Nature Friday ~ September 3, 2021

Nature FridayWell, would you lookie here…it’s the first Friday of September. How’d that happen?! With only 120 days until we usher in 2022, this year is moving quickly. This week as we typically do, we’re joining those adorable fur-kids, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard.

Mother Nature has definitely been in the news a lot this week. We are keeping all those impacted by the effects of Hurricane Ida in our thoughts and prayers and hope you are safe.

The ‘Ranch foreman’ went out of town this week to celebrate her Dad’s birthday with a mini-family reunion in the Glenwood Springs area. While it was great getting away from city noise and pollution, it was stunning to see how nature has been actively showing her deadly force in our region. The images around Glenwood Canyon were incredibly alarming and it will take years to repair the damage done along I-70 in the Grizzly Creek burn scar area just outside Glenwood. One cannot discount Mother Nature’s sheer force with water being particularly dangerous.

Photo image courtesy of The Denver Post `~ Eastbound I-70
Crystal River
© Post Independent – County Road near Marble, CO

It rained most of Dad’s actual birthday and we saw the damage from mudslides in the region on our way to lunch. The nearby Crystal River was once again muddy red in spots, though clear at Redstone.

Fishing on The Roaring Fork ~ 91 years old looks pretty darn good, doesn’t it?!

Back along The Roaring Fork behind my brother’s house, catch and release is the rule though we managed to find a fish we could keep from a local art shop.

This fish is a keeper
Crystal River
Crystal River near Redstone

For the most part, the aspens haven’t really begun to change though there were a few places where a small spot or two did. Since I was driving on a highway that needed 100% attention, I have no photographic evidence to share so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Crystal River

The days spent with family were extra special this year as we  revelled in nature’s beauty as well as celebrated a big milestone. We hope you are able to get out this weekend to enjoy what this beautiful month has to offer. Stay safe whatever you do.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ September 1, 2021


Live, love, bark!  🐾

Wordless Wednesday ~ August 25, 2021

Sunset, Oregon coastline

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Wordless Wednesday ~ February 17, 2020

Wordless Wednesday
Near the Heceta Lighthouse~Siuslaw National Forest, Florence, OR

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Wistful Wednesday ~ January 13, 2021

After 10 months of lockdown, my mind and gypsy heart have been dreaming a lot of traveling again. Since the US is persona non grata throughout most of the world, the only way to go on a trip is through past photos and memories.

This beautiful kitty who seemed to be somewhat annoyed at my interruption of its vigil when I visited the Kommern LVR-Freilicht Museum located near Eiffel National Park not far from the Belgium border. In the LVR-large open air museum , you can experience all your senses learning how people used to live and work in the Rhineland and watch reenactments of life as it was yesteryear by museum employees.

Freilich Museum

On the almost 100 hectares grounds, there are 69 historical buildings from the former Prussian RheinProvinz, farmsteads, complete with farm animals, wind-and-water mills, workshops, communal buildings, and many reenactments of life of a rural population heralding from as long ago as the 15th century.

Despite a beautiful day here in the 303, my gypsy heart longs to be there enjoying this wonderful place today. I can practically smell the freshly baked bread from the hearth.

Freilich Museum


Freilich Museum

Simpler times and ones that would be especially welcome today. Happy mid-week.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday ~ August 19, 2020

Up, up and away!


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Wish I Were There Wednesday ~ August 12, 2020


Ahhh, I feel relaxed just looking at this photo from my last trip to Mexico. It may be too early, but I’m thinking there’s a margarita with my name on it later this evening. Happy mid-week.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ July 29, 2020

Hard Rock

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Wish I Were There Wednesday ~ May 13, 2020

More than ever, I wish I were here visiting with my parents and taking in the breathtaking surrounding landscape. *Sigh* Rotten pandemic.


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Nature Friday ~ February 21, 2020

Welcome to Friday, the day we share some of the amazing sights nature provides us. As usual, we are joining our buddies, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard for this week’s edition.

It’s been snowy and cold in the Mile High and I’m still trying to acclimate to an unusually snowy month. Normally January and February are the driest months of the year but this year January was unseasonably warm and February has been unseasonably wet. Let’s just say my body is still in tune with the climate of the Caribbean but I won’t torment you with more beach images, instead, let’s check out the local fauna of the region.

While cruising around the Gulf of Mexico, I saw a number of animals I was familiar with but others that were completely new to my eyes. From iguanas to sloths and a few other unusual critters, I was enchanted like a small child at the sheer number of the different varieties encountered.

This Scarlet Macaw (the national bird of Honduras) was surprisingly heavy when he sat on my head. Who knew parrots had that much heft to go along with that gorgeous plumage?


Two Capuchin monkeys, Pinky and Coco greeted our tour group and Pinky, obligingly climbed on board everyone’s shoulders. She was very sweet and we were told she enjoyed being stroked. Mostly I think she was waiting for pieces of fruit from her handler, Kevin, but hey, what do I know about what monkeys want/need. Normally I’m not into monkeys but Pinky proved to be quite charming.Hondurus

I missed hearing what kind of animal this little guy was but he had such an adorable expression on his face, who could resist taking a photo of him/her.Honduras

We’re in for two days of nice temperatures (low 50’s) and the dogs and I plan to enjoy every single warm degree. Naturally it all comes to a screeching halt on Sunday when [yet] another snowstorm is forecast so we’ll see how the weekend morphs into next week. I know the Three Amigos of the Ranch will happily welcome more snow to mush through. We hope you have a ‘wagnificent’ weekend. Get out there and enjoy all the wondrous things that nature offers.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾