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Not impressed with the idea of a new week? We share your pain. Hope your weekend was a good one. You adjusting to the return of standard time?

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[Post script. Another day, another shooting. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas and our country. And yet thoughts and prayers seem to do little to change this weekly phenomena. Something must be done. Any ideas?]

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  1. Monika, have to say that I’m glad you’re back on Standard Time, because that means we’re on Daylight savings time. Yippee! Took Lady for a quick walk at 7.00PM and it was still light and not yet too hot to feel oppressive.
    From where I sit ie in Australia, nothing will change in USA until there is not only a drastic reduction in the number of guns, but also in attitude to guns as well. It appears to me that owning a gun is like owning a toothbrush. Indeed, there must be quite a few Americans with more guns than toothbrushes. To my knowledge, private gun ownership outside farming communities is the exception, not the rule. After the Port Arthur Massacre, then PM John Howard and the Father and husband of victims, fought for tightened gun controls and the national mood was right to push that forward, despite vocal and aggressive opposition. I’m not sure it’s going to be a politician who brings about this change but people power. Mass protests. Marches.
    Any thoughts?
    My condolances to anyone who has lost a loved one through gun voilence.
    xx Rowena

    1. Being back on standard time feels good though the less sunlight in the evening isn’t my favorite but my biorhythms seem far more in sync. The whole gun violence thing in America is beyond a tragedy and yet it continues with an alarming frequency. Sadly I don’t know a solution at this point but I do hope there’s some meaningful discussion with regard to semi and automatic weapons. If you have such mental health issues, seems counter-intuitive to allow easy access to them.

  2. I don’t know what the answer is either. It’s an extremely complex issue. I just know that a-holes like 45, McConnell, and Ryan screaming about gun rights out of one side of their mouths and offering empty “thoughts and prayers” out the other side is NOT the answer. Hell, they didn’t do anything earlier this year when one of their own was shot practicing for the congressional baseball game.

    1. The sheer numbers of guns makes it extremely complex and difficult to address. The genie is out of the bottle and not likely to go anywhere. Leadership’s political blindness is astounding. Seems they only care about shackling the rights of women, minorities, and workers in favor of angry white men who cling to their bitterness with guns drawn.

  3. Oh, if you could just hear all the HBO wordies Ma yells at the teevee everyday they would put her in the special place with padded rooms! You all are right ~ nothing will ever change, because the people who can make change have been bought. And, those who could, and should, rally have been clouded with propaganda. I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. Until ‘Citizen’s United’ is overturned and big money is out of politics, things will remain the same.
    I do hope the victims find some peace. I can’t imagine what they, and that whole community must be going through. I will NOT say ‘thoughts and prayers’, cause if I hear that bs one more time I will toss my cookies. I will say, I send love and peace and healing.
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma didn’t really gets any more sleep, cause she stayed up watchin’ Netflix! ☺

  4. This time change has seemed a little easier than past ones. Maybe because hubby has started a new job and our schedules are already turned upside down, or because I’m still not working outside of the home, so feel a little less stressed!

  5. We are adjusting to the time change. Bentley and Pierre’s stomachs do not understand. The shooting in Texas makes me sick. I don’t know what the answer is since he was turned down to purchase a gun. Sigh…

    1. Good luck on the time change adjustment. It’s easier returning to standard than going toward savings. The shooting event breaks my heart and I fear we’re beyond being able to do much about it that will be meaningful. 💔

  6. I agree that something needs to be done, but I’m not sure of the answer. I agree that we need to figure out why people are feeling the need to kill others. If guns aren’t available, they’ll find some other method of mass murder. Right now, guns are the “convenient” method. Once taken away, some other method would become “convenient.” Getting into the reason behind the shootings and working on that is going to have to be the answer. I just don’t know how to do that.

  7. The extremely sad part? All of these shootings are blending into each other……… is a sad state of our country when they are beginning to seem like the norm. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

  8. you know, there are countries out there with no shootings and they have gun control. We went to First Sunday festival yesterday where I saw a woman trying on a t-shirt with a new peace symbol on it. She said we need peace… while defending the current administration. It. Does. Not. Compute.
    people are more angry than ever. We need to figure out the anger.

  9. I really think a lot could be gained by outlawing violent video games. We teach kids at a young age to shoot people in the game. People with a more tenuous grasp on reality want to get the thrill of the game in real life. You can’t tell me those games encourage healthy outlooks.

    1. I hear you, and it is pandemic with movies and tv. However…. I grew up with a set of cap guns as Dale Evans… I hate guns. I liked popping the caps on rocks! I hate the violence as a first response in general. I don’t know why Americans are so angry when we have so much relatively compared to some people. It goes beyond games. It’s some kind of entitlement issue, so that we’re angry if we don’t get what we want when we want it. Maybe it started when every kid got their own room, tv and phone so they never learned to take someone else’s needs into consideration. I wish someone would study this and figure it out. Don’t you?

      1. Yes. The availability of guns make the killings easy, but why do they want to in the first place? I think it’s complex. Focusing on guns hasn’t been productive, so we need to learn more about why people want to do it.

    1. It seems the toothpaste is beyond being out of the tube and not likely to be put back in. A solution doesn’t seem very likely since any restrictions of guns seems to fall on deaf ears of the NRA. *Sigh*

  10. History would suggest that it will take a very long time before the law makers equate shootings with readily available firearms. It took them long enough to connect serious health issues with tobacco. Alcohol is addictive, and yet is readily available. Gambling is addictive, and is there for anybody who feels a need. We are destroying our environment, but influential people will not recognize the fact. Of course there is the saying that “money talks”, and the industries behind those negatively impacting goods and services are very rich… and intend to stay that way. One must hope that the next generation of politicians and law-makers will have different perspectives.

    1. The frequency at which the ‘thoughts and prayers’ comment must be uttered is maddening. I’m starting to wonder if after all this time and all these shootings if there is a solution. It’s all so senseless.

      1. From a non-US citizen and layman’s perspective, it can never be totally eliminated. Stringent controls on who can buy firearms must certainly reduce these incidents though. The criminal element will always have firearms available for those who know how to contact them, and are prepared to pay the price, but so many “John does” will simply not bother and less firearms around = less being lost/stolen. As for the argument that “We have a right to defend ourselves.” Sorry… that’s just laughable. That is why there are various levels of law enforcement agencies. Let them do their job and, if it is less than expected, that is what politicians are for (and elections). The Wild West era has long gone.

        1. In countries with strict gun control there are minimal gun incidents and crime reports are no higher. It seems like a false equivalency to make the self defense claim. I feel like my family’s safety is more paramount to a mentally disturbed individual’s right to bear arms. Especially any automatic weapon!

          1. In a purported “civilized society”, I see no reason for anybody to carry any firearm, other than those charged with law enforcement and protection of citizens.

    2. You say it well Colin! Money unfortunately talks too loud and makes us blind!
      Interesting that you brought up alcohol. For the longest time grocery stores around us have not been able to sell alcohol, but that recently has changed. They are allowed to sell it now and making room on the shelves for it as the grocery store owners see the dollar signs in front of their eyes.

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