Snowmageddon – 2016

IMG_2688 3Sam here. So Monday it was 72º and picture ‘pawfect’ for this hound. Mom took me on a couple lengthy walks in our neighborhood and it felt wonderful smelling all the scents of Spring. I even photo-bombed her taking photos of some daffodils along our route and answered loads of pee-mail. Color me a happy boy!

IMG_2707Well, jettison yourself ahead some 20+ hours and here’s what Springtime in the Rockies looked like yesterday, and that was before it started really snowing! During the peak of the storm, it was coming down 2 – 3 inches per hour! The airport was closed most of the day, schools and many business were closed. It was wonderfully quiet since no one was out driving around. I did however, miss all my fur-iends and we weren’t able to go to the hospital like we were supposed to go.

IMG_2714All day long though I kept wondering where was I going to pee now? I mean heck, I can’t stand H2O of any kind and when mom let me out in the morning to do my business, I just snorted at her. Puleez…you’ve can’t possibly expect me to stand out there in THAT, sniffing for the perfect spot in which to send all my neighborhood friends a pee-mail. The wind was howling at over 20 mph and I dashed out to briefly investigate while mom waited for me under the eaves of the garage. I stopped, looked at her and immediately ran back to the covered patio by the door. Um…nope, definitely not peeing in that weather. You can stay out there, dumb upright, but dad will let me in and fix me breakfast. Ahem…mom followed me back and dragged me out to the end of the driveway encouraged me to pee. I complied and then ran like a bank robber back to the house. The rest of the day I kept looking at her hoping she’d figure out a way to build a litter box for me but she let me down. In the afternoon she and dad went out to build a luge run shovel the walks.


This was one of those super heavy, wet Spring storms that break tree limbs. Our neighbor across the street narrowly had a big limb crash on top of his car. It was too depressing for her to show photos since the same thing happened to her a few years ago when a couple of huge branches crashed through the fence. It even took a few guys built like Paul Bunyan to even move them off the sidewalk. Eek!

IMG_2713Any who, the luge contestants had a great time yukking it up once they finally got the luge run built. It took over 3 hours. Mom continues to ask me, “why did I buy a house on a large corner lot again?” as if I knew why she does anything. Pfft!!





IMG_2723In the end when it was all over (just before sunset), the sun tried hard to shine through the clouds and we saw some blue sky. That’s when we showed off the world that our neighborhood got close to 20″ of the white stuff (despite the forecast of around 4-8″).

Not sure how long I can ‘hold it’ but hopefully there’ll be enough melting today and Friday so I can get back to peeing and pooping in the perfect spot. A boy can only hold his legs together for so long.

IMG_2726Have you ever had to survive Snowmageddon? Were you able to smell it? I definitely tried.

Live, love, bark! <3