Therapy Tuesday

Last week I worked my shifts magic at the man hospital and hospice. Sam here. Yes…it was disappointing that West Pines wasn’t on the schedule but I made the trips worthwhile nonetheless. While the hospital was a bit slow, I was busy, busy, busy visiting with many nice people.

Whenever I go visit, mom always makes sure we pay attention to staff. They need therapy visits too she says and wished she had a dog visit when she worked at the law firm but I think she wanted a guard Rottweiler most of the time. Any-who, we always try to swing by the gift shop. the coffee bar and the reception wait areas. Lately she’s been going up to the Lab because everyone there loves visits from all of us therapy dogs. I love them because they make such a fuss over me are so nice. It’s definitely a win-win for everyone.

On our second day of visits, we had to drop by the Facilities Department to replace my badge holder that snapped off on the previous visit. Located in the basement, it’s kind of a dreary place with no windows or sunshine. We had to walk around to find it and saw lots of people scurrying around heavy mechanical equipment. Some of the engineers I meet on the various floors and they know me well. It’s always nice to run into them because being engineers, they know right where my sweet spots are on my ears. Ahh…they rub them sooo well.

We walked into Facilities and Rachel was there so I patiently waited outside her office as she helped another person on the phone. When Rachel got off the phone she looked a little frazzled and asked who I was since we hadn’t met before. She chatted with mom and told her my story. I only remember the ‘blah, blah, blah’ part. It was then that I took matters into my own paws and sidled up next to her and looked long and lovingly into her eyes, wagging my tail. She melted. Bingo…score! She began rubbing my ears and telling my mom what a rough day she had been having but seeing me made it all better. My job there was done so after a few more minutes, off we went to visit other staff folks and patients throughout the hospital.  This was one of my best visits of the day.

It always makes us feel good to lighten the load of hospital workers and patients and this time was no different. Mom always asks me how do I know how to make people smile, but I just wag my tail. A guy’s gotta have a little mystery about him, right? I’m already looking forward to next month’s visit.

Live, love, life! 🐾

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  1. As a member of a hospital staff, I know how much we also appreciate the dogs when they come round. It’s a slice of happiness and light that help us get through the day. Sam – you are more important than you know.

  2. I don’t quite know what is happening. I have already commented and it has vanished. This could suddenly appear for a second time or even a third time. Not that it matters, really, because you are doing such a great job every time. By you I mean mom included, because together you made a great time bringing a little joy and peace to the lives of staff and patients alike. Great work – both of you.

  3. Well done, Sam. Another successful visit to brighten the lives of people, staff and patients. You – and by ‘you’ I mean both of you, mom included,- do a great job and help make a difference.

  4. Oh Sam, you are the bestest!!! The nicest peeps work in the medical field, and they needs all the doggie loves they can get ~ it can be a tough job sometimes. I’m sure your furry self helps bunches!
    Good Work dude!
    Ruby ♥

  5. You and your Mom are so good to do all that visiting. We bet you could bring a smile to the saddest or grumpiest face you meet.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. Thanks, I was hoping my scar would give me a tough guy rep but apparently I’m just an ole softy. 😉

    1. Having been a ‘staff person’ herself in her working life, mom is pretty sensitive to that. 😇

    1. She does give me lots of treats so she probably should enjoy a beer (even if I do all the work, she does drive me there).☺️

        1. She’s been very attentive and generous on the treats. So much so, I decided I wasn’t all that hungry for dinner. My Ninja sister managed to take care of the extra kibbles for me. 😉

  6. Hi Sam, this is Lucy here. I think you are so nice and so handsome and so mysterious and *blush* I really like you lots. Maybe you can teach me how to do what you do. Me, I just blurt it all out at once and pray everyone will love me.

  7. Sam when I worked under intense deadlines at the newspaper for over 20 years, how I wish YOU could have come by to brighten MY day!!!! Thanks for all the good that you do for so many Sam!

  8. yes, the therapy workers have such stress. I bet they look forward to a soft head to pet for a moment, and some kind eyes to see them. They work tirelessly in the background, taking care of people all day.

    1. This day and age, all workers face great stress and they deserve relief. We’re happy to provide whatever we can for them.

  9. Hi Sam,
    You’re right about needing to maintain your mystique. It’s not good form when you’re meant to be a therapy dog helping others and listening to their troubles and you start spewing out all your troubles. I’m sure everyone appreciates how you keep wagging your tail no matter what’s going on without resorting to: “And you think you’ve got it bad???” That said, it’s important for you to be able to download as well. I hope Mum’s a good listener. What about Elsa?
    BTW I’m currently researching cellist Jacqueline du Pre who died from MS many years ago. I found this interview which was very insightful. I thought you and Mum might appreciate it. The interviewer has copped a lot of flack in the comments. While I found his style very formal and lacking in emotion, the interview asaked the sort of questions somebody living with MS or similar would be wanting to ask. I also like how she wasn’t doing the poor me thing and had taken on new interests after MS stopped her from performing.
    xx Rowena

    1. MS has a personal aspect for me as a family member has it. Thanks for sharing that video; I’ll have to check it out.

      1. I didn’t realize you had a family member with MS. It’s quite similar to my auto-immune disease, dermatomyositis. I had infusions of immunoglobulin every 3 weeks for five years as an outpatient and would meet quite a few people with MS having their treatments. It seems to affect people differently. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem too bad and other people have a really rough trot. A close from of mine has MND and even there, there is quite a variation. It’s a real reminder to carpe diem seize the day and to be thankful for the bright side of whatever circumstances you are in.
        Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
        xx Rowena

  10. When I worked I was the head of the Human Resources department. It’s a tough job some days. One of the employee was going to raise chicken and she picked up little chicks at lunch time. (It made sense as the place was in the opposite direction from her home.) I had her put the chicks in my office and we had a lamp on them for heat. It was my absolute best afternoon ever. Even people coming into my office were nicer. I threatened to raise chickens at work! There is nothing like animals for stress relief!

    1. Oh what a fun afternoon you had with the baby chicks and their little cheeps and fluffy feathers. Great stress relief with the bonus of a few eggs-now that’s innovation!

        1. Trust me from one who has been a mom to humans, animals are better than employees any day! 😈

  11. that is just great to think about the people too who work hard for patients and visitors… that can be a challenge sometimes and they have hearts too and they can not go home when sad things happen… they have to be there and they do their best even with a broken heart…

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