Friday called…

Friday called, she’s coming soon to usher in the weekend. And I heard she’s bringing the wine. In the meantime, here’s a smile to get this puppy started! Wishing you and yours a terrific weekend.


Live, love, bark! <3

27 thoughts on “Friday called…

  1. Friday has been and went. She was pleasant enough but, sadly, never left any wine. However, she did leave a very enjoyable 34c for us to enjoy later on today. So quite looking forward to that.

  2. Ha…speaking of dog crosses, saw the funniest photo compilation on Pinterest the other day: Corgis crossed with big breeds like Goldens and GSDs…about as funny as you’d expect! Happy Friday!

  3. have a super weekend too! Our friday was in the wrong store.. it brought ginger tea for the cold gremlin instead to bring gin…. think we will fire friday and try our luck with thursday :O)

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