Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa

Holy moly…Christmas is nearly here! Yikes-where did the time go?

Sam here…you remember me, right…that handsome stylin’ dude from Denver who lives on a ‘ranch’ near downtown? Yup, I’m still here, though I wonder where the heck my mom is who has been AWOL for some time now.


Recall with me some of the wild stuff that happened over the past few months around the ranch.  My grandma had a serious health scare back in October and was placed in hospice care right about the same time things got crazy busy for mom at work and simultaneously while her personal life took a decidedly wild (but incredibly wonderful) turn with someone with whom she went to junior and high school with some 87 years ago. Right now, mom’s in end-of-the-year sheer hell closing crunch with clients suddenly realizing “oh jeez, it’s almost the end of the year…we gotta close this deal ASAP!” Twelve to fifteen hour days are beginning to take their toll on her but the end is in sight. After months of having to be in non-stop ‘pounce into action’ mode, she evaluated what the really important things are in life…good health, family and special loved ones, plus a tasty elk antler every now and then. You know…great stuff like that. Now that we’ve turned the corner with good news on grandma (she’s getting better with each passing week, thank you very much) and I have a new dad (I know…how cool is that?!), mom decided she’s had enough of being ridden like a rented mule so she gave notice that she intends to ‘retire’ right after New Year’s from the firm. Will she get another job remains to be seen, but after nearly 25 years at the firm, she has decided that working there just wasn’t worth the stress. Wow, what a relief…I for one can’t wait to have my mom back again. Woof-woof! 🐾

And so this Christmas, despite the craziness in this world, it is clear that we around the ranch have much to celebrate. Whether or not you believe in Santa, I know we sure do. Apart from the obvious holiday celebration, it’s also my grandma’s 85th birthday. Back in October when she first got sick, we weren’t sure she’d celebrate anything, much less another birthday, but it’s very clear that this remarkable woman is as strong as nails with so much more to do. As her family, we couldn’t be more thrilled and look forward to a spectacular 2016 with her. Mom’s nephew from Pittsburgh made good on his promise to ‘put a ring on his love’s finger’ (after dilly-dallying for 3 years-inspiration and nudging straight from grandma who made him promise while she was in hospice on her deathbed to do so) as well as welcoming my new dad to our family. Wayne and I have become such great friends hanging out all day while mom does heaven only knows what for those lawyers. He’s good to me and has taken great care of my mom. I even wait for him by the bedroom door every morning for him to get up so we can start having fun rather than wait for mom to get out of the shower. In February we are welcoming a new baby girl from another nephew as well so you can see there are loads of fantastic goings-on in our family for us to be totally over the moon and agree that…yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

So as you and yours celebrate the birth of Christ this holiday season…from our family to yours, please know that we send you our very best wishes for a very Merry Christmas. I know ours will be the best. Christmas. ever!


Live, love, bark! <3