After the Storm

Mother Nature seems schizophrenic these days. We had a ‘little’ storm Tuesday night. No doubt the roof will probably need to be replaced and there certainly is a lot of clean-up of salad greens shredded leaves and flowers. While it could have been much worse (did you see the news showing houses floating by…on fire…in a flood as was the case earlier this week in West Virginia and my heart goes out to those folks). Still, it was gut wrenching after seeing the spectacular show of color and beauty by sweet Mother Nature just a couple of weeks ago. Remember this?finalWell, nasty Mother Nature must be pretty ticked-off because it all looks like this now.

IMG_3511 2Everywhere you look, all that’s left are shredded leaves and sticks with seed pods. 🙁 Don’t know whether the lupine will reseed with damaged seed pods at this point.

We experienced some severe flash flooding and at one point the street looked like a fast-moving river which was followed by a power outage once the storm was over. At one point I could have sworn I saw pairs of pets walking two-by-two toward Noah’s ark. A neighborhood hedge was struck by lightning so the fire department was called to put it out. It was a crazy couple of hours. While I’ve lived through any number of hailstorms over the years in the Mile High City, I have been fortunate not to have suffered damage like this one which lasted longer in duration than most its previous ‘cousins.’ Summer hailstorms are routine here in the 303 and coupled with temps in the 90s that really set the stage for all of the unsettled air mixed with a lot of moisture to create the perfect storm.

Coming home from being gone for a few hours to a chirping CO2 detector and a totally freaked out dog set the stage for poor Sam to be totally wigged out once the hail started. Once it began, it took most of the evening to calm this poor stressed puppy down. I guess there are worse ways to spend an evening in the dark than stroking the soft head of a shaking fur-kid.

Needless to say, the baseball game was delayed for cleanup but finally finished in the early morning hours. And in true Colorado Rockies fashion, the team lost 14-9. Ugh.


Any severe weather your way? How do your critters deal with it?

Live, love, bark! <3