Tag Team Tuesday

It’s no wonder accomplishing much of anything around here is a challenge. If one of these guys isn’t nose nudging for attention under my right arm, the other one will be peeking out from under the left one. Sometimes if I’m extra lucky  they will tag-team me like a champion WWF tag team. How did I get so lucky that these two knuckleheads love me this much?








Do your fur-kids ‘help’ you out during the day?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

49 thoughts on “Tag Team Tuesday

  1. That looks way too familiar. If I’m sitting on the couch, Piper will tuck her head under my arm and lean into my chest. It’s funny because I read an article that says dogs don’t like hugs. Maybe someone should tell her that. Let’s not forget the infamous cat-on-a-keyboard trick.

  2. Oh yes! I try and do that when Ma is WASTING TIME ON THE PUTER, butts alas, her puter chair has devil-arms that don’t allow the underarm-nudge. So I lay on her feets. Or behind the chair (this can be dangerous if she forgets I’m there….I almost lost a paw! ☺) You have to keeps an eye on the peeps, or they wander off on Amazon or Zappos or some other useless site like that.
    Keep up the good fight…um NUDGE…guys!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Boy, you know it, Ruby. One click leads uprights down the rabbit hole and bam, they’ve missed feeding effurybody! Sheesh. No wonder us dogs have to remind them we’re there by nose nudging them. 😄

  3. Hazel follows me from room to room always wanting to be where I am. Mabel has to periodically smother me with kisses

  4. Hee-hee, and I thought it was bad enough having just one of them doing that! If Luke isn’t nudging my elbow when I’m on the computer, he’s whining at the doors that his toys are behind. Yet, he has a full toy box right out in the open, and if I open those closed doors he won’t pick a toy anyway! I’m pretty sure he just mostly wants attention. 🙂

  5. Awww. Who could resist those noses?!?!? Bear and Ellie each have their own ways of getting my attention. Bear sits on the table next to where I work and stares at me. Ellie squawks at me until I pick her up and give her cuddles. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  6. Clustered in the kitchen if prep is going on….swamping me in a thunderstorm…and jointly pushing me off the sofa which I bought for myself but which has been under canine occupation from the moment it crossed the threshold.

  7. ROFWL Monika!! Elsa’s photo & caption are hilarious!!!!
    Siddhartha Henry likes to ‘help’ with PC work….walking across the keyboard or holding the mouse for me. We are truly blessed 😉
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

  8. So adorable! Mine will.. typically Bentley, will either sit and stare at me for hours like I am the greatest tv show ever, or he will put his head on my lap.. I have to kick him out of the room sometimes because I feel too bad not petting him and giving him all my attention!!

  9. Awww that’s so cute!!!! Don’t think I’ll be tag teaming with Nymeria anytime soon. I think she still feels intimidated because I always take my humom’s lap first!

  10. yes… Milo helps me by accompanying me to the toilet and pulling out the tissue for me, by bringing nearly every shoe to the family room, by making me go for walks, and by making me laugh.

      1. Yup! Tripping over Ray is a daily challenge. He has no idea where his body is relative to my legs… or perhaps he really doesn’t care as a result of more important things going on, like checking out a mark on the hardwood floor. “Is it edible?”

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