Tongue Out Tuesday

After yesterday’s post where I shared the sweet potato chew recipe, I was asked by a number of you whether or not the dogs liked them. Can I just say they were quite keen on them? However, had I know that a certain little Ninja would have happily noshed away at the raw version after she broke into the panty and snagged a raw one, I might have avoided a certain injury.

Oh that dog!

Ok, I’ll admit her tongue is only partially out. I’ve heard of going ‘raw’ but seriously? Come on, Elsa!!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

28 thoughts on “Tongue Out Tuesday

  1. I actually like raw white potatoes myself. I know, I’m, shall I say, “different.” LOL Tippy likes raw white potatoes too. I haven’t tried to see if she likes raw sweet potatoes or not. She seems to like all things orange – sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin.

    1. I do too so I don’t think that’s so different. The best part of sweet potatoes is their nutritional value which is far superior to white potatoes and they aren’t glycemic either. Dogs (like their peeps) don’t ‘need’ the sugar! 😉

  2. Nugget loves Sweet Potato chews the ones we use to buy for her were a bit too big and she would start to choke on them, so I make them for her now in the dehydrator and make them much smaller. A great healthy treat for sure! Nugget would push a raw one around to play with but she never decided to try to eat it raw lol

  3. she was trying to save you work… “here let me cook Mom, oh who cares it’s good this way too! “

  4. I made ours yesterday and as I had written I think on Facebook, I cut mine in thin discs since Dakota is smaller than your babies…..mine are more bite-sized but OMG HE LOVES THEM!!!!!!! Thanks again!

  5. oh if Elsa likes them, I will like them too… butt the mama has some doubts… Easy disliked them and he also said no thanks to peanut butter the mama organized from a store 25 kilometers away ;o)))

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