Monday Misbehaving

We’ve been keeping tabs on Sam through the Daily Wag video cam. First he was off away from all the other dogs, then he began shadowing the attendants like a lost lamb. The past couple days though he’s been, um…how can I say this delicately…ah…a bit more ‘amorous?’ That knuckle headed dog was all over one dog and it made me feel so badly for the poor recipient. Sunday’s early morning viewing showed Sam no where in sight so I suspected he had been put into ‘time-out’ for his ‘sharing the love’. But then like a bad penny he showed up and I watched him for several minutes, just wandering around, swimming along with the herd. Then ‘it’ started again. Every time we went to check up on him, there he was…being a sub-standard horny-dog poodle. Gah!! I’m glad they are spraying him with a squirt bottle…he despises water. And hopefully he’ll catch on though being a sub-standard, it’s doubtful. I notice however the poor Basset Hound has drawn the attention of another dog when Sam isn’t ‘loving’ on him. Poor guy. The attendants need to follow that boy around, not checking up on the two trying to dominate him.  Here’s a PG general population pic-after all, this is a PG rated blog so there’ll be no photos of a Boogie Nights porn star, Sam doing his ‘thang.’ Ugh.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.31.18 AM

So that you can go about the day sans dog porn visions, here are a couple of pics to keep you from feeling completely skeezed out (with apologies to those who saw these on FB). Besides, can you really ever see too many Hibiscus or Plumeria photos? Happy Monday.











Live, love, bark! <3

40 thoughts on “Monday Misbehaving

  1. There are a number of theories to why they do this, and I tend to lean towards the over stimulation and not dominance theory. Delilah does the same thing when she is in this type of environment, I just think all the dogs are just too much for her.

    Hopefully he will settle down, at least he’s moving about now and not just posing for camera. 🙂

  2. Looks like you have a great place to board Sam while you are away. I especially like the wide walkway between the kennels. All of the ones around here, even the only one I would even consider taking Tippy to, have a pretty narrow walkway. That makes for more stress for the dogs, I think. I do feel sorry for the Basset Hound though. Looks like they would get the “pecking order” figured out and leave him alone.

      1. hahaha I’m sure the staff is used to things like that and know how to handle it – like you said, squirting him with water. Maybe they will be able to convince him it isn’t worth the effort.

  3. Poor Sam can’t have any privacy? Gee Mom! BOL Callie and Shadow used to do it to each other all the time when the play bow didn’t work. I just ignored it and let them work it out on their own.

    And when Ducky joined the family, I let Callie mete out the doggie discipline. She usually let Ducky get away with it unless she was being a persistent little wench. Thankfully, Callie taught Shadow how to deal with Ducky before she went to heaven. And Shadow took those lessons to heart.

  4. Sounds like he’s just “sharing the love” :-)! We just bought our first “Webcams” to watch the pack while we are traveling. Luckily, all they bother are each other LOL!

    Love the flowers!!

    1. It’s easy to get sucked into spending early morning coffee drinking and watching that knucklehead misbehave before everyone else wakes up. The 4 hour time difference helps too. 😉

  5. that’s mob mentality… no one knows each other and no one knows the pecking order. Poodles like to have a flow chart. I don’t blame Sam or the other strong one. All of a sudden you have to deal with a crowd. Man, if I were a dog, I’d get tired of being around all those different personalities all the time too. (I might be Sam)
    OTOH I sure envy your trip. What beauty you are seeing. What inspiration. Wish You could go meet a few of my art quilting friends for me. Sonja is a painter there, and Phyllis is an art quilting teacher. What a long plane ride though. LeeAnna

    1. Wish I had the time to do everything I would love to do, guess I’ll just have to come back again (and again). Airlines have made traveling so unpleasant though.

      Sam is such a sweet boy so this latest caper a bit of an eye opener on the real dog beneath the fur!

  6. That dude – snorts with piggy laughter. Too funny. Just goes to show you, when mom is away us anipals will play. Insert Rod Stewart’s If You Think I’m Sexy… XOXO – Bacon

      1. yes… and they do that in front of the camera… and in front of their parents…. I never did that… dogs and humans are probably different … :o)

  7. Maybe the poor Basset Hound needs to be put in a different area poor thing. Glad to see that Sam isn’t totally segregating himself in this photo 🙂 Love the flower photos!

  8. Oh lord this made me laugh…poor Sam…what happens at doggy day care should stay at doggie day care 🙂 🙂 i mean he’s just being ….oh who am i kidding 🙂 Loves Bev xxx

      1. No…..all i can say is that Basset Hound needs to buy cigarettes for a bigger pooch to have as a bodyguard 🙂 🙂 hahaha..

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