Nature Friday ~ September 13, 2019

Today is Friday the 13th and I’m handling today’s post for mom. Sam here. Despite the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th, I think it’s lucky for mom that I’m taking over for her today as we join our Blogville fur-iends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard. Did you know Friday the 13th occurs any month that begins on a Sunday? According to a local NPR station, “the last time a full moon happened on Friday the 13th was on June 13, 2014, said Paul Hayne, assistant professor in the Department of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. “You might say it only happens once in a blue moon,” he said. “This particular full moon is unique in the sense that it both falls on Friday the 13th and it’s also the Harvest Moon.” A Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the fall equinox, when our days start to get shorter than our nights. The fall equinox is on Sept. 23. The last time a Harvest Moon happened on Friday the 13th was on October 13, 2000. The next time a full moon will happen on the superstitious day will be in August 2049.” Pretty cool stuff, huh?

The mornings have been wonderfully cool (today it was just 48F and the Ninja and I showed our super sled dog skills dragging pulling mom on our the walk) but it warms up during the day (into the 90’s this weekend). Who knows nature better than me, Ace Snooper-Sniffer about snuffing out nature’s coolest stuff? After all, I know all the best places to check out where I leave loads of coded messages for other doggos who walk in my paw prints. As mom’s whined told you multiple times, it’s been hot and dry this summer. After a nice little shower a couple of days ago (the first in forever in our ‘hood), something strange happened. These guys started popping up in the weirdest spots. This first one is located in one of my all time favorite spots to read pee mail. The nerve that now there’s a house there now. Ugh…naturally that means mom won’t let me sniff there now. Boy she can be such a killjoy!


Look how the guy managed to push itself up through that mulch. Makes you wonder how much force nature used to that.

While we were walking this morning, we found this straight line of mushroom caps.  I think they’re making a stand against some garden mouse.Mushrooms

I think this little fella is a tad sleepy-see how he’s leaning sideways.


We noticed something else kind of weird in our own garden. Mom planted a couple of vegetables (a cherry tomato and a pepper plant) in pots this year to see how’d they fare. In a word, the cherry tomatoes have been going “nuts.” Mom is thrilled but I don’t like them, they’re veggies and as a Standard, well…I have my standards concerning anything remotely sounding veggie-like. As in…nope, nada, ain’t happening. Elsa of course thinks otherwise, but then she eats wool socks so she obviously has no standards. There’s never any rhyme or reason as to what shows up in our garden.


Mom saw new  ‘neighbor’ this week. Although a pair of falcons have been seen a few times in the past couple of years several blocks away, she’s never seen one this close to the Ranch. He was pretty skittish and she couldn’t get very close so this isn’t the best photo with a cell phone, but it’s still pretty cool. Elsa and I would have made him fly away flushed him out for a close up but mom won’t let us. That woman is too heavy handed with killjoy stuff.


Mom was hoping he’s looking for squirrels who are eating acorns. Gawd knows there is a gigantic bouquet of those buggers. But he was still pretty cool to check out.

We hope you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful Indian Summer weekend but don’t forget to enjoy some nature at the same time.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

62 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ September 13, 2019

  1. I vote for taking a break, but posting whenever the urge strikes you. It’s the only way I can do it, but I do enjoy it. Take care of yourself, then share what the pups have been up to. 🙂

  2. Wagnificent walkies with so many pawsome stinks & sights!
    There is somethings out mushrooms; & we have a multitude of variety, HuMom loves to photograph them but I just love to run them over😉
    Our mornings are cool, the days warm & sunny but the nights are getting colder.
    Pleased to read Sam & Elsa that you have a ally in this war against Squirrels; don’t tell huMom I said that. She loves them & even names them. Can you believe that?! We have an Adam & Eve & all their children running around chipping loudly & stealing from the birds who sing pretty. Good dog!🐾💜🐾

  3. Whew mee just wundered if yore Falcon was Carson butt iss not Sam!!!
    An yore Mushroom garden growss quite well, mew mew mew…..
    Our dayss are warm even a bit hue-mid an our nitess are kewl. Iss a nice time of yeer…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    1. Thanks dear kitty. A friend told me yesterday she thought it might be a peregrine falcon. Wouldn’t that be cool if that were the case?

      1. Mee wuud like it to bee a Perrygrin Falcon Sam…they are amazin flyerws an so fast! They DO sorta eat umm littell birdss an little critturss….butt then they are Rapturss not Veggie-tareeanss, mew mew mew…..

    1. Thank you and thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We 💙 visitors. You’re quite right…a house without a dog is just a house.

  4. Ma decided it was too much troubles tryin’ to keeps the tree rats away from the veggies, so no tomatoes this summer. bummer. She loooooooves tomatoes and is jealous of your bounty! BOL!
    Oh, that falcon is amazin’!!! We gets them in our yardie sometimes too ~ and hawks. they don’t stay long. And Ma has never gotten such a good pic as yours!
    Ruby ♥

  5. I’ve been seeing a lot of mushrooms in the back field where I live. They have never been there before. Keeping an eye out that one doesn’t start growing in my back yard as I don’t want my dog to eat it, as I don’t know if they are poisonous or not.

    1. Good luck-it’s probably just as well to remove them, whether or not they are toxic. Just to be on the safe side. 👍🏻

    1. He sure was an unexpected and welcome surprise. Especially with us being very close to the central busy downtown district.

    1. Sweater wearing weather is definitely on my wish list. 90’s again for this weekend. At least the mornings are cool and crisp (51F this morning). Happy weekend.

        1. Yeah, there is something special about those cozy, scented candle, sweater & scarf wearing days. It begs for mulling a tasty red. 🍷

    1. Around here mushrooms often pop up shortly after a rain, especially in grassy areas. The spores probably were there since the end of winter just waiting for some moisture.

  6. I hate to argue with official sources, but if the Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the equinox, it could never fall on October 13th, because the previous full moon would be on either September 14th or 15th.

    Here’s a fun Friday the 13th fact to make up for that. There are 11 different ways Friday the 13ths can line up in any given year….

    1. January and October
    2. February, March and November
    3. April and July
    4. May only
    5. June only
    6. August only
    7. September and December

    These four patterns can only occur during a leap year:

    8. January, April and July
    9. February and August
    10. March and November
    11. October only

    May and June are ALWAYS Friday the 13th orphans when they happen.

  7. To me, mushrooms always look like they came from outer space. They’re weird! Your mom is right. Steer clear of them.

    Love and licks,

  8. Wow, that falcon is scary looking to a little pup like me. Sam, have you tried tomatoes? We eat the little ones like candy, and Mommy cuts up the big ones for us. Xox Xena

    1. For being so close to downtown, we do have quite the array of wildlife. 🐿🦌🦝🦅🐰

  9. What fabulous images your mom took! That falcon came out rather well with a cellphone, if you ask me.
    Love that purple flower – not a cone flower? next to the green bell pepper.
    And what a cool ‘schroom that is!

    1. Thanks, Dale. Mom thought she was very lucky spotting that falcon. The purple flower may be some sort of aster but she’s not positive. Definitely not a coneflower. Have a swell weekend!

      1. Aster! That’s what it is! (I think.) I knew it was not a coneflower but could not think of the aster.
        She was extremely lucky, I think! I am rather jealous.

  10. Hi Sam! What a nice favor you did for your Mom today. I do hope she rewards you. 🙂
    Sorry about that house moving in on your territory! 🙂
    Its supposed to be rainy here tomorrow but Sunday we plan to be enjoying nature and its sunshine!

    1. Good for you. Enjoy a beautiful weekend! And please send any extra rain back our way. #needmoisture

  11. Cool! We see hawks flying around from time to time but never perched on tree branches. We still have warm, humid days but the mornings, late evenings, and overnights are comfortable. But we need RAIN! The clay is so dry it’s cracking.

    1. This guy is young but still very cool to watch. We always feel very lucky to see him. Happy weekend-hope there’s some boating in store for you.

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