Not Quite Wordless Wednesday ~ October 31, 2018

From our house to yours, we wish you a “Yappy Howloween.” While Sam is totally done wearing any costumes after the weekend’s festivities, Elsa was not equally as game for a shot in the limelight. This witches hat appeared for a brief second, just long enough for the shutter to release. Then it became a ‘toy’ and we all know what happens to Elsa’s toys. 😈 We hope your celebration is full of smiles.

Happy Howloween

Live, love, bark! 🐾

66 thoughts on “Not Quite Wordless Wednesday ~ October 31, 2018

  1. What a perfect and bewitching photos! Even if it was only for a mere second! Hope you all had a spooktacular Howloween!

    1. Thanks, MK and Bear Cat. I like to think I can look good while keeping mom on her toes. 😇{snicker}
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  2. WAY TO GO GURL!!!! I try and use the headgear as toys, butts Ma is KERAZY fast when she wants to be, and I gets all distracted by the freeze dried chickens….sigh.
    Okays, so it did looks good on you….
    Ruby ♥

    1. It’s just not fair when moms use freeze dried chicken on us, Ruby. Or crazy Ninja speed either.
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  3. Elsa, you look really good in orange. Glad mom rescued the hat and you! It’s not easy getting a good photo of black pets, but mom did a great job. 🍁🍂

    1. Thank you. Yes, photographing black dogs provide their own challenges. Luckily no hats were harmed in that photo shoot! 😊

    1. Call me a curmudgeon but I was glad it was cold today. It tends to keep trick or treaters away and things quiet for the dogs. Now to find someplace to take the candy off my hands so I don’t eat it. 😇

        1. Even with lights out, a couple brave souls stopped by but other than that, it was eerily quiet. Just the way I like it. Need some extra Tootsie Rolls? 🤣

    1. Sshhh. Don’t tell the knuckleheads your pups got cheddar. I’ll never live that down. Have a safe and fun filled trip.

  4. Pretty witch!!! Glory and Guilty hate their hats too and i only have a second as well. Have a great spooky night.

    1. Hope your howliday is a safe and fun one. From your photos I would never have guessed your crew didn’t like their hats! 👻🎃💀

    1. It is pretty cute but not very comfortable. I know, I wore it Saturday at our Fall Festival and it gave me a headache. 🤣

  5. For some reason I imagined Elsa dressed as a ninja for obvious reasons. Or maybe Bat Girl. But she makes a fine witch, too. No doubt she put a spell on all the neighborhood squirrels.

    1. Not sure about the resident neighborhood thugs (aka squirrels) but she put a right proper hex spell on me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.🎃

  6. Great photo! Glad the shutter didn’t sputter 87 times like Phenny’s! Will somehow get a few pix of Ducky wearing her new bandana – both sides – today.

    We will be honoring sweet Emma today with some snuffle mat nose work. Though we are sad beyond words at her sudden passing last evening, we know she would want her blogging friends to celebrate her life by enjoying Howl-o-ween.

    1. Emma’s passing was totally unexpected and heartbreaking. We will think of her all day…and beyond. She was quite the hound. 💔

    1. You’re so right on the whole G&D…I’m gonna have to practice that better!
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa the Ninja Witch 🐾

  7. My peep has a hangman’s noose decoration on his clothing. We’ll find out soon with a phone call to see if he has to go to downtown Phoenix to “serve” today.

  8. Aw, Elsa is adorable all dressed up for Halloween. I linked this post to Wordless Wednesday.

    Have a woof woof Halloween and Wordless Wednesday. My best to Sam and your peeps. ♥

  9. Aww. Look at that sweet face. Glad you shutter speed didn’t fail you. Such a cute picture. I love the witches hat. Too bad it got destroyed…ummm played with until the end. Tippy doesn’t like things on her head either. She’ll tolerate something on her back for a while, but not the head.

    1. I managed to ‘rescue’ the hat before it was damaged but a couple seconds later and it would have been history. My hope is one day she’ll tolerate that kind of stuff better, but she did remarkably well considering her past puppy mill days where she was basically feral. Happy Howloween to you and Tippy! Hope your dad is still improving. 😍

  10. oh how good that your cam was fast enough… my shutter is near to dead it coughs 87 time before it works, so no way to get a proper howloween photo :O)) Have a great spooky howloween ;O)

    1. It’s a wonder since I was hysterically laughing while it remained in place and surprised there was no blur.

  11. Your shudder did not fail you. What a great shot of a beautifully bewitching Elsa. And yeah about the hat becoming a toy…. my big girls will not be wearing scarves for a while until Koda realizes they are garments and not toys being offered up by her sisters’ necks. Have a spooky day and night!

    1. I continue to be flabbergasted that the bandanas have survived the Ninja’s jaws. So far she hasn’t seemed interested in a new food group and Sam generally avoids close contact so all remain safe. Sweet Koda…nothing quite like living through the teething period, is there? 😍

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