walk along the water with the egrets and other birds! Love the pictures, and yes I will take the sunset over the pirate ship’s lights!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure they had tasty margaritas but that sunset was just too incredible not to enjoy.

  6. I think it would have been fun to party on that pirate ship – definitely a memory-maker. Everywhere looks so clean. What a great shot of the condo and the moon through the palm tree!

    1. I like partying with the next person, but those kinds of crowds get a little too crazy for me. Thanks for the kind words. I was shocked the new phone was able to take that nighttime shot.

  7. love it!!! and even we have a pirates ship at quiberon… the pirates of brittany (muhahahaha) you could eat for a fortune there… the same “mules frites” they offer at a booth for 10% of the pirates ship price LOL

    1. Sounds like people are the same everywhere…willing to give their hard earned treasure to pirates.

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