After the Storm

Mother Nature seems schizophrenic these days. We had a ‘little’ storm Tuesday night. No doubt the roof will probably need to be replaced and there certainly is a lot of clean-up of salad greens shredded leaves and flowers. While it could have been much worse (did you see the news showing houses floating by…on fire…in a flood as was the case earlier this week in West Virginia and my heart goes out to those folks). Still, it was gut wrenching after seeing the spectacular show of color and beauty by sweet Mother Nature just a couple of weeks ago. Remember this?finalWell, nasty Mother Nature must be pretty ticked-off because it all looks like this now.

IMG_3511 2Everywhere you look, all that’s left are shredded leaves and sticks with seed pods. 🙁 Don’t know whether the lupine will reseed with damaged seed pods at this point.

We experienced some severe flash flooding and at one point the street looked like a fast-moving river which was followed by a power outage once the storm was over. At one point I could have sworn I saw pairs of pets walking two-by-two toward Noah’s ark. A neighborhood hedge was struck by lightning so the fire department was called to put it out. It was a crazy couple of hours. While I’ve lived through any number of hailstorms over the years in the Mile High City, I have been fortunate not to have suffered damage like this one which lasted longer in duration than most its previous ‘cousins.’ Summer hailstorms are routine here in the 303 and coupled with temps in the 90s that really set the stage for all of the unsettled air mixed with a lot of moisture to create the perfect storm.

Coming home from being gone for a few hours to a chirping CO2 detector and a totally freaked out dog set the stage for poor Sam to be totally wigged out once the hail started. Once it began, it took most of the evening to calm this poor stressed puppy down. I guess there are worse ways to spend an evening in the dark than stroking the soft head of a shaking fur-kid.

Needless to say, the baseball game was delayed for cleanup but finally finished in the early morning hours. And in true Colorado Rockies fashion, the team lost 14-9. Ugh.


Any severe weather your way? How do your critters deal with it?

Live, love, bark! <3

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  1. The weather is definitely out of whack. I hope you didn’t have serious damage and managed to calm poor Sam down. After our smoke alarm incident, Sampson was never the same. ;-(

  2. Hopefully your flowers will come back to life soon! We just had our roof replaced a few weeks ago after the hailstorm in early March…hope we don’t have to go through that again any time soon! Poor Ducky is still hesitant to get in the car after the ride home from daycare that afternoon! And I can’t say as I blame her, either.

    As for your Rockies…at least they’re not in last place in their division like my Braves are! In fact, right now the Braves are pretty close to the bottom of the standings for ALL MLBaseball. (Only the MN Twins and Cinncinatti Reds are worse.)

      1. Our Braves’ management isn’t that great either, my dear…up until a few nights ago THEY were in last place in all of MLB. They don’t want to spend the money to keep guys who are worth their weight in gold – like Martin Prado, Craig Kimbrell, Brian McCann, etc. – they’d rather have a losing record I guess. But if they keep losing as bad as they were up until 2 weeks ago, they won’t have enough fans buying tickets to help pay for the new ballpark. This is one fan who won’t be driving down there, that’s for sure.

        1. We’ll be lucky if that team finishes at .500; and I’ve given up on them though never was a big fan anyway. Finding a parking spot just isn’t worth the aggravation of a(nother) crummy season. 😉

  3. Gaah!! In July 2009 we had a killer hailstorm in Arvada that wrecked the roof, stripped the paint from our deck and worst of all…shredded every plant in the garden (including a bumper crop of still-green tomatoes). I feel for you! 🙁

  4. That’s just awful!!! We had leakage here around Windows, more later

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  5. We feel so sad for the flowers, animals and people, but we’re glad you are okay. We have the same weather here, storm, hail as big as tennis balls, lightnings, floods, scary, scary. When it is dry there is no sun, or hardly any sun. I hardly go outside, because I hear the weather growling and the wind blowing. We hope Mother Nature will change her mind soon and give us some weather that we have only dreamt of until now 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  6. The most exciting summer weather we get is an occasional cloud overhead. A thunderstorm would be kind of fun for a change

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about that storm and the damage. So your house needs a new roof? That must certainly have been some hail then. I can feel with Sam. I vividly remember how frightened our sally was in any thunderstorm. She tried to hide behind anything that was close to a wall. And whatever I did it didn’t seem to calm her.
    Btw, we haven’t heard yet from our cousin in Lakewood about that storm.
    Have a great day, and some better weather,

    1. The ironic thing is that he never used to be bothered by thunder, fireworks, etc. Now he gets very upset and has to be ‘comforted’ by being in my lap. Oye. More storms predicted today and tomorrow though the chance of another one like Tuesday’s is remote. We’ll take any moisture though. 🙂

  8. We have fire warnings but so far so good for us. A major fire was about 60 miles away and we were worried about friends. We did have a terrible wind storm in early spring and our shingles have been replaced. The roof looks great now. We get the threat of thunderstorms but nothing but wind. Too bad the rain can’t be distributed evenly. Sammy is terrified of wind and a FB friend suggested a Thundershirt. He loves it and it works great.

    1. Fire season is longer anymore and with whipping winds, well it’s just dreadful! Hopefully firefighters can get that a handle on things soon and you and your friends will be safe. We’ve tried the Thundershirt in the past, it wasn’t all that effective. I need to work on an essential oil in a calming formulation to help out. We’ve had better luck with that than the shirt. Stay safe!

  9. so darn hot here we seldom get hail. One bad thunder storm Cole actually passed out from fear. Fell over while standing and shaking. Out cold for a few seconds.

    1. Oh no!!! That’s terrible. It just breaks my heart that some pets get so worked up with thunder and fireworks. My last OES got his 100+ lb. body stuck between the bed frame and the bedroom wall once; it was so disturbing to know he was going out of his mind and I could do little to ameliorate his distress.

  10. We had Thunder and Lightening but no hail and very little (almost no) rain. Rudder is very sensitive to Thunder and his first choice is in my lap, second choice is glued next to me, third choice is in the closet.
    Too bad about the yard!!

    1. Thanks, I’m sure the yard will bounce back in a few weeks with new growth. I know all about that lap/velcro dog thing. Working on an essential oil blend to help calm him, but not sure what to do about those dang chirping smoke and CO2 alarms! Ugh.

  11. maybe mother nature had some drinks to much or she has the wrong calendar? it’s awful what crazy weather we have, there are floods, heatwaves and storms in a wild mix. the noise of the rain was scary… seems all rules of proportionality are out of order… there is always tooo much of this stuff. hugs to Sam, such a noise from a co2 detector is horrible… even my dad went mad and solved the problem with a broomstick :o)

  12. We sure know how wild weather can wreak havoc, hope your roof is not damaged too bad! Good luck on cleaning it all up! Tell Sam to come on down and relax those nerves for awhile!

  13. Fortunately the wild weather here seems to have passed on and it has been fairly quiet for the last week or so. We did have rain today but it was only light rain but wet enough to make sure that I wasn’t able to get much work done out back. Yes we did see the house on fire floating down the swollen river in our South Australian News – freaky. Hope Sam has settled down. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks John, when all is quiet, he’s fine. I think the chirping alarm is worse than thunder, hail or fireworks. He absolutely gets so distressed when they go off and it takes several hours for him to feel at ease. Stay safe, warm and dry. Good luck with the ongoing garden work.

  14. Ah, don’t talk to me about sport! The whole of England is still in deep shame after our national football team was dumped out of the Euros by mighty (not) Iceland! Sigh.
    Yeah – you could say it’s been a wuff week!
    Kind regards – Robert.

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