Wish You Were There Wednesday

Winter sort of returned to parts around the Ranch but only with a bare smidge of snow (as of the time this post was written late last night) accompanied by chilly temperatures and windy conditions. Brrr. It made me think I’d rather be back on The Big Island until such time as winter stops teasing and really leaves some snow for a change. How about you? Care to do a “Joe vs. The Volcano” kind of trip to view the Kailua caldera, the great warrior, diplomat and leader King Kamehameha and gently swaying palms?










Live, love, bark! <3


49 thoughts on “Wish You Were There Wednesday

  1. I’m not sure I’d like Hawaii since I’m not a fan of beaches and warm weather, but it would probably beat the severe weather outbreak we had last night. At least the hail and tornadoes stayed away from where I live…

    1. It’s an amazing place with something for everyone. I’m no beach baby either but love the serenity and beautiful culture the island offers. The sights are quite remarkable with deserts, snow on top of volcanos, rain forests…you name it, they’ve got it.

  2. Here in New Mexico, the weather is toying with us. One minute it’s snowing, then suddenly it’s 107 degrees! There is no in between!!! It’ll be so nice when Spring finally shows up!

  3. We got a bunch of snow (a few days ago), and it has been super cold and windy up here. To tell the truth, I’m glad that winter is back (even though I lost my winter adaptation and I’m freezing now). It felt wrong to have spring and red flag days in February. I hope that you can find warmth!

  4. Just let me know when and where ;-). A year ago today we were getting ready for our trip to Kauai….I sure wish we were heading back again this year!

  5. I would love to go back to the caldera! I know a few weeks ago, there was lava flowing into the ocean – it wasn’t doing that when we were there, although the caldera was really active so at least we got to see that! (But as for winter… after too many hot dry winters here in So Cal, I am loving our rainy cold winter!!)

    1. After your long drought, I’m happy you’re finally getting some much needed moisture too. Only wish some of the extra would make it’s way west. Yes, the lava has been flowing a lot (my son lives on the Big Island) and provides me with some dramatic photos & videos. Beyond incredible. Stay cozy and warm. 😁

  6. It does look like a little piece of paradise 🙂

    We had snow yesterday but thankfully it didn’t stick around!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. It would be lovely to visit your part of the world. The weather here can’t make its mind up – one day is warm and sunny and then it’s cold again.

  8. okaaaaaaay I’ll go with you… I mean, what’s the real attraction when here, we have gray skies, gray-brown grassless dirt, people with poor attitudes, and a constant air of despair then who needs Hawaii???
    Me! I do! waving hands in the air!

  9. The humans here could definitely go for a vacation right about now for sure!! I think I’ll live through your awesome blog today <3 XOXO – Bacon

  10. I’ll take a free tropical vacation any time of the year. We will soon have tropical (storms) type of weather today. Upper 60’s, strong winds, rain. The worst is to hit right when I am leaving work. schools have all been cancelled today.

  11. No, I get enough of heat so I would much rather be sitting somewhere looking at majestic snow covered mountains – dressed for the weather of course.

  12. my only wish is: driver bring me somewhere sunny. the weather is awful, wind&rain and it’s dark outside… and the eau the wet dog is not really my kind of perfume LOL

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