Wish You Were There Wednesday

Winter sort of returned to parts around the Ranch but only with a bare smidge of snow (as of the time this post was written late last night) accompanied by chilly temperatures and windy conditions. Brrr. It made me think I’d rather be back on The Big Island until such time as winter stops teasing and really leaves some snow for a change. How about you? Care to do a “Joe vs. The Volcano” kind of trip to view the Kailua caldera, the great warrior, diplomat and leader King Kamehameha and gently swaying palms?










Live, love, bark! <3


Tuesday Travelogue

Today is my last day on this incredible island. While I’m ready to rescue my poor lonesome hound from his prison kennel stay, I will miss spending time with my son and his family and seeing the amazing sights this island has to offer. It has been a remarkable trip. As Dr. Seuss said, “Oh the places you’ll go. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.” So with those words in mind, here’s what else we managed to visit.



We drove up to Waimea to check out the Parker Ranch. Nestled below the slopes of Mauna Kea, the ranch is one of the largest (and oldest) in the U.S. at nearly 250,000 acres. Founded in 1847 by John Palmer Parker, it is the second largest private landowner in Hawaii. The two homes photographed below are now museums. The Parker Ranch has a fascinating story with a number of up’s and down’s, but it has become a success story in Hawaiian history. It is now run by a charitable trust. This trip has been amazingly remarkable and I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting some of these irresistible sites as much as I did.

DSC01400But first…we had to pick up a hitchhiker on the way to the ‘big’ house. This Jackson chameleon was the exact color of the biggest Cook pine tree (often called Norfolk Pine)  I’ve ever seen (encircled by the family tree huggers). And because it’s Tuesday, here’s a little trivia about the Jackson chameleon – their tongues are one and a half times the length of their bodies!


The grounds had spectacular gardens and a nearby pasture with several horses and their new foals  (it was nearly impossible shooting them as they galloped past too quickly before I could even focus). Here are some pics including a gorgeous Jacaranda tree I was finally able to capture and dozens of ginormous Allium, and lovely Bird of Paradise blooms.final




In addition to incredible gardens, there were many tools, saddles and pieces of gorgeous koa wood furniture and period clothing, all far too handsome not to share.





















Lunch was crashed at the nearby brew house by a gold dust day gecko who loved my Brownie a la mode as much as I did. final


I could go on and on, there’s so much beauty and far too many unusual sites on this fascinating island but I’m rushing off to catch a plane soon to rescue the hound. The owner of the kennel called to tell me poor Sam was on a hunger strike. I can hardly wait to try to make it up to him but wonder what that’s gonna cost over the long-term? Time will tell, so stay tuned.

It’s been such a terrific trip and I want to extend my warmest thanks to my son and his family for their graciousness and for making it so entertaining. Know I love you all to the moon and back and look forward to my next visit to your beautiful island home. Hopefully by then the newest fur-kid will have out grown the annoying puppy stage and the neighbor won’t be such a douche.  Nala…you are a goofball; and I will miss you and your family very much. <3

Conner got lei'd at graduation.
Conner got completely ‘lei’d’ at graduation.

Live, love, bark! <3


Wordless Wednesday

No words necessary today.

IMG_3151Live, love, bark! <3

Monday Misbehaving

We’ve been keeping tabs on Sam through the Daily Wag video cam. First he was off away from all the other dogs, then he began shadowing the attendants like a lost lamb. The past couple days though he’s been, um…how can I say this delicately…ah…a bit more ‘amorous?’ That knuckle headed dog was all over one dog and it made me feel so badly for the poor recipient. Sunday’s early morning viewing showed Sam no where in sight so I suspected he had been put into ‘time-out’ for his ‘sharing the love’. But then like a bad penny he showed up and I watched him for several minutes, just wandering around, swimming along with the herd. Then ‘it’ started again. Every time we went to check up on him, there he was…being a sub-standard horny-dog poodle. Gah!! I’m glad they are spraying him with a squirt bottle…he despises water. And hopefully he’ll catch on though being a sub-standard, it’s doubtful. I notice however the poor Basset Hound has drawn the attention of another dog when Sam isn’t ‘loving’ on him. Poor guy. The attendants need to follow that boy around, not checking up on the two trying to dominate him.  Here’s a PG general population pic-after all, this is a PG rated blog so there’ll be no photos of a Boogie Nights porn star, Sam doing his ‘thang.’ Ugh.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.31.18 AM

So that you can go about the day sans dog porn visions, here are a couple of pics to keep you from feeling completely skeezed out (with apologies to those who saw these on FB). Besides, can you really ever see too many Hibiscus or Plumeria photos? Happy Monday.











Live, love, bark! <3

Saturday Smirks

So while we’re vacationing in Hawaii, here’s Sam ‘vacationing’ at The Daily Wag. You may remember the first time I took him there. But ever since then, he jumps up on me with his paws wrapped around my waist as if to say, “Oh gawd, please don’t leave me here in prison with these heathens.”  It makes me sad but the reality is there is no one in town now to take care of him since my daughter moved out-of-state. But then there’s the fact that this dog is a total mama’s boy.

finalWe were able to snag a couple of frames from the website video cam where you can check on your fur-kid both from the inside and outside play areas. Every time I’ve gone to check up on him, he’s either standing waaay away from the prison population most of the other dogs or right next to the attendant’s side. Is my  dog ‘snoopervising’ or is he a wallflower? Then again as a poodle could he be so narcissistically self-absorbed that he’s checking out the camera to show his best side? What is up with that dog? Most dogs would be excited to run around with their new buddy fur-iends. Not my boy. *sigh*


Lola, Greenwell Coffee tour guide
Lola, Greenwell Coffee tour guide taking a break

DSC01080Meanwhile, the Ranch uprights took a coffee plantation tour of the Greenwell Coffee Farm. Established in 1850, the Greenwell legacy has quite the fascinating history. Kona coffee is well-known all over the world and we tried to sample them all. I think I may have to ship my supply home. First day out and any spare space in the suitcase is now filled.

finalWhile I am missing Sam something fierce and it breaks my heart to see him sulking hanging around the play area at The Daily Wag, I’ve been ‘adopted‘ by my granddaughter’s new puppy, Nala who was rescued from the local HSUS. Actually it appears I’ve been anointed as the ‘family chew toy.’ O.U.C.H. But does she have the cutest face or what? And those ears!

We saw all the sweet tributes to Fozziemum’s Forrest. Blogville once again demonstrated its love and kindness for one of its own. Nice job, guys❣️ So what’s new on your end? A hui hou (till we meet again or in this case, till I post again).

Live, love, bark! <3