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Well folks, we made it to the end of the week  which means our friend Friday is here. Can I get a double woof, woof? In addition to Friday and the weekend, another visitor arrives, er rather falls back. Yup, regular time returns. I know, some of you will be moaning over lost daylight and yes, it’s unfortunate. But if you think about it, there’s a silver lining with this darkness. In less than 60 days the days will start getting a bit longer. Personally, I think it’s nature’s way to make winter weather more tolerable, but if you’re in one of those areas where the weather is pretty nice most of the year, good for you. For some of us, it’s the price we’re willing to pay to ‘enjoy’ 4 separate seasons. You know…the “good, the definitely outstanding, the meh and are-you-freakin’ kidding-me?!”

On the plus side, returning to regular time means an extra hour of sleep on Sunday and dinner an hour earlier for the pets. So focus on the bright side and don’t forget to ‘Fall Back’ Saturday night. And for heaven’s sake, please make it a great weekend!

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

51 thoughts on “Weekend Reminder

  1. Ah….the eternal optimist! I cannot find anything good to say about this time change stuff. Suffice it to say, it’s a long story, but our crew got their breakfast much later than usual this morning, so it didn’t work out so well for them! I am completely out of sorts, and will be through this whole week!

  2. I am currently enjoying it being dark on the ride home from work in the morning because the sun can’t be in my eyes when it hasn’t come up yet. Guess where the end of DST always puts it at 7 AM again….. right into my windshield. I’ve got a great idea! Let’s stay on the same time all year round! What a novel concept!

  3. Our weekend is packed too so we are glad for that extra hour. Of course we will moan when we have to give it back next year. As long as the tummies are being filled on a regular basis, we are good. The ZAB team.

  4. I love the longer days but it is a cozy feeling when it gets dark early. The downside is the dogs have to be on a leash in the dark in our backyard because they bark at “ghosts” and disturb everyone. LOL!

  5. This is always good news for the kids standing out waiting for the school bus. And of course for the pups like Lexi was, who start campaigning for their suppers an hour early. Woe to them when it goes the other direction!

  6. Happy Friday! I have got to admit that I do not like regular time… so this Sunday is one of my least favorite days of the year. Thanks for pointing out, though, that the turnaround in daylight isn’t that far away!

  7. Thanks for the reminder! Our Mama would have probably forgotten, she is that clued out!! ;p
    The weather here is already turning toward winter weather . . if you can believe it ! The weather here is getting crazier every year. We never usually get snow in Vancouver . . .now it looks as though that may be the norm every winter!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. I prefer daylight savings, so that it stays lighter later in the day. I hate it when it gets dark at 5:30 pm. So, not being a morning person, I prefer it the way it is today. And, I thought they changed it now so the kids waiting on the school bus would not be in the dark. Maybe that is just their current excuse to keep it going. LOL

  9. BOL!! I cracked up at the “are you freakin’ kidding me???” season. It’s so true!!! Winter has hit us pretty suddenly over here. Temps have dropped and some places already have snow! I’m sure other cities are worse but we’re not ready for this cold winter yet!!! Our summer season was so short!! I feel like mother nature jipped us!

  10. We have already “Sprung Forward” and it is getting lighter in the early morning. I’m part of the early morning group but for Benji and me early morning means less people and no flies in the dark. For us it seems this clock change is less of an agricultural thing and really more of a social thing .

  11. We are hoping we don’t get another “are you freakin’ kidding me” winter like last year. At least if we do, Mom won’t have to go anywhere if she doesn’t want to, unless we need some treats or something
    Hazel & Mazel

  12. As I recall “daylight savings time” was instituted here in the USA WAY BACK in the early days of the Cold War to keep enemy ships from being able to see the coastlines of the country at night. Well, it didn’t take technology very long to render DST useless. All it is IMO is a royal pain in the rear end. My girls don’t care what time I feed them as long as I feed them twice a day. And in Shadow’s case, there are days when she doesn’t want breakfast. (Which drives me nuts b/c she needs to eat to stay healthy.)

    It’s Friday already?! I swear this week has FLOWN by too fast!)

    1. Here’s hoping it slows down for a nice enjoyable weekend. And you’re right, DST is stupid and a pain. It takes forever to reset all the clocks and watches. And then there are those clocks that automatically reset themselves but not on the right day. Ugh.

  13. I’m with you; why do we still do the change? Let’s start a protest, hahaha! I can see the headline: “Dog owners protest the time change so their dogs can eat when they are supposed to.”

  14. we had this useless time-change last weekend… sadly someone forgot to change phenny’s stomach clock… it is a challenge and the one hour he has to wait becomes a century…

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