Monday Musings

While some of you may be knee-deep in the white stuff, there are others who are already baking in 80+F (27C) degrees of sunshine. Isn’t it intriguing to see how seemingly conflicting or opposite forces may be parallel or coupled, and yet interrelated in the natural world as well as they are around our Ranch. This yin and yang duality of current weather conditions seems a little like these two knuckleheads, “Pete and Repeat” ~ otherwise known as the Sam and Elsa show.

Here’s hoping your Monday is just the beginning of a ‘wagnificent’ week!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

67 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Two sweeties! I’m always amazed by how small Wilhelmina can make herself appear when she is curled up sleeping (much like Sam in this photo!) and then she stands up and appears to be a giant! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Great picture! I have a question for you. My gmas dog experienced his second seizure (little over 5 mins) which isn’t good at all.. What causes seizures? Just genetics or something else too?

    1. Genetics certainly enter into to it-we think that’s probably the case with Elsa as she was a puppy mill breeder and who knows who were her parents. Could also be caused by an injury or a tumor. When vets cannot rule those out , the most frequent diagnosis is “idiopathic epilepsy.” Yes, a 5 minute seizure can be dangerous. Their body temperature goes up especially during Grand Mal seizures which make for dehydration and minimized oxygen in the brain. I put ice packs on Elsa while the Valium kicks in, it seems to help. I wish your Grandma’s pup loads of luck while you the cause gets sorted out. ღ

      1. Thank you. They did some blood work on her dog (Cy) and they found something wrong with his kidneys either kidney infection or early stage of kidney disease so he is now eating a prescription diet food. The vet didn’t run a CT scan on him b/c he didn’t have the right equipment and she would have to take him about 2 hours away to get the scans done to rule out a tumor in the brain, etc.So hopefully soon he starts feeling better.

      2. Also she got him from someone who just breed her dog with another dog and had puppies. So it very well could be genetic b/c these people were not registered breeders ( and my opinion not doing it for the right reasons)

  3. We were one of the bakees…. our First Day of Spring high temp was 85 (or 86, depending on who you believe), which set a record. Then the low fell down into the 40’s overnight. Ah….. March!

      1. Hahahaha. I’ll never tell, even though I know the word was used with much love and happiness. That’s what I think of when I think “Knucklehead”…..crazy, funny adventures.

  4. Loving our warm weather today – 75 and sunny. From another groomer I heard about a couple (years ago) who had one black and one white dog. The husband hated the white dog. The wife had the groomer dye the dog black and then the husband’s attitude totally changed toward it. The groomer just kept touching up the roots or dying after a shave to make the dog’s life better. People are nuts!

      1. Well, it actually worked out for a better life for that dog. Now pinks and blues and purples, not so much. Of course, I wonder the same thing about people, LOL!

  5. Celebration Time WAYHOO!!!!
    its SPRING…happy happy joy joy
    in the mid 50’s here sunny with a slight breeze so we spent a couple hours at our favorite nature park. it has a creek running thru it that normally lily would walk into. today she was much more into eating the fresh green grass growing along side the creek.
    i personaly would love it if it stayed like to hot humid summers.
    but staying happy happy cause its SPRING.

  6. “The Sam and Elsa Show.” BWAHAHAHAHA. We’d buy tickets!!! Holy monkey biscuits … Sam can really ball himself up into a small package! And yet, we can’t help but notice that poor Elsa doesn’t get any of the dog bed 😉

    1. Ironically Elsa and Sam have their own beds in the living room and bedroom but there’s only the one in the studio and she often gets it). Sam always curls up tight like that in any bed, except if he’s on the bed with me. Then he decides to s-p-r-e-a-d out. LOL

  7. I’ll take sunshine and 70s ANY time, but right now it’s low 50s. And sunny. We need some rain, but I’d prefer it during the night while we’re sleeping so the girls can play in the backyard during the day. But nature never asked me what I want so….

    Have a tail-wagging week!!

  8. No white stuff here but it’s still a little chilly willy outside. I think I’ll do like ya’ll and stay bundled inside sleeping. Love you guys! XOXO – Bacon

      1. I think we are suppose to get bad rains this weekend. You want me to bottle some for you? Snorts and oinks sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

          1. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. I’ll even make sure it’s clear and not yellow – you hear that Houdini! Squeals with laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Ho yes, I understand all this – 35c here this afternoon whilst heavy rain and some flooding in Adelaide. Narry a drop of the wet stuff here.

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