2018 Rocky Mountain Pet Expo ~ Highlights

Last Saturday I attended the 7th annual Rocky Mountain Pet Expo in Denver. You may remember Sam & I participated at Lutheran Medical Center’s Heroes of Hope benefit race earlier that morning and I knew I didn’t want to get totally worn out in ‘overload mode’ during the expo. Fortunately like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this event was ‘just right’ with a nice mix of pet related products, food and treat manufacturers, retail pet stores, groomers, massage therapists, apparel and couture, animal wellness companies, non-profit pet organizations including a couple of rescue groups, a mobile dog wash and trainers. It was great to see some folks I knew and catch up on all the latest. Billed as a free event, all pets were welcome upon completion of a visitor waiver. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured I’d be in for a treat and was not disappointed. 

As I walked from the parking lot into the National Western Stock Show arena, I passed this car and it made me giggle a little. Sure enough, as soon as I got inside, I ran into that family who brought their ‘stick-people muncher’ inside. He was a very handsome specimen for the breed.

First on the tour was Gabe of Black Dog Botanicals who I’ve talked to on the phone and exchanged a number of emails. Black Dog Botanicals is one of the first Certified Naturally Grown CBD producers. Elsa is currently on their medium to large formulation (300 Mg) and has been doing well enough to be able to reduce her Phenobarbital dosage by 25%. Woo-hoo!

One of the more well-known highlights of this expo was the ‘fashion show’ where pets of all ‘flavors’ strutted their stuff. This little guy was pushed in a Mini-Cooper themed dog stroller because every dog deserves to ride around in a posh little Mini, right? 

One of the coolest mobile dog washing vans I’ve ever seen caught my eye. The young woman entrepreneur told me how she redesigned a used mobile grooming salon into this adorable business. It had the existing tub but that was it.  With a 55 gal. water tank (complete with heater) no doubt she’ll be super successful with this cleverly decked out business. Don’t you love the hot pink?

No pet expo is complete without a bevy of adorable attendees.

“King Louie” the Bulldog
This little porker was a big-time squealer on the runway
Sweet little Bella, a tiny red poodle-waiting her turn on the runway.

Multiple dog boutiques showed off some ‘fur-bulous’ fashions, proving that all pets can be quite fetching.
I loved these treat bags
“Bark-danas, Bone-ties, Coll-arfs & Pet-Cessories” LOL
Such a cute bunch of totes
Bark-danas galore

Treat companies provided plenty of samples and both Sam and Elsa gave their 4-paw approval for the ones I brought home. But I must have been busy petting ‘visitors’ and checking out the pups up for adoption to remember to take photos.

Perhaps I was distracted by the “Pawered by: Vodka for Dog People (Tito’s) sign.”

As expos go, this one was just large enough to offer a barking good time for everyone, without being too overwhelming.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

43 thoughts on “2018 Rocky Mountain Pet Expo ~ Highlights

  1. Bella is adorable! My sweet little Kissy was a red (toy) poodle, too. But she had a thinner face than Bella. And her furs faded as she aged to an almost Golden-Retriever gold, like Shadow. And that window decal is great! The little grooming trailer intrigues me how she managed to fit everything in there! It’s not even half the size of the other mobile groomer vans I’ve seen.

  2. I must have missed the photos of all the high fashion squirrels who participated in this pet expo. I do hope the doberman didn’t eat all of them too…

  3. Sure wish we had some nice pet expos near us. We had a very small one here, hopefully it grows in size
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. OMD, that car sticker was hilarious! Maybe they make one with an Airedale, though I thinks my would read, “my Airedale will drown your stick people with slobber” BOL!! And Ma loved the Vodka for Dog People!!!! love it!
    Looks like a FABulous time! see any Airedales??? yeah, probably not…we’re a ‘special’ breed….heheeee
    Ruby ♥

    1. No Airedales or OES’s. Very sad. But cheer up, this just proves how very special and unique you are. 😊 Did I ever mention my first dog in Denver was half Airedale? Crosby’s mum was pure Airedale, his dad was fence jumper. LOL Actually dad (who ended up staying after the ‘deed’ was a German Shepherd/Mastiff mix.

  5. Something like this could happen in Adelaide but I have never heard of anything remotely like this in this district – not even at the Annual Show (Fair) The RSPCA usually have a booth at the Show but I have never seen anything like this, not even at the height of the Mining Boom. It looks like an really interesting event and the little red poodle was just adorable and I liked the Mini-Cooper Dog Stroller.

  6. I love the car decal. I’ll have to see if they make them for schnauzers. Love the cloth treat bags. I need something like that for Xena’s training classes (we started a new one). Glad you had a great time.

    1. Wasn’t that hysterical? I’m sure there’s something similar for schnauzers. I may try to make one of those treat bags-the one I have is fairly large and not so easy to access in a timely fashion. If I can create something, I’ll share details on the blog. 😀

  7. That car STICKer was hilarious:) It looks like it was a fun event. Mom used to go to the Pet Expo here but hasn’t gone in a number of years. She needs to check one out the next time they are here again.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Max spotted the Malt among the hearing dogs! He would have been horrified by the mobile grooming vehicle. Strikes me the next logical step for you “Rancheros” is merchandising. Spoo products. Logo wear. Cookies….yum, cookies.

    1. Sam has his own treat bakery from a few years ago that we started (Sam’s K9 Kitchen). I probably should ramp up that presence on the blog. Goodness knows I have a jillion dog cookie cutters in all sorts of sizes and shapes! So I can infer that Max is not a pink guy at heart? LOL

  9. A FREE Pet Expo? Now THAT’S a concept! I have attended a number of them in Detroit (and none were free), trying to remember if the one I attended in Ft.Lauderdale was free years ago, that one might have been. The stick figure thing always makes me laugh…they have it for different breeds and different animals (I think I posted it once on Dakota’s blog with a Sheltie, if I did it was so long ago that I don’t remember), it’s always good for a chuckle! What always blows my mind at pet expos is the number of vendors who have no clue that pet bloggers exist (or know what they do!) other than the gentleman you spoke to on the phone, I seriously am wondering how many of the vendors even heard of pet blogs or maybe they are just not with the times here in Michigan (that was rhetorical lol). Pet Expos are always a fun way to spend a few hours! You certainly had one insanely busy day last Saturday!

  10. Mom luvs the look of that mobile dog wash! She hasn’t been to a pet expo yet out where we live yet, but she’ll keep an eye out for one. What did Sam think if that piggy?

    1. Sam stayed home. I think it might have been way too much for him to have to deal with. I’m sure he would have been just fine with him, the piggy on the other hand probably not nearly as much. Oink, oink!

  11. We visited a pet expo when Honey was a puppy. It clicked a lot of boxes for her puppy socialization. Glad you and Sam had such a good time.

    1. Those events can be overwhelming to both uprights and pets. I’d never take Elsa to one of those; it’d be waaay to much for her to handle. Honey is such a rock star because you gave her such a great start!

    1. Wasn’t that funny? Sam’s would read: caution, my poodle will lick your stick peeps to death. In Elsa’s case, it’d say, caution, poodle prepared to munch your stick people. LOL

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