Nature Friday ~ September 3, 2021

Nature FridayWell, would you lookie here…it’s the first Friday of September. How’d that happen?! With only 120 days until we usher in 2022, this year is moving quickly. This week as we typically do, we’re joining those adorable fur-kids, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard.

Mother Nature has definitely been in the news a lot this week. We are keeping all those impacted by the effects of Hurricane Ida in our thoughts and prayers and hope you are safe.

The ‘Ranch foreman’ went out of town this week to celebrate her Dad’s birthday with a mini-family reunion in the Glenwood Springs area. While it was great getting away from city noise and pollution, it was stunning to see how nature has been actively showing her deadly force in our region. The images around Glenwood Canyon were incredibly alarming and it will take years to repair the damage done along I-70 in the Grizzly Creek burn scar area just outside Glenwood. One cannot discount Mother Nature’s sheer force with water being particularly dangerous.

Photo image courtesy of The Denver Post `~ Eastbound I-70
Crystal River
© Post Independent – County Road near Marble, CO

It rained most of Dad’s actual birthday and we saw the damage from mudslides in the region on our way to lunch. The nearby Crystal River was once again muddy red in spots, though clear at Redstone.

Fishing on The Roaring Fork ~ 91 years old looks pretty darn good, doesn’t it?!

Back along The Roaring Fork behind my brother’s house, catch and release is the rule though we managed to find a fish we could keep from a local art shop.

This fish is a keeper
Crystal River
Crystal River near Redstone

For the most part, the aspens haven’t really begun to change though there were a few places where a small spot or two did. Since I was driving on a highway that needed 100% attention, I have no photographic evidence to share so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Crystal River

The days spent with family were extra special this year as we  revelled in nature’s beauty as well as celebrated a big milestone. We hope you are able to get out this weekend to enjoy what this beautiful month has to offer. Stay safe whatever you do.

Live, love, bark!  🐾

73 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ September 3, 2021

  1. Lulu: “Oh, yes, the weather has been crazy this year! Mama and Dada were watching footage of the flooding in Ida in New York City and they said they’ve never seen anything like it.”
    Charlee: “Never ever?”
    Lulu: “Never ever.”
    Chaplin: “And Mama and Dada are like, what, a thousand years old?”
    Lulu: “Close to that, I think.”
    Charlee: “Definitely a crazy year, then!”

    1. So sorry you’ve experienced internet problems. Hope things get resolved soon.

      You’re right it was a great trip! Thanks for the belated wishes. Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. And when it’s the rough side of nature, the beauty is even more appreciated. Here’s to a terrific Labor Day weekend.

    1. Many thanks. I keep wondering about his age myself! 😊 We hope you have an excellent Labor Day weekend. Stay safe and dry.

  2. Glad you enjoyed a family celebration! Pretty photos but of course damage from the rain and floods is not pretty. Lots of that from storm Ida but we’re always thankful to live up on a hill when floods are happening everywhere. We are finally getting some COOLER (less than 100) temps around here and it feels GREAT!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. We hope things out your way begin to mellow out, both in terms of temps and moisture. Stay safe and dry!

  3. Your dad looks like my (much older) brother, also 91! Good genes! We’ve had a dose of flooding here. What awesome power water has. Fires scare me. We don’t get them around here (except for houses). I’m glad you had great family time! Do you take the pups with you or are they at puppy camp? I have cats. I’d never travel with them. It would make me nuts.

    1. Sadly they did not join me. My brother has two Chessies and a Maine Coon cat who rules the roost.

  4. Happy Birthday to the Dadster! Loved the photos. We used to camp at Redstone, just up from the kilns. Used to make a point of heading up canyon into Marble to that BBQ place at the end of the road. Yum. Once again, I’m jelly that you can get away like that – no similar escape spots nearby here and any place further is burning right now.

    1. The kilns are amazing as is the history of the town. I actually stayed at the Redstone Castle which was quite the to-do. Incredible place.

      Thanks for the BD wishes. I think it was his best birthday yet.

        1. It was probably 20 years ago but still pricey even back then. Luckily I was a guest of a generous friend. 😉

          1. IT’s listed for sale at just under $20 million. A little over my budget. Fabulous looking spot. The story of Osgood’s wives as reported on the website is hilarious. He may have been rich but he had very bad luck with women

            1. They used to herd elk in the meadow for ‘sportsman’ Teddy Roosevelt. If only I had that kind of change laying around. The leather wallpaper in the library is incredible!

    2. I’d never been to Marble before and that BBQ joint…what a fun place! With tasty food, rustic surroundings and a gracious and accommodating staff, it was a great birthday lunch. Wish I’d had more time to explore with my camera but it just makes me want to go back. Apparently the same folks own another spot in Aspen. Marble…where nature’s beauty is front and center and cell phone coverage nonexistent. Redstone is another terrific little town and I want to do a whole post just on those coke ovens. Have a safe Labor Day weekend. Sending loads of good juju for getting the fires under control.
      P.S. Early BD greetings to the AJF from me and the hooligans. Planning anything special for her big day?

      1. Next time you head to Marble figure a way to take a 4-wheeler or ATV so you can go past the end of the road. There is some spectacular off-roading just past the town culminating in a visit to Crystal Mill (Google it!) Incredible scenery! I think you can also take a Jeep tour nowadays. Beyond the mill the trail is gnarly to the point of down right frightening and best left to pros. I’ll try to take the AJF for sushi for her B-Day and maybe convince the tolerant daughter to emerge from her Covid-safe lair where she has been hiding for months. Thanks for the good juju. We’ve been sweating bullets because the son’s Tahoe house was directly in the path of the flames and we expected it would be a goner for sure since it’s in the forest. Now it looks like maybe, just maybe it will be OK now that the weather has improved up there. 🤞

  5. He doesn’t look close to 91. Great genes.

    Yes Mother Nature can give you such beauty and then sometimes she is angry and gives you havoc.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to all the pups, and a smooch to Norman. ♥

    1. He’s in great shape for sure. You’re so right, Mother Nature can turn on a dime. Happy weekend with tail wiggles from the Ranch hands.

  6. Gorgeous photos. And we got a good dose of Ida this week and first hand experience with how much damage water can do. Nowhere hear what Louisianna is dealing with, but a reminder of Mother Nature’s unstoppable power.

    1. Thank you. Rushing water can be quite scary. We hope you guys are through the worst of it now.

      1. The water isn’t a big problem anymore, just damage from fallen trees, power lines, etc., but well on the way to getting back to normal, thankfully.

        1. Hopefully power lines and other damaged infrastructure get repaired quickly. Have a safe Labor Day weekend.

    1. This time of year is the best in Colorado whether or not the aspen are changing or not. I love September here!

  7. what a great photo of your dad!!! This is sure a pretty part of colorado… I’d love to see these parts one day

    1. Thank you!

      It’s so gorgeous over there around Glenwood. You guys really should take a day trip over to Marble or Redstone. It’s so amazing.

    1. The pictures I’ve seen about the flooding back east are jaw-dropping. I pray for their safety. Have a great weekend and thanks for the birthday hugs. 🙂

  8. Your dad looks fabulous! The damage is scary. So many places affected by various iterations of Mother Nature’s fury.
    Glad you are safe, though!

    1. Thanks. Yes, he’s in amazing shape and is happiest when he’s surrounded by family and fishable waters. Mother nature is truly on the warpath. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks-he really does. And keeps us all inspired about aging. Have a good weekend. Stay cool-I’ve been hearing about the heat index in your parts. Yikes! 🥵

            1. I don’t have much of a choice, really. 100 is an average summer day here. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter where you go in Australia, be thankful for your location because some places hit 48 c – 50c mid summer. The heat I can live with, it’s the constant wind that really bugs me. I am not sure if as I get older I become less tolerant, but the wind seems to be getting more intrusive these last few years..

                1. Wind is my least favorite weather phenomena. I’d rather it be wintery cold than windy!

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