Traipse around Tuesday

Even notice that certain intense gaze look from your dog when you’re waiting for him to poop? You’re watching the pup circle, circle, sniff, sniff, and then squat. Here are some theories explaining what that’s all about. This could be a residual feeling from before dogs were domesticated. Back then they had to defend themselves. They are after all, at their most vulnerable when trying to relieve themselves and could be looking to you to make sure that ‘you’ve got their back.’  Well that and some dogs are looking for a reward from you for performing. Some dogs. Who shall remain nameless. Whose initials are “S.a.m.”

Then again maybe he just wants some privacy and hoping by staring at me, I’ll look the other way. And which is probably why he tries to follow me into the bathroom. Paybacks can be a real b*tch.


Does your dog stare at you when he is pooping? Do you nonchalantly whistle, shuffle your feet, put your hands in your pocket or even look the other way?

Live, love, bark! <3

34 thoughts on “Traipse around Tuesday

  1. Lexi always walked while she pooped. We never knew if she was trying to get away from it, trying to spread it around to make her look like a bigger dog or leave more footprint, or if she was just so busy she couldn’t take the time to stand still and drop it all in one place.

  2. I can poop no matter who’s looking at me. Sometimes, I back up to a tree or a bush, just to cover my back in case of an attack. By the way, dad says that dogs always face south while making a dookie. I’m not so sure about that. ~ Wags and woofs, Kona

  3. If we are talking about this….my dogs are extremely different when they poop: Ottie just stops abruptly, doesn’t care where or who is around. Portia looks for a long time and always wants somewhere private. A lady after all.

  4. We praise him for his productivity and promise treats so it will always be an outdoor activity. This started when we lived in a condo and advance notice of a poo event was critical to time the elevator.

  5. LadyMum says en shee had Rebecca thee Foxhound shee did not mind LadyMum watchin her but her Shepherd?Husky Bogart Sam DID!!! So LadyMum wood tern away an purrtend not to know what Bogart Sam was doin!
    As fur mee, with thee Irritabull Bowelss mee LIKESS ladymum rite beeside me to calm mee an wipe mee if needed….
    Shee iss so sweet to help mee!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  6. HAHAHA! 😀 Mona has been running away from her poop lately… as if she’s ashamed of what she just did. Ron though… so. much. eye. contact. I can’t tell if it’s because he’s waiting for some happy “good boys” or if he is just frozen in determination.

  7. OMD! This post is TOOOOO funny! Khia HATED being watched. She used to hide in bushes when my lived in her apartment and then when they moved in this house, Khia still got as close to the fence as possible. I LOVE being watched because I’m usually planting a poop bomb somewhere in dad’s way. It’s so funny when he notices and gets upset. BOL!

  8. Oh snorts! I so can’t go when mom watches me. I mean heck – we don’t watch them go in their magical room do we? Privacy I squealed every time. Just a little privacy please and by all means – NO CAMERAS! XOXO – Bacon

      1. Snorts with piggy laughter! It all happened when mom sneaked into my room one night and took a picture of me wizzing. Really mom? I was in prime performance too. Shaking my head. XOXO – Bacon

  9. No dogs here, just cats. They are all different. Morgan likes us to admire her in the act and praise her accomplishment. Two others won’t go if we are in sight. My boy cat was meticulous and private. If the box had a pee lump from another cat, he would go outside the box. Fortunately I always had a doggie piddle pad there. After we figured them out, all was good.

  10. In our pack we’ve got a variety of behavior. Rudder won’t make eye contact and he only sniffs a little before he chooses his spot, no circling, but it’s easy to tell what he’s preparing to do.

    Axel goes from full speed running or playing and just slides to a stop in full squat. Without any warning it’s hard to position him if he’s not in an appropriate spot to drop his “special package”. He not only makes eye contact while doing his business, but he usually smiles while he’s doing it. Not to be indelicate, but the bigger the pile, the better it must feel for him to unload and while doing so he does, as we say, “pop the pinkie” (aka his penis). You can imagine how embarrassing this is when were visiting with other walkers in our neighborhood who’ve watched this 21 month “puppy” grow up. We stop to chat and my 95 lb pup decides to squat right in front of them, displaying his “pinkie” and smiling at us the whole time!!!

    1. Pop the pinkie? OMD…I cannot stop laughing picturing him. He’s is so full of personality and this just adds to the package. Literally and figuratively. Thanks for giving me a morning chuckle! ღ

  11. Actually, no. He does not although I generally attempt to examine the craters of the moon, or at least I would if I could see them. At the moment i only take him out for a short walk at night when I take a cane with me and generally hide it – unless I have to stop for a bit and use it. But I’m getting better and Benji is very patient. Hmmm, what very odd initials, I wonder who that could be??

  12. Ray just looks very disappointed with us! We “watering can” his pee spot immediately after he has finished (to save the garden), and pick up his poop right away (for more esthetic reasons). He is probably seeing it as us preventing him from leaving his marks of ownership.

    He also be just self-conscious as he is a klutz. He has been known to lift his right leg, and then lean to the left; He sometimes cannot make up his mind whether to pee or poop and tries a last minute position change. He probably would really like his privacy! 🙂

  13. I don’t care if Mom watches, but I check carefully that there’s nothing scary around before I get too comfortable.

    Love and licks,

  14. hahaha Easy always looks in another direction… but he always signs his treasure with some paw scratches on the ground, so we sometimes think we need a helmet :o)

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