Trivia Tuesday

When I prepared the post for today, I realized I neglected to acknowledge a bit of trivia associated with today. So today will be a twofer with two posts. Affectionately known as Pi Day and celebrated in the US on March 14. A nod to the mathematical constant known as π (pi), this day is a fun day to eat pie, throw pies and discuss the significance of the number. March 14 is also the birthdate of Albert Einstein, the well-recognized theoretical physicist. So today, I say, Happy Birthday, Al and would someone please pass some pie?!

It is well known this upright is horrid with math, but any day associated with pie…irrational or not…well that’s an entirely different equation. Got any cool Pi Day plans?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎


26 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. Instead of discussing or contemplating Pi on Pi Day we in Pennsylvania were discussing and contemplating where the heck spring went? Ice, snow, cold. A few days ago the birds were chirping and the grass was growing. That being said…pie sounds like it will be in my future. I sometimes get inspiration from strange places, especially when it comes to food. 🙂

  2. OH! Love this post! I just followed you! Would love to connect with you! I’m Chy from Her Lost Mango! Nice to meet you! I just posted my Switzerland and Amsterdam trip! Paris, Italy and London is going to be up too! Some of my Europe trip is up now! I just posted too my favorite fashion pieces too. Hope to hear from you! XOXO lovelots! – Chy

  3. I remember watching that old TV show about a detective with a Ferrari who lived in Hawaii – the guy with a bushy mustache. Oh yeah, Magnum PI :snork:

  4. We have served donuts for breakfast (round like a pie) and then done measurements on the donut to test the Pi theory…silly fun!

  5. Since I am married to a physicist (who only had one picture hanging in his bachelor pad….that of Albert Einstein)….and my soon to be son-in-law (also a physicist) is turning 31 TODAY, on Pi Day….I have happily done my part in celebration; ate a piece of cherry pie (my favorite) for breakfast. P.S. I joke that I married a physicist because I am abysmally math challenged. My Rocket-man has a gazillion numbers and formulas in his head…and I have trouble balancing my checkbook!

  6. Is Math fake science?
    All I know is I love pie. Pie. Glorious gooey pie. We have been getting apple pies from Trader Joe but the crust is made of concrete. I basically scrape the apples off it. My fave is pecan, but love chocolate, cherry, blueberry, key lime, coconut cream, moving into cheesecakes…

    1. LOL Cherry definitely makes me swoon. If you can’t have homemade, Costco makes one of the best pies around. Have not tried TJ’s and with your review, will probably avoid the traffic nightmare otherwise known as the teeny tiny parking lot there with minimal access.

  7. that’s number crunching I like… my cousins nickname is Pi… I think they accidentally gave my aunt the wrong baby once… to be a number cruncher fits so definitely not to our family :O)

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