Hello February…you sweet thing


Sam here. I decided to commandeer the blog today since Mom is celebrating, albeit via long distance, her ‘baby’ brother’s birthday today (happy, happy Tim-we love ya) and tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. Till then all I can say is: don’t let the door hit you in the tush, January. Spring is just around the corner, regardless of what that rodent says tomorrow and I for one am excited about supervising work in the garden again. Woof, woof!

Mom and dad are busily clearing out dad’s storage units and breathing dust  but look forward to being able to enjoy some of California beyond its traffic and…ahem…interesting drivers. Happy Monday. 😉

Live, love, bark! <3

51 thoughts on “Hello February…you sweet thing

    1. Spring is on the way. I just found out this year in fact that the club who handles Phil choses the outcome in advance of the ceremony on Feb 2. I felt as bad as I did when I found out about Santa. 🙁

      1. Also friend, Is there a way that I can view my comments on here without having to click the button in the far right ( if you are right handed )? It is only because my computer is a slow loader with it because I have more then 100 comments and likes on my page and much more.

                    1. Oh. No rush. Maybe you can check out chewy.com while you have your free times off the blog. It is a great place to get things from but you have to be in the USA in order to get thing from there I think. Once you check it out you may as well might just want to set up a account for it. Once you get there non-rawhide treats you will be barking with joy! I made a review for Yip Yap treats on there that said Momar did not like them but Tula did but just remember that all doggies have all kinds of thoughts about these wonderful treats! But please still listen to the part where I say that they do not freshen dogs breath ( that is very true ). I got the treats from another walk-in store though called Pet Club but I was just trying to find a place to review it and chewy.com is the place I came across. Please let me know what you think about chewycom/Chewy online pet store.

                      Thanks for checking me and my great adventures out,
                      The Adventures of Tula and Momar The Tiny But Mighty

                    2. Hi. Just a second ago the little blinking line that usually goes next to the words went away and I was wondering if that had something to do with the computer or the wordpress site. Thanks for offering to help me out when problems arise, Tula and Momar.

                    3. I mean the little blinking line next to the words when you are responding to a comment, Nothing to do with the banner or the names. 🙂

                    4. yes. Those ones for example that say ” you’ve made 5 posts on my dog Momar ” or something like that. Thanks for getting back.

                  1. I’m having a small problem with my comments and things like that again. The problem is when I view this on a phone or another on-related device from this computer it still says to me that I have not viewed my responses or likes. Do you think I can make it stop doing that?

                    I knew some day I’d need help from you again. Also, even though I mostly use a computer to do my blog is there a way I can see full screen on a Tablet or Iphone? Just wanted to know.

                    1. So sorry you’re having issues still. Not sure how to resolve it but I’ll check with a couple of folks who view exclusively from their phones to see if they have that same issue and let you know.

                    2. Thanks so much! I have not been on my blog for awhile because there have been a lot of changes lately and my problem with it is another reason. I leave it alone sometimes because I’ve always thought that the internet had a problem and I wanted to give the internet a break. I’ll try once more once I’m out of the area and that may answer the question but It may just happen to be that a lot of people are viewing the internet at once and I’m clicking the same button/buttons as they are.

                      Thanks so much again,
                      Tula and Momar

  1. In California a yellow light is a warning to speed up and a red light is a mere “suggestion”. Drive safe and watch out for the other guy (barreling through a red light ’cause he’s just amped up on caffeine and later for work! 🙂

  2. Squeals – I’m so excited for Spring to be here soon. Spring means I come out of my winter hibernation and play and run and eat and eat and run… well you get the meaning – snorts with piggy laughter. Happy Birthday to Tim!! I’ll send him some birthday hogs and snout kisses from this little oinker. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Oh Sam, I had the same thought about California drivers when I moved here from Colorado. Way more people and way crazier driving…some of those early days I’d get nervous about even leaving the house!

  4. California drivers – oy vey! You’re lucky to be there now that talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal, let me tell you. Hang in there, I hope you enjoy some of the good stuff out there soon! 🙂

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